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Major magnitude earthquake of 7.4 in New Zealand on Thursday, 18 June


New Zealand Earthquake Latest News: We shall know the impact of the earthquake which struck near the uninhabited Kermadec islands north of New Zealand. A tsunami warning has been issued to all countries nearby New Zealand. The magnitude of this earthquake on the Richter scale is measured at 7.4. New Zealand’s Civil Defence Organization said, strong and hazardous currents and unpredictable surges were expected near the shore but later clarified there was no threat to the country. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre initially warned of small tsunami waves for parts of the South Pacific but later denied.

Earthquake in New Zealand News Update

High magnitude earthquake hits, New Zealand issues tsunami warning


  • 7.4 major magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Gisborne in the Friday morning felt across New Zealand
  • The earthquake hit at a depth of about 33 kilometers, north-east of New Zealand on Friday.
  • Epicenter latitude 33.45909°S and longitude 177.57637°W in New Zealand
  • No tsunami danger to New Zealand following the massive powerful tremor
  • However, tsunami tides are probable within 180 miles of the epicenter
  • Highly attracted tourist hotspots like Fiji have been alerted.
  • People are advised to remain out of water
  • Minimal or no damage has occurred from the quake
  • Such high magnitude release energy equivalent to 118.7 atomic bombs

Earthquake shivered New Zealand after 4 years

New Zealand Earthquake Latest News: New Zealand has witnessed a huge earthquake almost after four years. A tremor struck north-east of New Zealand, with a number of residents woken by horrifying shaking. The quake hit at about 33 kilometers deep into the sea, in the south direction of Kermadec Islands, about 700km north-east of Gisborne with a magnitude of 7.4. It struck off the shore of Gisborne and the parts of New Zealand in the initial hours of Friday morning.

Dangers and Alarms

The National Emergency Management Agency conferred a threat that the tremor could generate a tsunami but later testified that there was no risk to New Zealand.

Some coastal areas may encounter powerful tides and unexpected rises, and the Waikato Region Emergency Management Group has cautioned the population to remain out of the water. Although there was no tsunami peril in the initial hours, the temblor south of the Kermadec Island the following morning, however, could induce powerful undertows so people should remain out of the water.

Gisborne Mayor Rehette Stoltz characterized the quake as powerful and intense. She would be joining with council personnel promptly and leading the way into the CBD to discuss to businesses but had not heeded any allegations of damage from the tremor at this stage. If there, prevailed harm, she acknowledged it would be minor, but “we never know.”

Some social media users characterized the quake as “strong” and “long-lasting”.

Threat of Tsunami

A threat of hazardous tsunami tides within 186 miles of the epicenter was handed out within moments. Nevertheless, the warning was later devalued with no tsunami hazard for New Zealand or Australia. Shortly after the quake struck a warning was given as part of the UNESCO/IOC Pacific Tsunami warning and mitigation system which said:

“Powerful tsunami tides from this tremor are probable within 180 miles of the epicenter.”

Administrations should instruct and inform the inshore populations. Preliminary prognoses say tsunami tides will prevail around 30 centimeters above the tide level. Instantly following the earthquake, New Zealand’s emergency management agency delivered a statement declaring it was evaluating the quake’s danger to the country.

Hazardous tourist hotspots

New Zealand and close by tourist hotspots Vanuatu and Fiji have been set on attention from tsunami tides from the earthquake. In its newest warning to federal authorities, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre alerted that tides are expected to hit Niue Kermadec Islands, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, and New Caledonia.

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New Zealand Earthquake Latest News: Initial data from the association says the 7.4 magnitude tremor struck south of the Kermadec Islands, which prevails around 1,000 km north-east of New Zealand’s North Island. According to the American Geological Survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was roughly 685 km north-east of Opotiki, a village on New Zealand’s North Island.

Interesting facts about earthquake

Let us know some interesting aspects of the earthquake measured at Richter scale and how much energy is released by magnitude compared. The readers should know that each next level of magnitude on the Richter scale is 32 times more impactful than the previous one. That means an earthquake at 6.0 magnitude is 1000 times more impactful as compared to 4.0 and so the energy released.

  • 2.0 magnitude: Equivalent to 1 kg mass dropped 6.30 m
  • 1.0 magnitude: Equivalent 100 kg mass dropped 2 m
  • 0 magnitude: Equivalent to consumption by 60W electric bulb in 17 minutes
  • 1.0 magnitude: Equivalent to consumption by 60W electric bulb in 9 hours
  • 2.0 magnitude: Equivalent to consumption by 60W electric bulb in 12 days
  • 3.0 magnitude: Energy from 50 liters of petrol
  • 5.0 magnitude: Energy from 50,000 liters of petrol
  • 6.0 magnitude: Energy released from Hiroshima bomb; It is to be noted roughly 50 percent energy of a bomb is released in the air blast, 35 percent as heat, and 15 percent as nuclear radiation. From such an explosion the resultant fireballs are 50 percent hotter than the surface of the sun.
  • 7.4 magnitudes: Energy released from 118.7 atomic bombs
  • 9.5 magnitudes: the largest recorded earthquake in history occurred on May 22, 1960, near Valdivia, in southern Chile. It accounted for about 30 percent of the total seismic energy released of accumulated energy from earthquakes in the last one hundred years.

Important facts about Energy

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake released energy equivalent to 118.7 atomic bombs. The atomic bombs are made by human scientists. Human scientists are in this universe are controlled by The Creative Energy “Maya”. Just imagine, how powerful is she? But remember she has been created by someone. How powerful He be? The Supreme Being “Kabir” or “Kavirdev” or “Khidra” or Jinda Baba, the Satpurush has created all souls and all things that exist.

Now try to imagine the power of that Absolute. All creatures, the eternal souls, are the sons of the Supreme Eternal Being. But the creatures are in unholy clutches of The Creative Energy “Maya” and “Kaal” who control only 21 universes. Unknowingly, the creatures have accepted the Kaal and Maya as their masters.

Get rid of all kinds of tremors in life and post life

Supreme Father is worried about such a sad condition of His sons. Therefore, at times, He appears on to the earth to take away their sorrows and to bestow them true devotion. Upon practicing true devotion, the seekers will go back to their native abode Satlok. All they need to do is to take name initiation from The Supreme God’s lineage Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj and practice strictly all their life. The Satguru guarantees them to realize the path to Satlok.

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