Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj – A Blessing to the World and Humanity


Sant Rampal Ji, a saint who sacrificed everything for the service of people and the betterment of this world. Who came on this earth to save us from the misery we are living in. His sacrifice and His services will be written in the golden words in the history of mankind and will be remembered for a thousand years to come. On this avtaran diwas(manifestation day) of this great saint let’s see some aspects of his great life. 

Who is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born in a farmer family at Dhanana village of Haryana state. He had a very simple upbringing, a simple lifestyle and was posted as junior engineer in the Haryana irrigation department when he met Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj. After meeting Swami Ramdevand Ji, Saint Rampal ji’s life took a different course. Having found the true purpose of human life, He immersed Himself in the devotion of God completely. It was 1988 when He took initiation from Swami Ramdevanand ji. In 1994 Swami ji chose Him to be his successor.

Resignation From Job and Leaving Home

As Saint Rampal Ji accepted the role of the spiritual Guru and His followers started increasing; it became impossible to continue His job. Saint Rampal Ji resigned from His job on 17 may 1995. After that he left home and went from village to village, holding discourses and revealing to the masses the supreme spiritual knowledge that was hidden in our holy scriptures till now. During this journey He gained many enemies and rivals. 

He got many threats and His disciples got attacked. Fake gurus and saints, who were afraid that they would lose their followers because of the true spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji, did everything to defame Him. But none of these things changed Saint Rampal ji’s goal to make this knowledge reach every human on the earth and make this world a better place to live. He kept working day and night for the betterment of this society which failed to understand His sacrifices. Let’s see in detail the contributions made by Saint Rampal Ji. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s contribution to the society

A Drug-free World

The very first rule to become a disciple of Saint Rampal Ji is to be free of intoxication. You can’t smoke, chew or consume any type of intoxicant. Besides being harmful for the body, intoxication also ruins our only chance to do bhakti, meet God and live in eternal peace forever. That’s why the followers of Saint Rampal Ji are not allowed to consume any type of intoxicant. They don’t even consume meat as that too is a heinous crime in the constitution of God. The true knowledge and true mantras given by Saint Rampal Ji have the power to change your mind such that; even if you are a drug addict or alcoholic or chain smoker, you will not feel like doing that again. 

Dowry free India

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has started a dowry free marriage initiative that is called ‘Rameni’. All his followers are required to follow the Rameni system. Rameni takes place during satsang of Saint Rampal Ji. A few people from both sides attend the ceremony in simple clothes and the bride and groom are married in a 17 minutes prayer without any exchange of dowry. So you see, there is no need to book any marriage palace, to buy costly clothes, give huge feasts, or buy dowry. Such a big relief is provided by Saint Rampal Ji to all the daughters and their parents. 

A Safe World for Daughters/Women

A world which will be free of dowry system; where daughters will not be considered a burden on parents; where son and daughter will be considered equal; where no one will commit the heinous sin like female foeticide; where all men would see other women as their mother and sister; Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is creating such a safe world for our daughters. 

Saint Rampal Ji quotes from the vani of God Kabir Saheb:

“Purush yati so jaaniye, nij triya tak vichar|

Mata, behan, putri sakal aur jag ki naar||”

A pious man is the one who sees all other women (except his wife) as his mother, sister and daughter. And only pious souls can be the disciple of Saint Rampal  Ji Maharaj. 

Corruption free society 

Another big step by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is curbing corruption with spiritual knowledge. According to God’s constitution; if you keep one rupee of another person illegally, you will have to pay back double in the form of diseases or major loss in business or family. Bribe is a poison for you and your family. 

The disciples of Saint Rampal ji know this and never offer or accept bribes. They do not even accept interest on the money lended. They know that no one can ever become rich with interests or bribes. Rich is the one who worships Supreme God and God blesses him with everything he needs. 

Cure of incurable diseases

And the greatest blessing by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on all us humans is; curing our incurable diseases. Today every human on earth is fighting some incurable disease. Science has no cure for diseases like cancer, AIDS, Corona, Arthritis and many more. But spiritual science can heal every disease. You take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji and start chanting the true mantras given by Him; slowly all your organs will heal with the power of true worship and God’s blessings. You won’t ever need to visit the doctor again. But for this to happen one must stay within the rules (Maryada) laid by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Then only one can have all the blessings of God and Guru. Then only one can attain liberation (moksha) and the eternal place where there is no sorrow, no suffering, no diseases and no death. 

Avtaran Diwas _ Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Only once in a lifetime comes one such a Saint who gives the true way of worship, the true mantras, and works for the welfare of the souls of God. Holy Gita ji calls him a Tatvadarshi Saint

600 years ago God Kabir Saheb came and told that He will arrive at the end of 5505 years of kalyuga:

Panch sahsar aur panch sau jab kalyug beet jaaye|

Mahapurush farmaan tab jag taran ko aaye||

300 years ago, Saint Gareeb Das ji came and told that he will descend on the land of Haryana:

Uttar Dakshin Purav Pashchim phirta Dane Dane nu। Sarv kalan Satguru Saheb ki Hari aaye Hariyane nu||

On the occasion of Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s Incarnation Day (Avataran Diwas), a grand event will take place from September 6th to 8th, 2023, across 9 Ashrams: Satlok Ashram Dhanana Dhaam, Sonipat (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Bhiwani (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra (Haryana); Satlok Ashram Shamli (Uttar Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Khamano (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Dhuri (Punjab); Satlok Ashram Baitul (Madhya Pradesh); Satlok Ashram Sojat (Rajasthan); Satlok Ashram Dhanusha (Nepal). This event will feature continuous recitation of AmarGranth Sahib (Path Prakash), a Grand Feast, Campaigns Against Dowry, Blood Donation Camps, Massive Spiritual Gatherings, and a Spiritual Exhibition.

A heartfelt request is extended to all brothers and sisters to kindly attend the festival with their families, relatives, and loved ones on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s Incarnation Day, and become witnesses to the revival of eternal religion and human values.

The Direct Telecast of this grand event will take place on September 8th, 2023, at 9:15 AM on Sadhna TV and 9:30 AM on Popular TV. Additionally, you can also watch the direct broadcast of this Special Program on our Social Media platforms:

Facebook page: Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
Youtube: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj
Twitter: @SaintRampalJiM


Who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj? 

Sant Rampal Ji is the only tatvadarshi saint on the earth. 

What is a tatvadarshi saint? 

According to BG(15:1) a tatvadarshi saint will be able to explain all the parts of the upside down tree of the world.  

Who is the last messenger of supreme God?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Where can I find the latest news and satsang of Sant Rampal Ji?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj news channel. 

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