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World Heritage Day 2023: Protect Cultural Heritage by Doing This

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Last Updated on 18 April 2023, 3:37PM IST: World Heritage Day 2023: Every year on April 18, people commemorate World Heritage Diversity with the goal of raising awareness about fading cultures. The focus of the day is also on strategies for preserving ancient culture. To raise awareness about national monuments, locations, and dying cultures. The day’s major goal was to protect and conserve heritage culture, which depicts the ancient past and its significance. They have tremendous global worth.

World Heritage Day 2023 Highlights

World Heritage Day 2023: The aim of this day is to promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage of humanity, their vulnerability and the efforts required for their protection and conservation.

  • The notion was endorsed by UNESCO during its 22nd General Conference in 1983.
  •  World Heritage Day is marked in effort to repair and conserve historical cities and fading ancient tribes.
  • The day includes a variety of activities such as visits to monuments and heritage sites, conferences, round tables, and newspaper articles.
  • In total, the UNESCO list includes 1,121 monuments in 167 countries as world heritage sites.
  • The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Mumbai circle is set to host a photo exhibition at Raigad fort on World Heritage Day.

Why is April 18th designated as World Heritage Day? 

World Heritage Day 2023: In 1982, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) declared April 18th to be World Heritage Day. The General Assembly of UNESCO adopted it in 1983 with the goal of raising awareness about the value of cultural assets, monuments, and their preservation.

What is the World Heritage Day Theme for this year?

World Heritage Day 2023: Since 1983, the International Council on Monuments and Sites has set a theme around which events are centered on the day. The theme for World Heritage Day 2023 is Heritage Changes. Whereas the theme for year 2022 was Heritage and Climate.

The theme of this year is concentrated on the critical issue of changing climate and its association with culture.

What was the Need for an Organization to Protect Cultural Heritage?

  • The organization was founded after a need was identified to protect these valued locations, and it saw the coming together of experts from hundreds of related fields.
  • These include architects, engineers, geographers, civil engineers, and artists and archaeologists.
  • Each year they work to help & ensure that some of the world’s most beautiful sites and important cultural monuments remain preserved for future generations.
  • Since its inception it has grown to include almost 10,000 members in over 150 countries all over the world. 
  • Over 400 members from institutions, national committees, and worldwide scientific committees are among the 10,000 members who are working together to safeguard key sites and discover new ones that should be included to the watch list.
  • 2016 saw the addition of Gorham’s Cave Complex in the UK, the Khangchendzonga National Park in India, and the Persian Qanat in the Islam Republic of Iran. It’s through the tireless efforts of its members and leadership that these places will be preserved for future generations.

World Heritage Day 2023: Quotes

  • “Preserving the past for the future”
  • “Preserving cultural heritage, it defines the national identity of a country.”
  • “Monuments and heritage sites are the rich essence of diversity and reflection of our culture.”
  • “Identify the beauty of monuments and preserve their identity from the roots.”
  • “Preserve your monuments, they are part of a rich civilization and speak volumes about a bygone era.”
  • “A rich cultural heritage depends on the ability of people to maintain their distinctiveness and unique identities.”

Accumulate the Wealth Which Will Go With You

Nothing is permanent here, which we consider and say as ours today, when we will die, all will be left here. God Kabir saheb ji says don’t collect too much wealth or else it will become a problem for you. Don’t be tempted by them (money, property, jewelry, family, relatives & friends).

Today, there is no one to light a lamp in the palaces, and to take care of those palaces, forts, gardens, buildings etc., which were built by the Great Kings, Maharajas, and the rich people in their kingdom, for their families and people. 

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Now they have become the heritage sites & monuments of the country and the government takes care of them by charging tax from us . When we go to visit these monuments, we buy tickets from which the government collects money and spends that on the maintenance of these buildings.

Saint Kabir ji explains through below mentioned couplet:

Kaya teri hai nahin, maya kahan se hoye |

Guru charno mein dhyaan rakh, in dono ko khoy ||

It has been stated that even that body will not go with you, let alone the wealth. The only thing that goes with you is the sin that you incurred all your life while accumulating wealth.

Learn From the Past 

O Human Being! See the previous history of man.

Sarv sone ki lanka thi, Ravan se randheeram |

Ek palak mein Raj nasht hua, jam ke padey janjeeram ||

Garib, bhakti bina kya hot hai, bhram raha sansar |

Rati kanchan paya nahin, Ravan chalti baar ||

Acquire a True Guru

Saint Garibdas Ji has also endorsed this very thing that a living being does not get any benefit without doing bhakti. One keeps wandering all his life to accumulate wealth. King Ravan of Sri Lanka had limitless wealth and gold etc, but while leaving this world, he could not even take a gram of gold with him. Because of not doing the true bhakti of the SatyaPurush (True God), he was handcuffed by the messengers of Yam and taken to Yamraj above. He was put in hell. Therefore, O Man! Be afraid of wrongdoings. Do true bhakti by acquiring a Guru.

Get Mantras from True Guru

Supreme God Kabir ji explains that because of not having the spiritual knowledge, even virtuous men have committed sins. After listening to the Satsang, they quit all the crimes, and by doing bhakti, got their welfare done. God Kabir said, “I have those true mantras of worship that destroy all the sins. Only the virtues remain. (Like currently the scientists have discovered such a medicine which when sprayed in a field, destroys the grass and the weeds, but spares the crop.) I have brought these mantras from my Lok (world).

Readers are requested to read the book ‘Way of Living‘ and know how one can collect the Wealth of bhakti. You can also download the book through Sant Rampal ji Maharaj App.

FAQ about World Heritage Day 2023

Who started Heritage Day?

April 18 was adopted as the International Day for Monuments and Sites by UNESCO based on a proposal by the Paris-based International Council on Monuments and Sites.

Why are World Heritage sites important?

A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization as of cultural importance.

How many World Heritage sites are there?

In total, the UNESCO list includes 1,121 monuments in 167 countries as world heritage sites.

Why is heritage so important?

It helps us know and relive our history, traditions and culture better.

What are the 3 types of heritage?

There are three types of sites: cultural, natural, and mixed. Cultural heritage sites include hundreds of historic buildings and town sites, important archaeological sites, and works of monumental sculpture or painting.

What are heritage values?

The heritage value of a site, building or object lies in its cultural significance, which is a combination of historical, symbolic, spiritual, aesthetic and social values.

Is heritage a culture?

It shows our history and our identity; our bond to the past, to our present, and the future.

Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located?

UNESCO headquarter is located in Paris, France.

What is the role of ICOMOS?

ICOMOS is the non governmental organization which advises UNESCO on the cultural heritage related matters.

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