National Girl Child Day (NGCD) 2022: How the World Can Be Made Better for Girls?


National Girl Child Day: There was a time when girls were discriminated against in society. The National Girl Child Day has changed the scenario and because of this now, there is women empowerment. In every profession girls have made a presence. This year, the Ministry of Women and Child Development celebrates the National Girl Child Day 2022 in the backdrop of 75 years of Indian IndependenceAzadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. The event highlights the following:

  • Achievements of Ministries in empowering Girl Child
  • Felicitation young female achievers under 20 years of age
  • Launch of new schemes aimed at the Girl Child

National Girl Child Day 2022: Key Highlights

  • National Girl Child Day is observed every year on 24 January.
  • Renuka Chaudhary, the Minister of Women and Child Development laid the foundation of National Girl Child Day.
  • This day was first celebrated on 4th January in 2008.
  • National Girl Child Day aims to spread awareness for girls’ rights.
  • This day promotes girls’ freedom to receive education.
  • This day promotes girls’ health and nutrition.

Theme of National Girl Child Day

The theme of National Girl Child Day for 2022 is “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow“. Definitely the girls must be given the opportunity not only to show their hidden talent but also to live their life with full freedom.

  • A girl child brightnes the house with her pure smile,
  • She is the one who teaches how to live the life,
  • She is the purest soul that make every family member fall in love,
  • So let us make her future bright who fills every house with her selfless love and a bright light.

History of National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year on 24th January. The observation was started in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Late Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister of the country on 24 January in 1966. This is the reason why the government chose this special day to celebrate National Girl Child Day.

This day is celebrated to change the outlook of society towards girls. Earlier girls were discriminated against on the basis of education, health and nutrition. Also, they were not allowed to come out of the four walls of their house and were forced to marry at a tender age.

Several Schemes Are There to Help Girls

Through National Girl Child Day, the Government is able to run several schemes and campaigns for the welfare of girls such as Save Girl Child, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Samagra Shiksha and many more. This has improved the position of women in the society.

■ Read in Hindi: क्या है राष्ट्रीय बालिका दिवस (National Girl Child Day) और क्यों मनाया जाता है ?

Various ministries of the government of India like Ministries of Education, Sports, Skill Development and Department of Science and Technology have undertaken various initiatives and programmes for progress and empowerment of the girls.

Importance of National Girl Child Day

National Girl Child Day is very important to bring equality. Because of this, in many regions girls are not now forced to marry early. In any case of violence, girls have the right to raise their voice. 

Objectives of Observing National Girl Child Day

  • To promote gender equality
  • Empowering women economically and socially
  • To provide better future to girls
  • To provide equal rights to girls to attain education
  • To provide protection to women against any harassment
  • To provide freedom to girls to take action against any violence
  • To stop child marriages

What Are the Constitutional Rights for Women in India?

National Girl Child Day helped women to know their importance. They now know that there are several constitutional rights for women:

  • Article 14 – Fundamental Right to Equality before Law
  • Article 15 – Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of, race, religion, caste, sex or place of birth
  • Article 16 – Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment
  • Article 19 – Freedom of speech and expression and freedom to practice any profession
  • Article 21 – Protection to life and personal liberty
  • Article 21 – Right to privacy
  • Article 300-A – Right to property

Quotes on National Girl Child Day 2022

  • On this National Girl Child Day, give girls the wings to fly, not the pain to cry and die.
  • A world without girls is as impossible as a world without water.
  • A girl is a friend, a mother, a wife, a daughter. When you kill one girl child, you kill the entire generation.
  • Bring purity in thoughts towards girls by reciting true mantras.
  • Girls would only be safe in the refuge of Supreme Power.

Government Schemes Made for the Upliftment of Girls Have Failed

Since independence, the Government has started several schemes for the welfare of women in the society, still girls’ condition is deplorable. The more people are becoming modern, the more their outlook towards girls has worsened. 

The social evils against women are at its peak. The cases of female foeticide, rape, dowry, domestic violence, child labor, trafficking and harrasment are the main headlines of newspaper almost daily. This shows the efforts done by the government are not working sufficiently & efficiently. Undoubtedly, this needs strict laws to create fear in the minds of criminals. But, laws by themselves cannot eradicate the criminal mindset.

How Spiritual Ways Can Help Girls to Live Safely?

Howbeit, to remove all these social evils against women, the World-victorious Spiritual Leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has done a lot and is doing countless works to secure the environment for women of all age groups because His motive is to eradicate discrimination and evils from the world.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s devotees strictly follow His rules built to make society a better and safer place for all. For example, His devotees do not take or give dowry (Solution of Dowry System in India) and are getting married in a very simple way. It becomes a news headline on social media almost everyday. Devotees never consume intoxicants, do not misbehave with anyone (be it girls/ women) and bring up their children equally. His devotees do not indulge in any activity that is against the Constitution. 

Who Is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj?

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the True Spiritual Leader in every sense as He is the Incarnation of Supreme God Kabir Saheb ji. He imparts Spiritual knowledge according to the holy scriptures which cleanse the evilness of the thoughts and helps humans to become the best Human beings. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has taught His Devotees how to respect girls & women of all age groups. There is His thought which states-

Par nari ko dekhiye behan, Beti ke bhaav|

Kahein Kabir, Kaam naash ka, Yahi sehaj upaay||

The meaning is to look at the other woman with the attitude of one’s sister or daughter, due to which the lust that arises on seeing the other woman gets destroyed automatically. Dear readers, you are requested to take Initiation (Naam Diksha) from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for the good future of your daughter, family, society and world because when they are safe then you will yourself feel safe.

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