Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj: The Giver of Happiness in Kaliyuga


Who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj? – The answer to this question is going to answer your other questions regarding spirituality as well. Of course, Sant Rampal Ji is a Saint so His identity is bound to have connections with spirituality. The heart of this Blog is the answer to the above-written question and along with that, you’ll find answers to these questions as well: Who is God? How can He be attained? What does He look like? Where is He? How is nature created? Why do we die? Why do we get old? Why do we get sorrows in life? Why do our prayers not get answered?

By the time you reach the end of this Blog, you’ll realize that Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only “Saint” in the whole universe, a lifesaver for those suffering from any physical, mental, societal, etc. issues, and is making us achieve the sole purpose of human life. Then, if you would choose to go deeper, you’d repent the time of your life you spent without This True Saint’s Shelter… like us, the millions of His now-initiates.  

The Only Saint to Provide Complete Salvation 

Spiritual Leader Rampal Ji Maharaj has explained who is God, where He lives, and what is the name of the Supreme Almighty with evidence from the Holy Scriptures. He told in His spiritual discourses the most sacred knowledge about the attainment of the Supreme Almighty and achieving emancipation/liberation.

God Kabir Ji says that attaining liberation is impossible without taking initiation from a True Sant.

Bin updesh achamb hai, Kyon jivat hain praan|

Bhakti bina kahan thaur hai, Ye nar naahin paashaan||

Those who do not have this realization that without bhakti a living being has no respite, they are not humans, they are stones. Their intellect has been subdued.

Kabir, Kaya teri hai nahin, Maya kahan se hoye|

Bhakti kar dil paak se, Jeevan hai din doye||

Almighty God Kabir is saying that- O innocent man! I am surprised that with which hope you are living without taking initiation from a Sadguru. Even your body is not yours, you will have to abandon this as well when you die. Then, how can the wealth be yours?

The Only Saint to Give Information About the Supreme Almighty (Real God)

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Sant who gave information about the Supreme Almighty. He blessed and provided us the true spiritual knowledge with scripture-based worship due to which all His disciples lead a happy and peaceful life till they remain on earth and, undoubtedly, make their human life a success by attaining God afterlife. Knowing who the real God is is halfway through.

Supreme God Kabir Saheb is The Father of All Souls

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Sant in the whole World who proved from all the Holy Scriptures that the Supreme Almighty is in human-like form and is living in Satlok (Eternal place). He comes from His Eternal place to this mortal world for His pious souls to impart the true spiritual knowledge to us and take us back to that world of God and happiness, Satlok.

The Saint whom the whole world calls a weaver is actually God who came in human-like form and gave true spiritual knowledge to His beloved souls. This has been proved in all the holy scriptures, i.e Holy Quran Sharif, Holy Bible, Holy Vedas, Holy Guru Granth Sahib that Kabir Saheb Ji is the Supreme Almighty.

  • Proof in Yajurveda: Chapter 29 verse 25 states that God Kabir Himself appears in this mortal world to impart His true spiritual knowledge. His name is mentioned in the Vedas as ‘Kavir Dev’. 
  • Proof in Holy Guru Granth Sahib: In Shri Guru Granth Sahib page 24 Raag Siri Mehla-1 Shabad no. 29, on page 721 Mehla-1, and in a few portions of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Raag Asavari Mehla-1, the crux of it is that Kabir is the only God who nurtures the whole universe. He is in the Human-like form. He descended 625 years ago and played the role of a weaver in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Proof in Holy Bible: Genesis 1:26, 1:27, 3:8, 3:9, and 3:10 proves that God is in form. In 18:1, Lord appeared to Abraham, which proves that God is in form. Also, we have proof that the Supreme Almighty is Kabir: Orthodox Jewish Bible, lyov 36:5– 

See, El is Kabir, and despiseth not any; He is Kabir in ko’ach lev (strength of understanding) 

  • Proof in Holy Quran: Surah Furqan 25 verse 59 states that the knowledge-giver of Quran Sharif says that Kabir is the Allah who created the whole universe in six days and sat on the throne on the seventh day in His Eternal place. The knowledge-giver of Quran Sharif asks us to get information about His worship from some Baakhabar/Dheeranam/Tatvadarshi saint.
  • Holy Fazail-e-Zikr sings Kabir Allah’s Glory.

