The Secret of the Holy Quran Sharif: Complete Allah Is Different From the Knowledge-Giver of Holy Quran


From time immemorial, a human body-attained creature is in search of its creator. The desire to attain God within the soul, inspired it to do various types of worship and spiritual practice. Here the methods of worship and spiritual practice became the basis of religion. This has led to the rise and development of religions all over the world. Some have been short-lived, while others have persisted and evolved. With time, the path of worship, which was told by great souls in the form of saints, gurus, or prophets, gradually took the form of religion. In the family in which a person is born, she/he adopts religious activities going on from generation to generation. 

The basis of all the holy religions in the world is the holy books of that religion. Just as the basis of Hinduism is the Holy Vedas, the basis of Christianity is the Holy Bible, the basis of Islam is the Holy Quran, and the basis of Sikhism is the Holy Guru Granth Sahib. But, the biggest irony of the present time is that people of every religion are not familiar with the spiritual knowledge of their scriptures. People are doing religious activities, but righteousness is nowhere to be seen, nor do they get any benefit from Allah.

In this article, we will discuss the religion of Islam, one of the major religions of the world, and the knowledge of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. We will particularly discuss whether the knowledge-giver of the Holy Quran (God of Prophet Muhammad) is the all-capable Allah Ta’ala or not.

About the Islam Religion

The biggest characteristic of Islam is that it is a monotheistic religion in which worship of anyone else other than Allah is forbidden.

  • It follows the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad, born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 570 AD. Muhammad is seen only as a prophet and not as a divine person and is considered a messenger of Allah, who is divine.
  • Islam means “peace” and “submissive”. The believers of Islam are called Muslims and the most sacred book for Muslims is the Quran Sharif (Quran Majeed).
  • But the saddest thing is that even after so many centuries, the Muslims themselves could not understand the knowledge of this holy book, the Quran. They do perform Namaz, keep fasts, and perform sacrifices as well, but they also perform actions contrary to many things mentioned in the Quran. Today we will discuss some such important things.

The Revelation of Quran Sharif: One Who Gives Knowledge of the Bible and the Qur’an

The Allah, who delivered the holy knowledge of Pak “Quran” to Hazrat Muhammad, had bestowed the knowledge of Pak “Zaboor” on Hazrat Dawood, the knowledge of Pak “Tauret” on Hazrat Musa, and the knowledge of Pak “Injil” on Hazrat Isa. All of them have the same Allah.

Evidence:- Surah Al Muminoon No. 23 of Quran Majeed Ayat no. 49, 50:-

  • Ayat no. 49:- And We gave the book to Moses so that the people could get guidance from him.
  • Ayat no. 50:- And We made Maryam’s son and his mother a sign and placed them on a high ground which was a place of leisure and the sources flowed in it.

Sura Al Hadid No. 57, Ayat no. 26,27:- 

  • Ayat no. 26: – We sent Noah and Ibrahim and placed the Prophethood and the Book in the race of both of them. Then some of their children followed the path and many became disobedient.
  • Ayat no. 27:– After them, we sent our messengers one after the other and after them Issa, the son of Maryam, and gave Injil to him and those who followed him.

Unheard knowledge of the Quran

The Worship of Anyone Else Other Than Allah Forbidden

Surah Luqman 31 Ayat no. 13:- Remember when Luqman was advising his son, he said, son! do not associate anyone with Allah, that is, not worship other deities along with the Almighty. It is true that associating others with Allah is a great wrong. But, today Muslims have started going to the dargahs and tombs of Pir Fakirs for worship.

A Muslim Should Be Humble and Submissive

Surah Luqman-31 Ayat no. 18:- And don’t turn your nose up to people, don’t walk arrogantly on the ground. Allah does not like any arrogant and bragging person.

The Real Truth of Quran Sharif: Allah Is in Form; Sits on the Throne

Surah As-Sajdah-32 Ayat no. 4:– It is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in between them in six days and then sat on the throne. Apart from Him, you have no one of your own, no helper, and no one to recommend to Him. Then will you not come to your senses?

