Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit: China is Furious Over Visit of US Government Official


Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit | Nancy Pelosi, a high level official in the US Government visited Taiwan on Tuesday (August 2nd) amidst threats from the Chinese Government. She departed from the country after completing the visit successfully to South Korea in less than 24 hours by Wednesday (August 3rd). The visit has generated tensions between US- China relations as it was against the will of China. Different countries in the world have different reactions to it. Let us know in detail.

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit: Highlights

  • Nancy Pelosi is the 52nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives and the first in 25 years of such a high position to visit Taiwan.
  • With her less than 24 hour trip to Taiwan, tensions emerged in US China relations. 
  • Despite China’s warnings to the US, Nancy Pelosi continued with Taiwan’s tour. And it hampered the relationship between the two nations.
  • China has imposed various restrictions on Taiwan amidst Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.
  • Countries from around the globe have different reactions to this conflict.
  • Canada and the European Union want China to deal with this issue peacefully. While Pakistan thinks that this visit has serious impacts on regional peace. And Russia thinks that it is an intentional move by America to provoke China.
  • Pelosi completed her Taiwan visit successfully and left for South Korea. After hours of Pelosi’s departure 27 chinese fighter jet planes entered Taiwan’s Air Defence Zone on Wednesday.
  • War is not the solution for any sort of conflict. Rather one should try to resolve the issue through other peaceful means.
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Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Before understanding her visit to Taiwan let us know about Nancy Pelosi. She is the 52nd honourable speaker of the US House of Representatives. She is known for making history in 2007 after being elected as the first woman speaker of the house of representatives. Again in 2019 when she regained the spot and became the first person to obtain the honor in six decades. Her visit to Taiwan gained highlights because of her high level position as it is the first time in 25 years that the leader of the house of representatives in the United States is visiting Taiwan amidst China warnings.

Why has Pelosi visited Taiwan?

Nancy Pelosi, a high level person in the US government has always extended support for those nations who are fighting to have democracy and they think Taiwan is one of them. She visited self ruled island Taiwan giving shock to US China relations for showing their support for the island. And she demonstrated the same through her tweets too in which she is seen clearly supporting Taiwan.

Over the years Pelosi has also criticised China many times over their human rights violation. As China considers Taiwan as part of their land, hence her visit was a message that the US stands in support of Taiwan’s vibrant democracy. She said in her speech in Taiwan that “the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy.” Pelosi has also led a delegation to the capital city of Ukraine Kyiv in the spring.

Why is China reacting to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan?

China has been more than proactive in stalking her visit to the self ruled island of Taiwan. We can understand many reasons why China would react to this visit of Nancy Pelosi. Let us know further:

  • Firstly, China considers Taiwan as a part of its nation. And interference along with support of a strong nation like the United States to Taiwan could ignite the spark of Taiwan’s independence from them. And China is afraid of that.
  • Secondly, the United States went on with Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan ignoring the danger in spite of a warning from China’s President Xi Jinping to President Joe Biden that it would be “playing with fire”. 
  • Thirdly, China could view Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as an insult to the warning of the Chinese President and may react to keep his pride and demonstrate his strength.

How has China responded to Pelosi’s visit?

Threatening military drills around Taiwan: China has performed various live fire military drills from Thursday to Sunday in zones around Taiwan. Out of which some of the area falls in the water territorial area of the island. They tried to disrupt airplane traffic and cause problems in shipping areas. On the day of Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, 21 Chinese Fighter Jets entered Taiwan’s air defence zone as per Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence. These fighter jets include ten J-16 fighter jets, eight J-11 fighter jets, one KJ-500 airborne early warning and control aircraft, one Y-9 electronic warfare plane and one Y-8 transport aircraft.

Bans on Imports and Exports of selected items: Taiwan being largest China’s partner, let us know about the details of imposition laid down by Chinese Government on imports and exports:

  • From over 100 Taiwanese food suppliers, China has banned food imports before Pelosi’s visit.
  • Exports of natural sand from China have been terminated by China. This could affect construction related activities.
  • Moreover, imports of fish and citrus fruits were banned by custom officials. 
  • As per reports from China Central Television (CCTV), employees of Chinese organizations were halted on Wednesday dealing with Taiwan companies including SpeedTech Energy and Hyweb Technology. 

Threat to Cybersecurity: The Presidential Office of Taiwan faced a 20 minute barrage in their system in the evening which is not usual and about 200 times worse. Foreign Minister and Defence Ministry of Taiwan have also faced challenges in managing their website as it was suffering from periodic disruptions.

US Ambassador in China summoned: US Ambassador in China, Nicholas Burns was urgently summoned on August 2, Tuesday evening. It was a reaction to Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan. Further he was being told that his country “must pay for mistakes.” as per CCTV posts on Weibo. 