The Only Saint to Tell the Truth of Satlok and the Way to Attain It

Satlok is the eternal dwelling place of the immortal Supreme Almighty (God Kabir). It is free from death & suffering. It is the Satlok (The Eternal Place) where God sits on His holy throne & rules nature. In Satlok, there are rivers of milk and nectar, each and every one of us owns a villa there, and the residence there has their human body made up of only one element, i.e., Noor Tatv. True emancipation is only achieved when we reach Satlok. It has also been called Sachkhand in Guru Granth Sahib, Shasvat Sthan (Eternal place), and Rit Dhaam in Vedas.

In Satlok, there is constant supreme peace and happiness. Until we go to Satlok (immortal place), we cannot attain supreme peace, happiness, and immortality. 

All this knowledge is given only by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. And, it is only possible to go to the eternal place when we take initiation from the Enlightened Sant and keep performing worship, under the guidance of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, of the Supreme Almighty throughout our life. The only way to go to the Eternal Place is via a complete Sadguru who imparts the true “naam” (or “Satnaam”). That true Sadguru, today and till the end of the Kalyuga, is Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj

In the Eternal Place, everything is white there, the earth, the soil, and the souls all are highly radiant. There is no old age, no sorrow, no death, no vices like lust, anger, greed, affection, arrogance, love-hatred, pride-honor, no scarcity of food, water, fruits, or anything. There is constant Supreme peace and happiness. The distance between this Kaal lok and Satlok is 16 sankh Kos (1 Kos = 3 Km approx.).

The Only True Sadguru, Complete Saint, and Tatvdarshi Sant 

Only a Spiritual teacher (Sadguru) who gives the initiation, true naam (mantras) of God, in three Stages, can help one get rid of the previous sins by bestowing a true and correct way of worship in accordance with our Holy Scriptures.

Holy Geeta Ji Chapter 15 Verse 1 to 4 says that one who will explain the upside-down hanging world-like tree along with all its divisions according to Vedas is the enlightened Sage (Tatvadarshi Sant). In Geeta Ji chapter 17 verse 23, it is said that the enlightened Sant will complete the initiation process in the three stages, giving OM-Tat-Sat (these are coded mantras, not exact). Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj gives initiation of these three mantras in three stages. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the complete Sadguru in the present time because He is the only one who imparts true spiritual knowledge with scripture-based worship which leads us to emancipation

  • Yajurveda Chapter 8 verse 13 says numerous times that God can forgive sins – even the most heinous sins can be forgiven by God.
  • A complete Sant (Enlightened Sant) gives initiation in three stages which destroys our past lives’ sins and present sins (bad karmas), and the disciples, who practice true worship under the guidance of complete Sadguru, then attain God.

Who is the Enlightened Saint in the Present Scenario? 

Only one truly Enlightened Sage exists at one time in the universe. In the current scenario, that Sage is Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is the only one who is imparting true spiritual knowledge in His discourses along with providing humankind the holy Scriptures-based worship.

He is the only one who is guiding humankind in the true way of worship based on all our holy Scriptures and, at the same time, helps disciples in knowing who is the Supreme Almighty and how to get liberated from this imprisonment of birth and death.

A Complete Sant

A complete Sant is the one who provides you with every bit of the information, about who is the benevolent Almighty, where He lives, and how we can unite with Him. He tells us the way of true worship which leads us to complete Salvation – the main aim of human life.

Kabir, Doobae the par ubhre, Guru ke gyan chamak|

Beda dekha jarjara, Utra chaley phadak||

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj solves the mystery of how the universe was created.