Whereas Muslims consider Allah to be Bechoon i.e. formless. But the Quran is telling Him to be in form and live in one place.

Tatvgyan Is the Greatest Wealth

Surah Al Bakra-2 Ayat no. 269 ​​:- Allah bestows wisdom (Tatvagyan) to whomever He wants, and whoever has received wisdom (Tatvgyan), has actually got great wealth.

The Real Instructions to Hazrat Muhammad Ji: Don’t Force Religion

Quranic Surah Al Baqarah-2 Ayat no. 256:- There is no compulsion in the matter of religion.

Surah Yunus-10 Ayat no. 99:- (Oh Muhammad) Do not force anyone to become a Muslim. No one can believe without the orders of Allah. 

Prohibition of Worship of Any Other Deity

Surah An Nisa-4 Ayat no. 36:- Perform worship of Allah. Do not worship anyone else.

Prohibition of Intoxication and Gambling

Surah Al Baqarah-2 Ayat no. 219: – There is a big defect in alcohol and gambling; these are great sins.

Taking Interest Is a Sin

Quran Majeed Surah Al Baqarah-2 Ayat no. 276:- Allah kills the monastery of the interest-taker, that is, destroys him and prospers the donor. And, Allah does not like a person who does evil deeds.

The Giver of the Knowledge of the Qur’an Sings the Glory of the Omnipotent Allah Other Than Himself

Surah As-Sajdah-32 Ayat no. 4:- It is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in between them in six days and then sat on the throne. Apart from Him, you have no one of your own, no helper, and no one to recommend to Him. Then will you not come to your senses?

Allah, who revealed the knowledge of the Qur’an, wrote in Surah Baqarah-2 Ayat no. 255 that Allah is the living eternal being Who maintains the whole world. There is no God except Him. He neither sleeps nor does he feel drowsy. Whatever is in between the earth and the sky, belongs to Him. Who is there who can recommend before Him without His permission? He is the knower of all the visible and invisible things. Or she/he may know whom He may favor. It is becoming clear from this that Allah Who is the Creator of all is different from the Lord who speaks the Qur’an.

The One Who Gave the Knowledge of the Qur’an Told About the Creator of the Universe Other Than Himself 

It is like this:-

(Surah Al-Furqan 25 Ayat No. 52) The one who is telling the knowledge of the Qur’an (Majid and Sharif) to Hazrat Muhammad Ji, is saying: 

  • Oh Prophet! Do not listen to the kafir (disbelievers) because they do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God. Confront them (struggle) very firmly on the basis of the arguments given by me in the Qur’an, that is, if they do not believe in you that Kabir Allah is the only capable (Kader), then you do not believe their words.
  • In Ayat no. 53 to 59 the glory (Paki) of the same Kabir Allah has been described. It is said that this Kabir is that Kadar Allah who has created all the universe. He created humans. Then created their Samskaras. Relationships are made by His grace. 
  • He has also flowed different streams of salty and fresh water by His nature (power). The human (woman-man) was created from the drop of water. {It is said in the Sukshmveda that the drop of water means the fluid substance-like seed of the male and the female.} 
  • Those who worship other gods and idols except this Allah Akbar (God Kabir), that worship is futile. That can neither give benefit nor harm the seeker. Those seekers are detached from the God who created them. They will have to repent after death. 
  • Make them understand that my job is to show you the true path. In return, I am not even taking any money from you, lest you think that this (Nabi) is misleading for his own good. If you feel like, accept the path of the worship of your Supreme Lord (the originator and sustainer).

That Knowledge Which Is Not Known Even to the One Who Delivers the Knowledge of the Qur’an

Ayat 59:- Kabir Allah (Allahu Akbar) is the one who created the whole universe (the above and the earth) in six days. Then established Himself (sat down) on the throne above in His true world. That Kabir Allah is very Rahman (Merciful). Ask any (Bakhabar) Tatvdarshi saint for complete information about Him, know from him. 

