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Begin the New Year 2021 With Knowing It Better Before It Starts

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New Year 2021: The New Year begins with a wish that we will spend every day as a happy, prosperous and peaceful day. But does it really happen? You wish every year the best year for your family, friends, country and yourself. But does every day of the new year pass as you wish? Let’s start living by the will of God. The person who lives under the shelter of God, their everyday life is full of happiness.

Jyo rakho tyo hi rahu, Mera ke chara।

Khane jaad kharid hu, Gulam Tumhara।।

The New Year is celebrated worldwide on January 1. The new year that we celebrate on January 1 is according to the Gregorian calendar. In many countries the celebration of New year begins on December 31 till early hours of January 1. It is the time when people celebrate the start of the year with friends, family, relatives and dear ones and wish each other ‘Happy New Year‘.

Starting the New Year 2021

People try to forget all their sorrows, failures, enmity , pandemic, lockdown, job crisis, foot March, protests and anything unpleasant that had happened in the past year and start afresh from the eve of New year. Majority of the individuals make new resolutions such as quitting any bad habit, starting a habit of reading, controlling excessive weight, travelling more, investments , savings and so on that they aim to fulfill in the new year to be more disciplined and successful in their lives.

Know About the History of New Year

New Year 2021: The Gregorian year, which is in use in most of the countries begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. People of different religion or culture celebrate new year on different dates. Many centuries back in 2000 BC, the Babylonians started celebrating new year as Akitu ( Akitu or Akitum was a spring festival in ancient Mesopotamia). The year began after the spring season end. On the Roman republican calendar,  the year began on March 1st, but after 153 BC, the official date was announced which was  January 1 and this was continued in the Julian calendar of 46 BC. 

When in India New Year Panchang Was Started?

Shukla Pratipada of Chaitra month is called Nav varsh ( New year).  It is also the time to start harvesting.  The Indian calendar is calculated according to the Sun and Moon.  It is believed that the calendar (Panchag) was started in India during the time of king Vikramaditya.  Apart from this, the calculation of 12 months/ a year and 7 days a week is also considered from Vikram era.

What Is the Real Meaning of New Year?

For enjoying and welcoming the New year, People celebrate this day by doing several activities and do organise fun parties with family, friends and relatives. But in actual, the new year begins when human goes into the refuge of a True Saint, that day is the new beginning of someone’s life and that is the real and actual fact according to the spirituality.

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New Year 2021: Your Life Is in Your Own Hands

New Year 2021 Special Knowledge: One must take initiation from a True Saint in order to start a new life. In other words, that day is the new year in one’s life when he/she takes the refuge of a True Saint (Tatvgyata/Tatavdarshi/Great Spiritual Master). Otherwise, the life is worthless unless one does not have a Spiritual Master/True Guru in their life. Most of the people ignore the only aim of worshipping Supreme God in human life and are busy following the wrong ways of worship and consuming their life.

Ja din Satguru bhetya, Ta din lekhe Jan।

Baki samay vayrath gya, Bina guru ke Naam।।

It is clear from the above verse that only that day when you Take Initiation (Naam Diksha) From True Saint is worthy, and rest of the life without taking Name is worthless.

Why to Make Resolution? Break the Trend!

Many individuals make resolutions to get rid of bad habits if they have any. Whereas, by taking Naam Diksha (Initiation) from a True Saint/Satguru/JagatGuru, there is no need to make resolutions since He (Saint) will provide  true devotion by following which, one can get rid of even the ill habits. Those who take initiation from Tatvadarshi Saint they can easily leave those bad habits of intoxication, cheating others, depravity etc, and for them every day is like a new year.

How to Get a Happy and Prosperous Year? 

All the individuals have to suffer according to their previous good and bad deeds. Everyone wishes to lead a peaceful, prosperous and a blissful life. But life is not a bed of roses, all have to confront problems, failures, several ups and downs in their lives. The major reason behind sufferings is our own ignorance. The account of our previous  karmas can only be removed if we follow a True Saint and His way of worship. 

It is also known to us that nothing can be added or removed from our karmas, we have to suffer those. But the True Saint has the Power that He can change what is written in our destiny. 

Masa ghte na til bdhhe, Bidhna likhe jo lekh।

Sacha Satguru metkar, Upar maar de mekh।।

Garib das ji had also mentioned in His verse that without doing True Worship, one cannot attain salvation. Also, the entire world is trapped in Kaal Brahm’s Lok and have forgotten the way of our real home. There is no trace of peace and comfort here.  

Garib, Ek paapi ek punyi aaya, Ek hai soom dalel re।

Bina bhajan koi kaam na aave, Sab hai jam ki jail re।।

In other verse of Saint Garib das Ji, He mentioned that the Supreme peace and happiness are present only in our real home Satlok, where there is no birth, no death, no old age, no sorrows, no disease. There everything is provided free of cost by God (Kabir Sahib Ji) Who is Immortal. 

Na koi Bhikshuk daan de, Na koi haar Vyahaar।

Na koi Janme mare, Aisa desh Hamaar।।

Jahaan Sankho lehar Mehar ki upje, Kahar nhi jahan koi।

Das Garib achal Avinashi, Sukh ka Sagar soi।।

Who Is The True Saint At Present?

At present Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the True Saint. He is the only one who provides devotion mentioned in our scriptures. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Guru at present who has revealed the hidden secret about Satnaam, Sarnaam and Saarshabad. No other Guru has mentioned anything about these Mantras. Kabir Sahib ji explained about these mantras in His verses. 

Satguru soi jo Saarnaam Drdaavae। Aur guru koi kaam na aavae।।

 Saarnaam bin Purush (Bhagwan) drohi।।

One Should Do Devotion of Supreme God on New Year 2021

This means that a Guru who does not give Saarnaam and Saarshabad, he along with his disciples will be put into hell. That Guru is the enemy, a traitor of God. Thus, one should do Bhakti of One Parmeshwar (Kabir Sahib Ji) to attain a blissful life and salvation which is mentioned in Gita ji Adhyay No.8 Shlok no.22

It is clear that after taking the Naam Diksha (initiation) any person can definitely lead a quiet, sin-free, fear-free, greed-free and contented life.

If You Need Happiness/Wealth/Health, Worship Supreme God

There is no need to wait for a new year to forget about the worries, problems, enmity and so on that one has faced in the previous year. In one of Kabir Sahib ji’s Verse, it is clear that who will take initiation from a True Saint (Sant Rampal Ji) will become wealthy as both Maya and Kaal are God’s (Kabir sahib Ji) servant and they will do what The Supreme Power will order to them. 

Kabir, Kaal jo peesae peesna, Jora hai panihaar।

Ye do asal majdoor hain, Mere Satguru ke darbaar।।

However, one should not waste his precious time in waiting for the new year to find a reason to be happy and soon take the refuge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. 

New Year 2021 Quotes

  • “This New year, you can write new greetings for your life. It’s your chance to write an incredible story for yourself”.
  • “New year means give yourself a chance to start a life which you deserve as a human”.
  • “New day, first month and the beginning of a new year. Promise yourself to know God and take His shelter”.~Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj
  • “New year is giving you a chance to free your soul”.

This New year make a resolution to understand the Holy Scriptures, listen to the Discourses and read the Books written by Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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