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5 Realities to know about Radha Soami Panth

Radha Soami Panth, including Dera Sacha Sauda, Nirankari Mission, Dera Beas, Dera Dinond, Thakur Kripal Mission and others, is among the largest Faiths in India. It is unlikely to find a locality, especially in North India, which is not touched by any of the Deras of Radha Soami Panth. With millions of people connected, which includes civil Officers, Judges, Actors, etc., Radha Soami is very popular throughout the country.
But, has anyone ever questioned the knowledge they give?

In the listicle here, we are putting forward five fundamental realities about the Radha Soami Panth. Please do not consider it criticism; the sole purpose is to save the lives of those millions from getting wasted in Radha Soami. Every Human Breath is precious. It certainly should not be wasted in practicing the wrong way of worship.

1) Who is ‘Radha Soami’?

It was told to us that in ‘Radha Soami’, ‘Radha’ is used for the soul and ‘Soami’ means Lord, so Radha Soami means “Lord of the Soul”. Misinterpreting a Baani of Respected Dadu Das ji, Shri Tarachand ji, founder of Radha Soami Dinod, claims that Dadu Das ji indicates the recitation of Naam ‘Radha Soami’. The Baani is this,

Dadu dhara agam ki satguru dai lakhaay, tahi ult simran kar, swami sang milaay
Tarachand ji says that in this Baani, Dadu ji signals towards reversing the word ‘Dhara’ and joining it with ‘Swami’, then telling one to recite it. Please think, when धारा is reversed, it becomes ाराध; it doesn’t become राधा. Hence, Tarachand ji is wrong. The truth is that the term ‘Radha Soami’ is nowhere used in the Amritbaanis of any of the God-obtained Saints (See). ‘Radha Soami’ doesn’t even indicate God.

Rai Salig Ram, first, coined this term for Shri Shiv Dayal Singh (also known as ‘Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj’). He used to call Naraini Devi, the wife of Shiv Dayal Singh, ‘Radha’. Thus, ‘Radha Soami’, Husband of Radha, is used for Shri Shiv Dayal Singh only. (Evidence: Jeevan Charitra Baba Jaimal Singh Ji on Page 56 and Sar Bachan Radha Soami Chhand Band in Bhumika)

Who is Shiv Dayal Singh?
Shri Shiv Dayal Singh ji was born on 25 August 1818 in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He was inclined towards spirituality from childhood. At the age of six, he himself started practicing Hathyog (forced meditation). He didn’t acquire any Guru. Later, he started doing Satsang and giving Naam-Daan. Rai Salig Ram, Jaimal Singh ji, and many others became his disciples. He used to smoke Hookah too. (Evidence: Jeevan Charitra Swami ji Maharaj, Swami Baag, Agra)
God Kabir says,

Kabir, Guru bin mala ferte, guru bin dete daan|
Guru bin dono nishfal hain, puchho ved puran||

Bhaang tambakhu chhhutra, aafu or sharaab|
Keh Kabir kaise ho Bandgi, ye to karein kharaab||

Even the followers of Radha Soami Mat agree that a living Guru and abstinence from intoxication are essential for attaining Salvation.

2) The lineage of Radha Soami

In Sarbachan Radha Soami Vartik, Huzoor Swami JI Maharaj in Bachan-14, Shiv Dayal Singh says that his Mat was that of Satnaam and Anami, and Radha Soami Mat was started by Salig Ram. Shri Shiv Dayal Singh clearly denies Radha Soami Mat to be his, but then, helplessly, was allowing it to propagate. After the death of Shri Shiv Dayal Singh in 1878, several including Rai Salig Ram took over as guru.

11 years later in 1889, after getting retired from the Army, Shri Jaimal Singh started doing Satsang and giving Naam-Daan near Beas River in Punjab. He also didn’t have any order from Shri Shiv Dayal because if he had, he would’ve started this from that day itself; he wouldn’t have waited so long. The other Deras of Radha Soami sect, like Dera Sacha Sauda, Nirankari Mission, Thakur Kripal Mission, Jai Gurudev, Radha Soami Dinod have been originated from the aforementioned Deras only.

The foremost thing is that even Shri Shiv Dayal ji had no Guru; the lineage is disconnected from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter how it goes with the successors.

3) The Panch Shabad (five naam) given in Radha Soami Panth

The life history of Shri Shiv Dayal ji reads that his parents had acquired Tulsi Saheb, Hathras as their Guru, and he also accompanied Tulsi Saheb ji a lot. But without acquiring Tulsi Saheb his Guru, Shiv Dayal ji himself selected five naams and started performing Hathyog.

