73rd Avataran Diwas (Incarnation Day): The Selfless Struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj


The struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: In the discussion about struggle, if one goes down the lane of history books one can find a lot of real-life heroes with heroic struggles around the globe that have made marvelous contributions for the globe and mankind in numerous fields. But if one looks closely and observes accordingly one can easily come to a conclusion that these struggles were just for a purpose even if they appear to us or not at the moment. 

Amidst these, the real struggle is still unheard. Because the only struggle that stands complete is the struggle done to satisfy the prime motive of this human life i.e. salvation which is currently being done by only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj selflessly for the entire mankind. He has been propagating this true spiritual knowledge since the time He took the Naam Initiation in 1988. And on the verge of 73rd Avataran Diwas of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, let us go on and read about the unsung struggles He went through in order to spread His sacred true spiritual knowledge or Tatvgyan and make us aware of what should be done from this human life. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj —Brief Life History

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born on 8th September 1951 in Village Dhanana, Tehsil Gohana, District Sonipat, Haryana, India. His father’s name is Bhakt Nandram and His mother’s name is Bhaktmati Indradevi. He was appointed as a Junior Engineer (JE) in the irrigation department by the Haryana Government after completing His diploma in Engineering. As He was very religious from the beginning, He worshipped Lord Vishnu and Hanuman Ji as the Almighty Supreme God initially but He never attained any sort of peace and satisfaction. 

One day He met 107-year-old Kabir Panthi Saint Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj and had a discussion about each other’s method of worship. Upon His discussion, He found out that whatever He has been doing and whosoever He has been worshipping except Supreme God Kabir is useless. At first, it appeared to be baseless to Him but upon examining all Holy Scriptures along with Holy Kabir Sagar and Holy SadGranth Sahib Ji of Garibdasji Maharaj, He was amazed that it is actually the truth. 

Received Orders of Giving Initiation

And then upon His complete satisfaction, He took initiation from Saint Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj on 17th February 1988 and dedicated His life in attaining salvation and propagation of His True Spiritual Knowledge. Since then He narrated His true spiritual knowledge to every willing pious soul and before receiving the orders of giving Naam Diksha (initiation), He used to take them to His Guruji Ramdevanand Ji for taking Naam Diksha (initiation). In 1994 His Guruji Ramdevanand Ji ordered Him to give initiation to willing devotees and ordered all the devotees to consider Saint Rampal Ji as their Spiritual Guru. 

He felt very nervous as He didn’t have any clue how to handle such a massive responsibility. Upon noticing this Ramdevanand Ji told Him that “There won’t be any saint like You in this whole world and I will be there with You.” Thereafter He completely followed the order of His Guruji and went from home to home, working for days and nights in doing spiritual discourses at various places. Because of the authenticity in the method of worship given by Him, people were experiencing benefits and soon the number of devotees increased in no time. 

Struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: Resigned from His Government Service to Serve Mankind

Upon the increase in the number of devotees, it was becoming very difficult for Him to continue the job and obey the orders of His Guruji at the same time. Therefore in the year 1995, He chose to resign from His Government Service as Junior Engineer by His own will after working there for 18 years. Also, to serve mankind and to educate the entire globe about the True Spiritual Knowledge, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj left His family and home and devoted His entire life thereafter in spreading the word of God Kabir. Earlier He used to narrate spiritual discourses in the weekends and continue His job in the weekdays but upon the sudden increase in the devotees, He had to take this decision as following orders of His Guruji was His top priority. 

In order to serve mankind by enlightening the path to attain salvation by imparting His true spiritual knowledge to the entire globe, He took some major and important decisions like these which is the reason why we can say that Humanity is still alive and atheism wasn’t able to dominate the society. 

Struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: Raised Door to Door Awareness About True Spiritual Knowledge

The struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: Just like what Supreme God Kabir did 600 years ago, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has been manifesting the same. As mentioned in Holy Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 2 Supreme God Kabir appears by Himself on this planet and meets His pious souls for imparting His true spiritual knowledge and thus revealing His actual identity as mentioned in Holy Scriptures. 600 years ago, Supreme God Kabir came and went from door to door in making people aware of His arrival and the way to get out from this cage of Satan (Kaal Brahm) by attaining salvation. 

The struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: In the same way, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj raised door-to-door awareness by narrating spiritual discourses with the aim of making people aware of the exact identity of Supreme God and the method of attaining Him. But we have become so much influenced by the materialism given to us by Satan that it appears us to be out of the tracks initially. We have become so childish that out of our grave ignorance we aren’t able to recognize the efforts being made by the Almighty in order to take us out of this cage. It is the need of the hour for us to wake up and identify the Almighty. 

He visited numerous villages, cities around the country, narrated spiritual sermons about the creation of the universe, and revealed other identities about Supreme God Kabir in order to spread the word of God Kabir as this is the prime time, already fixed by Gracious God Kabir for attaining salvation. For this purpose and in order to educate the society, efforts are still being made by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj so that people can be changed for the good as only He is the one amongst all the priests and sages giving True Worship to our entire community. Working selflessly to make others’ lives successful can only be an act of God who is present in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. 

