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Government keen to shift BIS from Consumer Affairs Department to Commerce Ministry


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), National Standards Body of India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution is about to shift to Commerce Ministry. According to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, since BIS is related to framing quality standards for goods services and items that broadly deal with the Ministry of Commerce, the department should be attached to it. Know about the real standards to set up in daily human life to achieve salvation.

BIS likely to come under Commerce Ministry: Highlights

  1. • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a National Standards Body of India
  2. • BIS presently works under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
  3. • Central Government all set to shift BIS to Ministry of Commerce
  4. • BIS is related to framing quality standards for goods, services, and items which broadly deal with the Ministry of Commerce
  5. • Know about the real standards to set up in daily human life to achieve salvation

Govt Proposal to bring BIS under commerce Ministry

The government of India is once again thinking of removing the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) from the Department of Consumer Affairs and shift it to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. There was a discussion about this proposal earlier too, but former Minister Late Ram Vilas Paswan opposed this proposal of Ministry of Commerce. He stated his viewpoint mentioning that BIS has regulatory powers and since the BIS amendment Act 2016 was passed by Parliament to protect consumers and take care of their interest, shifting was not the right move.

Two Week Deadline Set

The government has set two weeks deadline to complete the work of bringing the BIS agency under the Ministry of Commerce. The officials are preparing the documents for the Committee of Secretaries to take the proposal forward. After the demise of Ram Vilas Paswan, the charge of Food and consumer affairs is handed over to Piyush Goyal, Union Minister Railways, and commerce Minister. As a result of which a couple of meetings have already been organized in this regard.

What is the Background of BIS?

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Body of India working under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. It is established by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986 came into effect on 23 December 1986. This agency was earlier known as Indian Standards Institution (ISI), which was formed in September 1946 on behalf of the Department of Industrial and Supplies.

A new Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act 2016 made BIS as national Standards Body of India. BIS has its Headquarters at New Delhi and its 05 Regional Offices (ROs) are at Kolkata (Eastern), Chennai (Southern), Mumbai (Western), Chandigarh (Northern), and Delhi (Central).

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Keeping in the interest of the consumer as well as the industry, BIS is involved in various activities like Hall Marking Scheme, Consumer Affairs Activities, Standards Formulation, Product Certification Scheme, Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme, Compulsory Registration Scheme, Sale of Indian Standards, and many more.

BIS likely to come under Commerce Ministry: Divided Opinions Over Shifting

There are mixed views over the need to transfer the National Standard Body to Commerce Ministry. Some of the BIS officials mentioned that it was a long due proposal that is revived again as the agency is primarily involved in framing high-quality requirements for industrial goods everywhere around the globe which lie under the trade and commerce ministry, so the agency needs to be hooked up with Commerce Ministry. It will help India to become self-sufficient.

One of the officials stated that:

“We have assigned BIS for framing mandatory quality standards for 371 imported items to imports of inferior quality. It will be better if BIS works closely with our ministry,”

On the other side, the Consumer affairs ministry argues that BIS should remain under consumer affairs as it not only sets standards but also enforces them and acts against violations to save consumer interests.

The former bureaucrat also said that bringing back BIS to commerce ministry may require to set up the new regulators to protect consumer’s interest. In country like India, there are sector specific regulators, and the consumer sector has a limited authority despite the claim that consumer is known as a king in India. This information was shared by one of the official.

A former consumer affairs minister said, what we need to remember is that both the amendments in BIS Act and the Consumer Protection Act were in sync with each other and primarily focused on protecting consumer rights. The current process under Quality Control Order to set high standards is fair enough to protect the domestic industries. But the decision lies in hands of Govt.

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