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Worship Supreme God And Receive The Gift Of Eternal Life.


One life, one God

True name of God is “Kabir”.
He gives eternal life to the one who believes in him.

Gitaji says – “The one who is born will surely die”.

Nobody likes to die. In spite of problems, diseases and all the sufferings in life, no one wants death. Some are suffering badly that they decide to end their lives and commit suicide. Some people are so fed up with their illness that in the end, their family desire for Euthanasia and seek help from the government. Everyone knows everyone will die.

But no one knows how and when will they die. But Death will be for sure for everyone. Human beings can live for maximum 100 -120 years. There are some species of animals that have lived maximum to four hundred years. Such as AlDabra Joint Turtle, Galapagos turtle ,Orange Rafi, Lake Sturgeon Rock fish and  whale can live from 177 to 211 years.The name of the animal who lives the longest life is Ocean Kyahaag who can live till 400 years of age. You can imagine how many people would die in their life?

Some think what they would do to live for so long? For humans how difficult it is to live in old age being sick and dependent on others. In today’s time when there are so many diseases in society, it is very difficult for people to stay healthy. Every human have troubles in their life. We spend our entire life in caring for this body and feeding it but still we can’t save it in the end. There is a way to live peacefully and without depending on others. The most simple way to take care of this body is to start true worship. As soon as the child is of 3 years , he should get initiation from Satguru.

Hand the reins of your life to the Lord who gave you this beautiful life, who saved you for 9 months in the mother’s womb. As soon as the baby comes out of the mother’s womb, the God gives milk in the mother’s breasts. He is the one who protects us in every situation. Humans can not protect themselves and their loved ones, there is only one God who can save us in every situation. God is concerned about our lives and death. He wants us to be free from the burden of life and death. Gita lesson 4, Shloka 5 ” The speaker of Gita says to Arjuna that you and I have had several births. You don’t know all of them but I know”. When a person dies, people say,” that Ram Naam Satya hai” (Ram’s name is true).

In the end when everyone says ‘Ram’s name is true’ then why do not they recognize this truth while they are alive?
Identify that true Ram while living. Being in the shelter of a Satguru can end all the misery in life.

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जिस मरने से जग डरे, मेरे मन आनंद ।
कब मरूं, कब पाऊं पूर्ण परमानंद।।

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