World Earth Day 2020: Earth Day 50th Anniversary

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This World Earth Day 2020, we want you to know how and by Whom heaven will establish on Earth along with some essential information about Earth Day including its history, first celebration, this year’s theme, etc.

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World Earth day 2020

World Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 to express our gratitude towards the Earth by promoting peace and environmental protection. This year World Earth Day 2020 falls on Wednesday. Every year worldwide it is celebrated with rallies, conferences, outdoor activities, and service projects. World Earth Day is celebrated by more than 192 countries every year.

What is the Theme for World Earth Day 2020?

This year’s World Earth Day 2020 theme is “Climate Action” to encourage people to take action for the improvement of the climate.

History of World Earth Day: When was the 1st Earth Day celebrated?

The idea of celebrating Earth Day born from the massive Oil Spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969 that took the lives of more than 10,000 aquatic animals. This incident inspired many activists along with Gaylord Nelson to raise awareness among people about environmental protection. The first Earth Day was, then, celebrated on April 22, 1970.

This concept of celebrating Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson. At that time, it was announced as a “National Teach-in on the Environment” in America only though. Subsequently, as 1990 approached, Earth Day went global. Now, it is celebrated in more than 192 countries.

Earth Day 50th Anniversary 2020

This year in 2020, the celebration of the Earth Day marks its 50th Anniversary. In honor of this milestone, Earth Day Network is launching “21st Century Environmentalism”.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on Earth

The disease that shook the whole of Humanity is, ironically, helping in the improvement of the Climate. This year on the 50th World Earth Day, due to Novel coronavirus millions of people are staying at home, this led to a number of positive impacts on the planet:

  1. The significant decrease in air pollution as people are avoiding going on roads
  2. The decrease in noise pollution
  3. The decrease in water pollution as many factories have been closed;
  4. The decrease in land pollution
  5. Healing of ozone layer; to name a few. The cleaner air, water, and sky are also encouraging us to think of ways to maintain the purity of nature even after the end of the lockdown

Who created the Earth?

Our mother Earth that bears so good fruits and vegetables to eat is created by the Supreme God Kabir as testified by our Holy Books:

How will Peace be established on the Earth?

Earth Day also promotes establishing peace on Earth. For this, Holy Gita Ji Chapter 18 Verse 62 states that the correct way of worship of the Supreme God Kabir gives us contentment and peace. Here also and leads us to the peaceful place i.e. Satlok, where there is no death and no work, but ultimate peace.

Similarly, Holy Yajurveda Chapter 5 Verse 32 says that the Supreme God Kabir is the Giver of peace.

Readers are requested that that correct way of worship and the correct spiritual Knowledge is available with Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji today. Kindly recognize Him.

Like Holy Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23 and 24 testify that only the Scripture-based way of Worship can lead to accomplishments. Spiritual leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj tells that scripture-based way of worship and guarantees the attainment of Satlok (Eternal Place) on condition that we abide by the code of conduct of worship throughout our lives. He is the authorized Saint of the Supreme Almighty God Kabir.

Read in Hindi: World Earth Day 2020 in Hindi

He is the incarnation of Almighty God Kabir. Many predictors had predicted about Him; calling Him the Saviour of the world who will avert the third World war and will establish “Heaven on Earth!”

Hari Aaye Haryane Nu (God descended on Earth in Haryana)

The Glory of this Earth lies with the Incarnations of God and His beloved Saints. The sacred Speech of Saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj says:

Purav paschim uttar dakshin, firta dane dane nu|
Sarv kala Satguru Saheb ki, Hari aaye haryane nu||

Saint Garib Das Bani

Meaning: Oh Human, why do you roam East-West-North-South, i.e., in four directions for grains of food? That Almighty, who possesses infinite Kala (Art), has come in Haryana

This sacred Speech by Saint Garib Das Ji was said in 1720 A.D, i.e., approx. 300 years ago when there was no such state in India that was named “Haryana”; it was formed in 1966. Saint Garib Das Ji predicted hundreds of years ago only that the state where God descended will be named “Haryana”.

Similarly, God Kabir Ji prophecied in His Vani:

Kabir, Panch sahans aur panch sou, jab kaliyug beet jaaye| Mahapurush pharmaan tab, jag taaran ko aaye||

Supreme God Kabir saheb Ji

Meaning: Supreme God Kabir saheb Ji says that when 5505 years of Kalyug would have passed, a great Saint would descend on the Earth and that would be the beginning of Bhakti Yuga (The Era of Devotion) when people would worship one God taking the shelter of the Supreme Saint.

That Supreme Saint and Incarnation of the Supreme God Kabir is Saint Rampal Ji alone.

Here are some more predictions by other renowned foretellers about Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to make you further believe this:

  • French astrologer Mr. Nostradamus in 1555 A.D. has written in His prophecies:
  • The Great Chyren Selin will neither be a Muslim nor a Christian, He will be Hindu only.
  • The mother of the Chyren Selin would be three sisters. He will have four children – 2 sons and 2 daughters. His wisdom and power are ultimate and the world will bow before him. He will be the most powerful spiritual leader who will bring the Golden Age not only in India but on the entire Earth.
  • American Foreteller Jeane Dixon: The Great Soul has already taken birth in a rural family in India and He will direct, control, and manage a Great Spiritual Revolution.
  • Lady Florence: The great Saint from India will be fair-skinned, with white hair and without a beard/mustache. His spiritual Thinking will be so revolutionary that its spark will turn into an inferno that will spread in every nook and corner of the world and will eliminate the darkness from the world.

Only Saint Rampal Ji fits all these prophecies

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born on 8th September 1951 in village Dhanana, a rural area of Haryana state of India. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born in a Hindu family. His mother had two sisters and He has 2 sons and 2 daughters. For more information, kindly see:- God descended on Earth

World Earth Day 2020 Quotes

“The earth will become like heaven when everyone only worships the Almighty”~World Earth Day 2020 Quotes

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

This is the fortunate time for all beings as Supreme Lord is descended on earth”.

World Earth Day 2020 Quotes

“Earth revolves around sun and soul revolves around Supreme God”.~Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji

World Earth Day Quotes

Earth is the only planet that has life because the Almighty has blessed it”.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Our mother Earth nurtures us; it deserves being taken care of by us”.

World Earth Day 2020 Quotes

The Earth provides enough to satisfy every Human Body ‘s needs, but the Supreme God satisfy the human soul

Conclusion of World Earth Day Blog

Like, it has been discussed above that the correct way of worship along with abiding by the code of conduct of worship is the way to attain peace and contentment. The true way of worship also forbids the killing of animals for food and leather that promotes the aim of celebrating World Earth Day.

Saint Rampal Ji alone has the authority to give that correct way of worship today. In order to get that way of worship, you need to learn the True spiritual knowledge that Saint Rampal Ji tells. For this, you can read the “Gyan Ganga” or “Way Of Living”. You can take online initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj now. Kindly fill this Naam Diksha form

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