In the Ghat Ramayan Bhag-1 by Tulsi Saheb, Hathras on page 27, it says,

Pancho naam kaal ke jaano| tab daani man sanka aano||
Nirgun niraakar nirbaani| Dharamrai yon paanch bakhaani||

Daani suno bidhi naat hamaari| Hum chali jaain purush darbaari||
Surat nirat le lok sidhaaun| Aadi naam le kaal giraaun||
Satnaam le jeev ubhaari| As chali jaaun purush darbaari||

In the above mentioned Baani, Tulsi Saheb ji has clearly said that the five Naams are for the worship of Kaal, and to attain Satpurush, two mantras, Satnaam and Adinaam, are needed. Likewise, God Kabir ji has also described these mantras in His Baanis, see:

Even the second successor of Radha Soami Dera Beas Sant Sawan Singh ji in Sant Mat Prakash Bhag-4 on page-261, on elaborating the Saints Baanis, backs the fact that two words are needed to attain Salvation, but then fudged the question saying that those two words were not for recitation but were inside our body and would be obtained after death. Whereas, the Baani,

Keh Kabir akhar doyi bhaakh| Hoyega Khasam te lega Raakh||

tells that those two words are to be uttered (chanted) while one is alive.

Also, in order to avoid being questioned on five naams, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa has changed their Naams. Now they give three Naams: Satpurush, Akal Murt, Shabd Swarupi Ram. All these three Naams are synonymous terms for the same power. Like it is of no use to keep chanting the synonymous terms: Jal, Pani, Water. To obtain water, one needs to systematically follow the steps. For more details, see

4) The spiritual knowledge told in Radha Soami

In Sant Mat Prakash Bhag-3, 12th edition, on Page 102, this bani of Shri Shiv Dayal is written,

Satpurush Satnaam kahahi| Satlok nij paya aai||
[Rough translation: Satpurush is called Satnaam. I attained Satlok.]

Elaborating this bani, Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj says that ‘Satlok’ or ‘Satnaam’ is the fourth Lok and is inside everyone.

On page 107, Sawan Singh says, “The fourth Ram (God) is Satnaam. This is the real Ram.”

In Sant Mat Prakash Bhag-4 on page 261, Sawan Singh Ji says,
“Our race is Satnaam and our religion is Satpurush.”

Apparently, they are themselves confused about what Satnaam really is.

Another thing they say is that Satpurush (God) is formless, and the salvaged soul merges into Satlok / Satpurush as a drop merges in a sea. In Sant Mat Prakash Bhag-4 on page-264, Sawan Singh Ji tells an account of Kabir Sahib Ji and Queen Indumati Ji-

Queen Indumati was contemporary to Kabir Sahib Ji. First, Kabir Sahib Ji merged into Master, then, Queen did. When on reaching Satlok Queen saw the position of Kabir Sahib Ji, she said, ”Maharaj! If you had told me earlier that you only were Akalpurush, I would not have troubled myself unnecessarily by doing Bhajan-Simran.” Kabir Sahib Ji says, ”You would not have believed it then.”

Please think: If Queen Indumati and Kabir Sahib Ji both merged into Satlok, i.e., their existence had ended, how were they talking then? The reality is that Satlok is similar to this Kaal Lok. Rather, this Lok is a duplicate copy of that Satlok only. Just that, every creation is imperishable in Satlok. Souls enjoy the audience of Satpurush all time. To reach Satlok, one needs to obtain Satnaam from an Authorised Saint and chant it the way the Saint tells. For more info., read “Gyan Ganga” .

5) The afterlife of Radha Soami

As it has been mentioned in point 1) that Shri Shiv Dayal ji neither had any Guru nor he had the abstinence from tobacco – both of these are vital for worship. As a result of which he became a ghost after death.

In Jeevan Charitra Swami Ji Maharaj published from Swami Baag, Agra on page 78-81, an account of Bukki ji is written. It says that after the death of Shri Shiv Dayal, Bukki ji became very anxious. Then after one and a half month, Shiv Dayal ji appeared in Bukki ji and remained inside her till her death. After this, Bukki Ji (possessed by Shiv Dayal ji) started smoking Hukka just as Shiv Dayal ji used to. And, whenever someone had to take orders from Shri Shiv Dayal ji, they used to take it through Bukki ji. Even Salig Ram had taken some orders from Shiv Dayal ji through Bukki ji.

Respected Garib Das Ji has said that-

Garib, Satguru Purush Kabir hain, chaaron yug pramaan|
Jhuthe guruva mar gaye, ho gaye bhoot masaan||

The arbitrary practice of mantras, the arbitrary Naams, the false knowledge, not acquiring an Authorised Guru, and smoking Hookah – all led to this miserable state of Shri Shiv Dayal ji. It is a Law of God that until all the disciples are salvaged, the Guru too can’t attain salvation. The fake Gurus unknowingly are themselves destroying their future.

Please think, if the first Guru of Radha Soami became a ghost, what state will the disciples attain? By following that Guru, the disciples are bound to become a ghost. It is a request to the readers, please recognize the reality, act with discretion. They are wasting your precious Human Life along with their own. Kabir Sahib Ji says-

Jhuthe guru ke paksh ko, tajat na laave vaar||

Leave that Radha Soami Panth, and do the favor to yourself and those fake gurus. Take the shelter of an Authorised Guru who guarantees Salvation and has the Correct Spiritual Knowledge.

At present, He is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. To know more, visit:-

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