From this, it became clear that the one who imparts Quranic knowledge does not have complete knowledge about that mighty God Kabir. The giver of Quranic knowledge does not have the method of attaining Him.

Who Is the Real Bakhabar at Present? 

Bakhabar in the Quran is an enlightened Saint who is the knower of complete spiritual knowledge of all holy books and great God – Allahu Akbar. The Quran does not reveal  ‘Allahu Akbar’ fully but instructs us to take refuge in Bakhabar to learn in detail.

  • Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Bakhabar of this Era. He is the authorized Saint who is imparting the most authentic and hidden secrets about true spiritual knowledge and the right way of true worship to His devotees with an aim to make us attain complete salvation. 
  • The law of God is that there is only one Bakhabar Saint in an era. This world is full of uncertainties like untimely deaths, accidents, pandemics, etc, and Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s devotees observe many benefits from true worship. One can firmly believe that He is the only one to rely upon to attain liberation and to get more benefits than destined. 
  • As a result of true worship instructed by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, His followers attain real happiness and supreme peace with His blessings. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the incarnation of Supreme God Kabir. He has Supreme powers. 
  • God came to meet His pious souls by doing a divine play in the form of Bakhabar. And, thus, making it very easy for a devotee to differentiate between right and wrong, and to find the path to return to our real home Satyalok (Eternal place).

The Unresolved Knowledge of the Qur’an (Knowledge of Ain, Seen, Kaaf)

Ain.Seen.Kaaf. These are the symbols of the three names (mantras) which are the mantras of salvation and welfare. These are their initiating letters. Taking initiation from a Complete Saint who knows this secret, then chanting these three mantras will lead to self-welfare. By no other means, the soul can attain salvation.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Has Given Knowledge of These Three Mantras

This is as follows:- “Ain” is the alphabet of the Arabic language, which identifies “अ” of Hindi language in Devanagari, and “Seen” is the letter of the alphabet of the Arabic language, which identifies “स” of Hindi language in Devanagari. And, “Kaaf” is the letter of the Arabic alphabet, which identifies “क” of the Hindi language in Devanagari. This is just a word to the wise. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has revealed the whole secret about it.

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God also met Hazrat Muhammad Ji in the guise of a Zinda Mahatma in Mecca. At the time when Prophet Muhammad had gone for Hajj to Kaaba Mosque, God took him to His world which is made in the form of an Ambassador House in a universe. God explained to Hazrat Muhammad Ji and narrated His knowledge, but Hazrat Muhammad Ji did not accept the knowledge of God nor did he express his desire to live in Satyalok. So, Hazrat Muhammad was sent back to his body. At that time several thousand had become Muslim followers of Hazrat Muhammad Ji; his glory was spreading at full speed in the world, and they were considering the knowledge of the Quran the best. 

Hazrat Muhammad Ji Never Ate Meat

Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of God. He has one lakh eighty thousand Muslim followers during the time of Muhammad Ji. One lakh eighty thousand prophets have also been from Baba Adam to Hazrat Muhammad. They (one lakh eighty thousand prophets and followers) and Hazrat Muhammad Ji never used a karad (stab) on any living being after attaining knowledge, that is, they never committed violence against any living being and did not eat meat. 

This proved that Muslim society is misled. You could not even understand the thoughts of your holy Quran Majeed and beloved prophet Muhammad Ji. Please read your Holy Scriptures again now. Compare it with the knowledge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and see. God is in form. God is not described as formless in the Qur’an Majeed. But due to the Muslim religious gurus lacking knowledge of God, they have described God as formless i.e. Bechoon. In the Qur’an Majeed, God has been described as the Jismani, that is, the visible in-form God. 

To learn more in-depth knowledge of the Holy Quran Sharif and the way to attain Allah Taala (Allah Kabir), must read the eye-opener Book “Musalman Nahi Samajhe Gyan Quran” written by the present-time Bakhabar Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. 

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