Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Latest News 2021 Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and Followers Held Acquitted in Drugs & Cosmetics Case

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Held Acquitted in Drugs & Cosmetics Case

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Latest News 2021: On the 26th of July, 2021 a special court of Hisar, Haryana, released Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and 4 others of all the charges and held them acquitted in the Drugs and Cosmetics case.  In the words of the judgement, the prosecution has miserably failed to prove the case against Sant Rampal Ji and His followers: Dr. Om Parkash Hooda, Rajender Das, Baljit Das, and Bijender Das. Thus, they are acquitted of the charges leveled against them. 

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Who is the true Guru ?

Guru Purnima: Let’s worship the true guru. Guru Purnima is celebrated in India and Nepal on the full moon day of the Ashadha of the Hindu calendar. It falls in the Gregorian calendar months of June-July. This festival is celebrated in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times to express gratitude towards the spiritual teacher or […]

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Reality Of Radha Soami

5 Realities to know about Radha Soami Panth Radha Soami Panth, including Dera Sacha Sauda, Nirankari Mission, Dera Beas, Dera Dinond, Thakur Kripal Mission and others, is among the largest Faiths in India. It is unlikely to find a locality, especially in North India, which is not touched by any of the Deras of Radha […]

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World Cancer Day Awareness

Cancer is an epidemic disease. It can affect any age group. The patient suffering from Cancer bears immense pain. True, Cancer is a physiological issue; but we’ve got a Spiritual solution. Keep reading! Why do we celebrate Cancer Day? 4th February is celebrated as World Cancer Day or International Cancer day to raise awareness about […]

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सन्त रामपाल जी महाराज के जेल जाने का कारण

संत रामपाल जी महाराज के जेल जाने के पीछे का कारण

“जेल” शब्द अगर किसी मनुष्य के चरित्र से जुड़ जाता है तो उसकी गरिमा पर सवाल उठने लगते है, और बदनामी का दाग लग ही जाता है! किसी व्यक्ति के जेल जाने के बाद उसे घृणा या संदेह कि निगाह से देखा जाना लाजमी है | जेल जाने के भी विविध कारण हो सकते है […]

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