All Gurus are not the same!


During break time Some people were sitting on the table near me and talking among themselves and sharing their thoughts on various topics from films to filmstars, politics, politicians,GST,GDP and Indian Saints. Nobody seemed happy with the saints of India. One guy said insidious words about every Sant including Sant Rampal ji. I did not bear the abuse about Sant Rampal ji because I know him and I do follow him.

Saints have made big hermitage with their devotees money so that they can rob people’s money and make them their slaves and they have no real connection with god.
False Saints have no real knowledge about God and there is no comfort for the public.After his utterance about Saints, I patiently said addressing them, all Saints are not same.

But I want to share something, my father was a director in a bank. He honestly served his whole life to his work. My father is a God fearing man. Every morning he worshiped his deities with full faith. He never had time for his family and for his own self. His major life threatning accident had changed his life. My father was bedridden for almost a year and doctors strictly told him that he should not take stress of his work if he wants to recover soon. Days were passing by.

My mother worshipped deities every day but there was no improvement in my father’s condition. While bedridden he kept surfing all TV channels. One day he heard discourses by Saint which was completely new to his ears. He heard how the creation of earth was done. Who created humans, animals, gods, goddesses, universe and who has the advantage of creating and killing us ? Who is that one god who protects us all the time ?
He was quite surprised after hearing this. He kept watching the discourses on Sadhna channel 7:30pm everyday.

Gradually he began to understand all the spiritual knowledge given by Sant Rampal ji on TV channel. 

Whatever Spiritual information Sant Rampal ji used to tell on television, my father matched all that information with the holy books like Geeta and Vedas and found the same written in them. He showed his interest to meet Guru ji who was giving discourses on TV channel. By showing interest only, his body started responding positively. Earlier he was doing bowel activities on bed but with Sant Rampal ji’s grace he started doing things himself.

Without understanding the knowledge it is very easy to laugh, joke and misinterpret.Saint Rampal ji is the only Sant who gives true knowledge based on the spiritual books.

Understanding the spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal ji, millions of people are getting relief and have recognized the true God. Even my family has taken initiation from Sant Rampal ji and we are contented. My father is physically fit and started worshiping Kabir saheb.

We all are so busy in our life that we find no time to recognize God. We are not aware of the real spiritual knowledge.
I requested to all those listening to me with surprise, please watch spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal ji and decide on your own.

Watch Sadhna channel everyday and know about the existence of real god.

zakir vs saint rampal ji

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SA News Channel is one of the most popular News channels on social media that provides Factual News updates. Tagline: Truth that you want to know


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