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UGC Exam 2020: Spiritual Education is also Important


UGC Exam 2020: The surprising thing is that the classes have not been held and the examinations will have to be given. It is necessary to be taught by the teachers before taking the test, but in the Corona times, everything has changed. Read on to know what is Supreme court’s decision on the UGC examination.

UGC Exam 2020 Highlights

  • The UGC is adamant that the degree cannot be conferred without conducting the examination.
  • Examinations may be postponed, but they cannot be cancelled —UGC.
  • UGC decided that all the universities and colleges present in the country should conduct their final year student examinations, guidelines were also issued for this.
  • The bench has reserved its decision for now.

UGC Exam 2020 Guidelines: Bench has given three days

The bench has given three days to the states and the UGC to present their final written arguments. The court will also decide whether states have the power under the Disaster Management Act to postpone the final examination until the situation returns to normal, contrary to the UGC guidelines.

Decision of the UGC was Challenged

The decision of the UGC was challenged in the Supreme Court. It was argued that to conduct the exam in the time of Coronavirus would be to play with the health of the students. It was also argued that when there is no class, then how can we take the exam. Today, the hearing has been completed in the Supreme Court.

UGC Exam 2020: UGC holds These Rights

In the court, the UGC stated that it is mandatory for universities across the country to follow the instructions issued by the Commission. Therefore, no state government can decide to cancel the examination against the instructions of the Commission.

States have requested the Supreme Court

Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal, and Odisha on Tuesday requested the Supreme Court to direct the University Grants Commission (UGC) not to force final year exams on millions of university students during the ongoing pandemic.

UGC Exam 2020: Exam to be conducted by 30 September

There is no difference in the guidelines issued by the UGC on 22 April 2020 and 6 July 2020. In the guidelines of 22 April, the UGC gave instructions to conduct the examinations till 31 August, while in the guidelines of 6 July, the instructions have been given to hold the examinations till 30 September.

UGC Exam 2020 Updates: Arguments presented in SC in UGC Case

At the last hearing on 14 August, arguments compelling the UGC’s decision to conduct final year examinations were tabled in the Supreme Court. Abhishek Manu Singhvi had questioned the Disaster Management Act and said that the UGC does not address the provisions under the DM Act. The petitioners have argued that

The “examination was canceled when the cases were in the thousands. Now they are in lakhs, the examination is being conducted.”

Many colleges are with the Commission’s Decision

Of the 755 universities across India, 366 are set to conduct the examination in August or September as per the revised guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The Commission directs that the examinations should be completed before 30 September.

Both Sides put forward their Arguments

While students have opposed the move citing health risks, some state governments have also refused to conduct the exam due to the pandemic. However, the UGC is adamant that the degree cannot be conferred without conducting the examination.

UGC Exam 2020 Maybe Postponed but not Cancelled

During Tuesday’s hearing, the UGC also told the court that degrees cannot be awarded to students without examinations, and therefore the examinations may be postponed, but they cannot be canceled.

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Who will get a second chance?

The Commission has stated that students who will not be able to appear in the examination will be given another chance for the examination when the epidemic situation is under control.

Students will also be able to take Breaks during the Degree

After the implementation of the new education policy, students will have the freedom to take a certain time break from the first course if they want to skip a course and take admission in another course.

UGC Exam 2020 Updates: Important Changes for Graduation Courses

  • It will not be compulsory to study for three years after taking admission in graduation.
  • Graduation will be 3 to 4 years after the new education policy is implemented.
  • In any way, if the student leaves the middle school in any way, then their year will not be spoiled.
  • A student studying for one year will be awarded a certificate, a diploma will be given to a student who studies for two years and a degree will be given to the one who has completed the full duration of the course.

These Changes will be done to Promote Research

According to the current education policy, a student had to do graduation, MPhil, and then Ph.D. to do research. But after the implementation of the new education policy, students who want to go into the research field can directly get admission to Ph.D. or DPhil after four years degree program. At the same time, the same degree course will be completed in three years for the students who want to do the job. At the same time, the National Research Foundation will also be established to promote research and improve quality.

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Vocational Courses will Change

Vocational education will be integrated into all schools and higher education institutions in a phased manner over the next decade. By 2025, at least 50% of learners will have access to vocational education through the school and higher education system, for which a clear action plan will be developed with goals and timelines.

Role of the UGC

The University Grants Commission of India is a statutory body set up by the Government of India in accordance with the UGC Act 1956 under the Ministry of Education and is charged with coordination, determination, and maintenance of standards of higher education. The commission upholds the interpretation among the universities, government, and the community.

Education is Essential for Everyone

Do not limit the importance of education to only studying and earning. The man running behind money and good life have forgotten the main purpose of life. It is important to acquire worldly education and earn a livelihood. But spiritual knowledge says that when a child turns three years old, his parents should help him take initiation from a Tatvadarshi Saint.

Humans of all age groups should read and know the importance of Spiritual knowledge for their own upliftment. Because only after attaining Spiritual knowledge one can recognize God. Initiation is the first step towards attaining God. To get real spiritual knowledge, you must read Sacred Book Gyan Ganga which can help you in giving any kind of test of your life.

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