Banned interactions with Two Taiwanese Foundations: China has stated that two of the Taiwanese foundations have been active in pro-independence separatist activities. And has banned any interactions with these foundations. These two foundations are: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and Taiwan Foreign Ministry’s International Cooperation and Development Fund. Any organisation, company or individual providing financial support to these foundations will be found guilty and will be punished as per Chinese Government.

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Suspected Drones were spotted in Taiwan: As per Taiwan’s Defence an unidentified drone was seen in Taiwan on Thursday (August 4) morning and has flown over Kinmen island and they have fired flares to get that away.

Reactions from Chinese Foreign Ministry: The Chinese Government was offended by Pelosi’s visit and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said those who offend Beijing will be punished. “This is a complete farce. The United States is violating China’s sovereignty under the guise of so-called ‘democracy’…”

Security Arrangements from US for Pelosi

The United States cares for their officials and that’s the reason why they give such a high protection for a risky visit like this. The country has confirmed the presence of its fighter jets to the nearby locations before her visit.

  • The US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is operating in western pacific. It involves two other Navy Ships and Air Wing 5, which includes F/A-18 fighter jets, helicopters and surveillance aircraft. 
  • Yet another navy ship USS Benfold, a destroyer, has been conducting operations last week in a region including a passage which is a part of Taiwan Strait. 
  • Pelosi arrived in Taiwan with 13 other American planes providing security. They were also escorted by Taiwan’s fighter jets before landing. And her plane SPAR19 became the world’s most tracked plane. More than 3 lakh people were following her and the website crashed due to heavy traffic as per India today.

27 Warplanes Entered Taiwan Air Defence Zone After Pelosi’s Left

Few hours later after Pelosi’s departure from Taiwan’s Airport, 27 warplanes fighter jets entered Taiwan’s Air Defence Zone. The act was in response to the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. China’s aim was to disrupt the meeting and make Taiwan and the US afraid about the aftermath of this visit to Taiwan.

Reactions from US and Taiwan

Reactions from Taiwan: Taiwan stands with the United States. “US-Taiwan friendship forever” was the message showing up on the Taipei skyscraper at the airport to welcome Pelosi. Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu received Nancy Pelosi at the airport. 

“We will do whatever it takes to strengthen Taiwan’s sovereignty.” Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said in a statement when he met with Pelosi at his Presidential palace.

Reactions from the United States:  On the other hand, the United States has been supporting Taiwan. “America has made a bedrock promise to always stand with Taiwan. On this strong foundation, we’ve a thriving partnership grounded in self-government & self-determination focused on mutual security in the region & world committed to economic prosperity,” Pelosi said.

Reactions from Around the Globe

  • G7 Foreign Ministers urged China to solve the dispute peacefully. “There is no justification to use a visit as pretext for aggressive military activity in the Taiwan Strait. It is normal and routine for legislators from our countries to travel internationally,” statement released in Germany by G7 foreign ministers. (Reuters)
  • Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Joly expressed their concern about the tensions developing between China, Taiwan and the United States. “We think that legislators do visits around the world and clearly the visit cannot be used as a justification for heightened tensions or a pretext,” she said. She further added “So, in that sense we call on China to de-escalate because we think that there may be risks of not only heightened tensions, but also destabilizing the region.”
  • Pelosi said in a statement “While they may prevent Taiwan from sending its leaders to global forums, they cannot prevent world leaders or anyone from traveling to Taiwan to pay respect to its flourishing Democracy, to highlight its many successes and to reaffirm our commitment to continued collaboration.” (Reuters)
  • As per the statement released from Pakistan Foreign Ministry “Pakistan is deeply concerned over the evolving situation in the Taiwan Strait, which has serious implications for regional peace and stability”.
  • Reactions from the European Union: “The EU has an interest in preserving peace and the status quo in the Taiwan Strait,” said by a spokesperson. “We encourage a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues. Tensions should be resolved through dialogue. Appropriate channels of communication should be maintained to reduce risks of miscalculation.” 
  • Russian Foriegn Minister Lavrov said on a visit to Myanmar “I see no other reason to create such an annoyance almost out of the blue, knowing very well what it means for the People’s Republic of China.”

A War cannot Bring Peace: Earn the right ‘Way of Living’

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FAQ about Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit

Question: What is the population of Taiwan?

Answer: Taiwan’s population was recorded to be 2.36 crores in the year 2020.

Question: What is the total area of Taiwan?

Answer: The self ruled island of Taiwan is elaborated in the area of 36197 Sq. Km. 

Question: What is the name of Taiwan’s President?

Answer: Tsai Ing-wen

Question: What is the most spoken language in Taiwan?

Answer: Mandarin Chinese

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