The Only Saint to Tell the Truth of Birth and Death

Why do we take birth and die? – The question arises due to the fact that we humans are not able to explain the natural phenomena that take place around us. We still can’t even explain our existence. We don’t know why we take birth at a certain point in time, and why we die. We just accept it as a law of nature. These unexplained phenomena make us believe in some “other” power and that due to this power all the unexplained things are happening. So, definitely, there is something called the “Supreme Power”.

If we look around us at the intricacy of the living beings. We realize that there is a bigger force around us who did all the creation, by whom everything is sustained.

We get human life in 8.4 lakh species, and, again, we die and take another birth in another species. In those bodies, other than the human body, we cannot practice worship and can’t acquire the Sadguru. 

Kabir, Manus janm paye kar, Nahi rate Hari Naam| 

Jese kua jal bina, Banvaya kya kaam|| 

Kabir, Manus janm durlabh hai, Mile na barm bar| 

Taruver se patta tut gire, Bahur na lagta daar||

The Supreme Almighty has explained that human birth is hard to obtain. Once this human life is finished, you will not be able to attain this state again. Value your human body by taking refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and practicing true worship, which leads to complete emancipation and the end of the birth and death cycle.

The Only Saint to Dare to Expose the Religious Hypocrisies

Nowadays people are blindly believing in fake religious gurus. “Blind Faith” means following the worship of any Deity without any thought or consideration. The most basic question everyone asks is ‘Who is the Supreme Almighty?’ Worship which is opposed to the injunctions of the scriptures is pernicious because this precious human life gets wasted. Doing worship that is not supported by the Holy Scriptures is similar to committing suicide, which in itself is a heinous sin.

The confusion of devotees that God is formless is the outcome of the ignorance of the religious gurus for ages. Earlier Sages/Saints/religious gurus/Priests/Qazis did not have the correct spiritual knowledge. They had zero spiritual knowledge. Singing the folklore and legends to the innocent disciples, they had been simply running their business and fooling the masses.

■ Also Read | Awareness of Religious Hypocrisy

In Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Chapter 16 verses 23 and 24, it is stated that those, who abandon the ordinances of scriptures and follow a way of worship according to their whimsical desires (worship of the three gunas, Rajgun-Brahma, Satgun-Vishnu, Tamgun-Shiv, and other gods-goddesses, idol-worship, ancestor worship, visiting the places of pilgrimage, practicing austerity, worship of trees and herbs, chanting mantras without acquiring true Guru, worshiping tombs, worshiping Baba Shyam Ji and Hanuman Ji, going to Amarnath Yatra, Vaishno Devi, Mathura, Kashi, Jyotirlinga, etc. are the practices “opposed to the scriptures”), they neither get happiness nor attain liberation. Perform only those actions which are in accordance with the ordinances of the scriptures. The wrong ways of worship, instead of being beneficial, are harmful. 

There is evidence in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta chapter 18 verse 62, Chapter 15 verse 1 to 4, and Chapter 4 verse 5 that by performing the true worship of the Supreme God, you will attain supreme peace and reside in the immortal place Satlok.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is a ‘Saint’ in Reality

Today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has descended on earth as the incarnation of the Supreme Almighty to bless emancipation upon us souls. We request the readers to take refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and make your this very birth the last one in this mortal world and, hence, make it successful. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has the power to change society and has the sound knowledge of all the religious Holy Scriptures with the complete way of worship of the Supreme Almighty (Purn Parmatma). He is kind and is struggling for humankind’s welfare. 

Uttar dakshin purab pashchim, Phirta dane dane nu| 

Sarv kalan Satguru Saheb ki, Hari aaye Hariyane nu||

8th September 2022 is the 72nd Avataran Diwas of Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji. On this auspicious occasion, a free huge Community meal and a 3-day-long continuous Recitation (Paath) of Amar Granth Sahib of Respected Sant Garib Das Ji are being organized from 6th to 8th September. All of you and your family are cordially invited to it. On this special occasion, our programs will also be telecasted live on Sadhna TV and Popcorn TV channels from 09:15 AM on 6-7-8 September 2022. You can also watch the live on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel.

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