In the Middle of Struggle, He Wrote Sacred Books for Mankind

The struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: As in this cage of Kaal (Satan), we have adopted the habit of not accepting the truth at first, that’s the reason why we aren’t able to identify the diamond and are busy accumulating invaluable stones. While manifesting ‘the truth’ Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj during the course of the journey faced a lot of criticism. As the True Spiritual Knowledge about the God to be worshipped is completely opposite to the conventional way of worship we have been doing until now, everyone in the neighboring cities, districts, villages retaliated against it. Unaware of the truth, people used to come and create disturbance during His spiritual discourses but He didn’t stop.

He worked selflessly for days and nights in doing spiritual discourses, wrote sacred books in the middle of such protest against Him. Retaliation to this ultimate truth is an act by Satan(Kaal Brahm) but truth alone triumphs and slowly and steadily after understanding the knowledge and examining it with Holy Scriptures, the retaliation started turning into support and devotees grew in number continuously. And soon after some time His followers successfully established Satlok Ashram in the year 2000 at Rohtak, Haryana, India by taking His Orders for the facility of the devotees to listen to His spiritual discourses at a common place. 

Struggle of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj: Was Sent to Jail Twice For Bringing Up the Truth 

The incident of Karontha and Barwala in the state of Haryana in the years 2006 and 2014 respectively is not hidden to anyone with respect to the Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. But the injustice that was given to Him for bringing up the truth so that common people cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong for them is surely hidden from the entire globe. 

The Truth of Karontha Incident in 2006

The conflict was between Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and the Arya Samajis when He exposed the foul points as mentioned in the book Satyarth Prakash written by Dayanand Saraswati and allowed the public to make the decision whether it is acceptable for the society or not. Working towards building up a better society has always been the major highlight of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s approach and that’s why it was important to highlight those points in front of the entire society. Contrary to this it was not acceptable to the Arya Samajis as it was adversely affecting their income source. And that’s the reason why they in large numbers attacked Satlok Ashram Karontha on 12th July 2006 which led to the Karontha incident. 

Electricity, water supply, and other services of the Ashram were cut in advance in spite of knowing the fact that approximately 1000 devotees including women and children are present inside the Ashram. Police were just a mere spectator of the incident. Unfortunately one of the Arya Samaji lost his life in the clash with Police but the blame was put on Saint Rampal Ji and was arrested. A CBI investigation was demanded by Saint Rampal Ji and His devotees but nothing was done in their support. However, He was released on bail in 2008. Bearing the hardships for revealing the truth is one of the identifications of this Kaal Lok. 

The Truth Behind the Barwala Incident in 2014

Till 2014 Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was attending the trial dates of the falsely accused case of Karontha in 2006. And in between, there were nonstop clashes between Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and corrupt officials regarding the unofficial demand of money but He remained on His stand with complete honesty. Troubled by this, the High court filed a contempt of court case against Sant Rampal Ji on the 22nd of July 2014 even though the Superintendent of Police testified against it. 

For this case, He was summoned by the court on 10th November 2014 which He could not attend because of His illness. Then, the court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for Saint Rampal Ji with the deadline of 17th November 2014 which He could not make it to as He was prescribed with Bed rest up to 19th November 2014. For this, His medical reports were also submitted but they were ignored by the court. Following this, it forced the devotees of Saint Rampal Ji to approach the Supreme court and by this, the date of 20th November 2014 was fixed. 

Despite all this, 17th November 2014 was chosen by the Haryana Government to seize Satlok Ashram Barwala. And in that process devotees were ruthlessly beaten and attacked by the administration. They were beaten to the extreme extent and then were sent to Jail forcefully. Six of the devotees succumbed to death due to expired tear gas shells used by the police officials. And following this Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj along with other 30 devotees were sentenced to life imprisonment for this falsely framed case of murder by District Court, Hisar. However, Saint Rampal Ji was released from many fake charges

This kind of treatment is given to a person who is trying to bring up the truth and the power to humanity through His divine acts and discourses. In Spite of such brutal treatment, His followers are continuously increasing then and even today. 

Fake Media Added Fuel to the Fake Fire

Media is considered as one of the pillars of democracy because it is expected to transmit the truth to the public with utmost honesty and sincerity. However it was not seen in the above-mentioned cases as without any crime being done, the name of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was misused even with the charges that He was not accused of. With this kind of false inclination in the reporting of the media one cannot expect worse than that. Kabir Saheb indicated the identity of one of His True Representatives in this era of Kalyug to His pious soul Dharamdas: 

Jo Maam Sant Sat Shabd Dridaave ,Vake sang sab rad bhadave |

Aise sant mehant ki karni, Dharamdas Main Tose Varni ||

What Was the Need of This Struggle?

Despite so many attacks and torture, the mission of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj doesn’t get stopped as He is chosen by God Kabir to bring up His True Spiritual Knowledge through His Guruji Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj because it is the prime time already declared by Kabir Saheb ji and predicted by famous foretellers including Nostradamus. The importance of this struggle lies in the objective of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj which is to bring the True Spiritual Knowledge to every home and every mind. Because in the absence of it we have become inhumane, corrupt, merciless, and have forgotten Supreme God Kabir. 

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Hence all of this struggle was for us because together we can bring up the falling levels of humanity by accepting the True Spiritual Knowledge under the divine guidance of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Amidst such struggles and atrocities, it is not possible for a common person to withstand and come out with such an increase in the number of devotees. It is indeed an act of God, God has descended in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to take us Home at Satlok. It is the time for us to hold His hand by taking Naam Diksha(initiation) from Him because this Golden opportunity will not come back. Saint Garibdasji from Haryana says:

Garib, Samjha hai to sir dhar paav, Bahur nahi re aisa daav ||

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