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Shradh or Pitru Paksha 2019 has started from 13 September 2019 in india, and will end on 28 September 2019.

Shradh  & Pitru Paksha 2019: Spiritual ritual or Blind Faith

Shradh is a ritual dedicated to pay homage to the deceased ancestors. It is also referred to as Pitru Paksha. This year Pitru Paksha 2019 will begin on September 14 and end on September 28. Hinduism gives a lot of importance to this time of the year. According to Brahma Purana, to please and worship the gods one has to first worship his deceased ancestors. It is believed that during the Pitru paksha when all the rituals are followed, it nourishes the souls of the deceased ones which help them to attain salvation.

It is also believed those who do not fulfill the rituals of Pitru paksha are tormented by the souls of their deceased ancestors because they do not get peace and wander on earth as ghosts and spirits. The timing of the death of ancestors during a lunar cycle is recorded and at the same time during Pitru paksha 2019 the rituals are carried out.

  • The Brahmins are offered food which is prepared in accordance to the liking of the deceased ancestors.
  • Before offering the food to Brahmins a small portion from food prepared for the rituals is offered to the crows.
  • It is believed that if the crow consumes that food then it reaches their deceased ancestors in heaven. This is because Yamraj blessed the crow stating that if people feed you (crow) during Pitru Paksha then even the souls of the deceased ancestors will get satiated.

Must know on this Shradh  & Pitru Paksha 2019 What scriptures say about this ritual?

In Markandeya Purana published by Geetapress Gorakhpur page 237, a sage named Ruchi was practicing the rituals and activities mentioned in the Vedas. He saw his ancestors when he turned 40.

  • They told him to get married and conduct their shradh. Upon this, sage Ruchi said that this practice forbidden by the Vedas in Karma kand chapter 2.

Then why are they asking him to go against the scriptures. His ancestors agreed that it is indeed true but they have been following these rituals as guided by their gurus and now they too had become ghosts. It is clearly evident that Vedas forbid any such ritual. For that matter,

It is clearly written in Bhagavad Gita chapter 9 verse 25 that those who worship gods go to gods; those who worship deceased ancestors go to them. Again Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 verses 12-15 & 20-23 clearly say that those who worship deceased ancestors go to them, become a ghost and suffer like them.

This is because when someone is attached to someone, their mind remains entangled in them while dying and due to this their soul goes to them. Bhagavad-Gita says in chapter 16 verses 23-24, that those who worship opposite to the injunctions of Holy Scriptures neither attain happiness nor salvation.

Pitru Paksha 2019: Do ancestors really receive the food offered in Shradh?

Shradh & Pitru Paksha 2019:-H3 We all prefix “Swargwasi”-(dweller of the heavens) in front of the name of the person who passed away. According to the scriptures, heaven is a beautiful place abundant with flowers, food, scenic beauty, and blissful environment. Heaven is so desirable that every single person on this earth wants to go to heaven post-death. Give it a thought that a person whom we believe has gone to heaven post his death doesn’t get food over there? And, if this is true then what is the purpose of going to heaven at all?

Hinduism supports reincarnation or life after death. According to this belief, a soul has to pass through bodies of 8.4 million life forms before it could attain a human body. It means that once a person dies, his soul will take another life form. According to this, actually there’s no need to carry out the rituals of Pitru paksha or shradh because whatever life form a soul may take, it will definitely have food to eat. Also, the soul cannot be at two places at one point in time. It will either be in heaven or in a life form. So belief systems contradict the practices followed in Hinduism.

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Another point to be considered is, crows are fed first while carrying out the rituals of Pitru paksha 2019. If the crow accepts the offering it is believed that it reaches the deceased ancestors. Think, if Rajesh is hungry and Suraj is offered food instead of Rajesh, who’s stomach will get filled? How can Rajesh get satiated if Suraj consumes that food?? Give it a thought, does feeding the crow satiates the hungry ancestors for the whole year???

  • If we believe that souls do not get food in heaven, then why feed the crow just once in the whole year, why not feed it every single day all three times a day? Do we all believe for certain that all our ancestors have reincarnated as crows?

I have heard from many friends of mine who conduct these rituals (Shradh & Pitru Paksha) yet their families are tormented by ghosts of their ancestors. If, even after doing all these rituals, ancestors are not at peace and their souls keep tormenting their families, then what is the point of conducting all these rituals? It is believed that after carrying out the rituals of Pitru paksha the souls of the deceased ancestors attain salvation. But the practicality shows a different picture altogether. It is evident that even after conducting these rituals the souls do not attain salvation and keep wandering on earth.

Most important question on this Shradh  & Pitru Paksha 2019: How can one attain salvation?

Today we are going to resolve complicated question how can we attain salvation on the occasion of Shradh  & Pitru Paksha 2019

The word salvation is very conveniently used by people these days without even knowing its true meaning.

  • The word salvation means freedom from the cycle of birth and death.
  • It means that once a soul leaves this realm it never returns back in any form whatsoever. One can attain salvation only by obtaining the true way of worship from an enlightened sage. Bhagavad Geeta chapter number 15 verses 1-4 and 16-17 give the way to identify an enlightened sage.

An enlightened sage is the one who would be able to distinguish demigods from the Supreme Almighty-Kabir Saheb and would be aware of the way to attain Supreme Almighty and His eternal abode-Satlok. In Gita chapter 18 verse 62 the giver of the knowledge of Gita is instructing Arjun to go in the refuge of the supreme almighty and by whose grace he will attain supreme peace and eternal abode.

Today, there is only one enlightened saint in this whole world and his name is Saint Rampal ji Maharaj. He is giving the true way of worship. All those who follow the method told by Him will attain salvation as indicated in the Bhagavad Gita chapter 18. To get further enlightenment on the true way of worship as well as to get a glimpse of the deep secrets our Holy Scriptures have in them.

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