The Mystery of God Kabir’s 12 Panths


Published on 9 June 2021: 6:30 PM IST: With our previous Blogs, you might have understood by now that Kabir Saheb, who came to Kashi nearly 600 years ago, was the Supreme God Kabir Himself disguised as a poet, devotee, and Saint. Those who followed the spiritual path He guided are called Kabir Panthis (‘Panth’ means ‘way’). In India, there are many so-called Kabir Panths. Out of them, 12 were pre-determined to propagate. God Kabir Ji had already told about them in His Vanis. But, the Real Kabir Panth (Yatharth Kabir Panth) was still different. Learn about this mystery of 12 Kabir Panths through this Blog. 

A Brief Description of God Kabir Ji’s Appearance in Kashi 

God Kabir took the form of a newborn child on a lotus flower in the LaharTara pond in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, India. He came with His Body from Satlok in 1398 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1455). Neeru-Neema, a childless couple, took God Kabir Ji from the lotus flowers and brought Him up as their son. He stayed for 120 years here to spread His knowledge. But most of the devotees, in ignorance, considered God Kabir a poet or Saint Kabir Das only. Because God Kabir Himself played the role of a Das, and through His Poetic Vanis, He conveyed the philosophy to us living beings. Due to which, He had also received the title of a poet.

The Description of the Greatmen Meeting God

In the first phase of Kaliyuga (God Kabir Ji had divided Kaliyuga in three phases; current phase is the second phase), God Kabir made some great men His witnesses by making them aware of His knowledge and the reality of His real place Satlok. The evidence of which is in Kabir Sagar’s Parakh ka Ang Vani from page 940 to 1124. Similarly, in the Gyan Prakash Adhyay of Kabir Sagar, there is a description of all those great men who kept the Vanis and knowledge of God safely for all of us by the orders of Kabir Saheb.

 Some of those Great Saints are:-

  1. Respected Dharamdas Saheb Ji
  2. Respected Dadu Das Saheb Ji
  3. Respected Maluk Das Sahib Ji
  4. Respected Garib Das Saheb Ji
  5. Respected Nanak Sahib Ji 
  6. Respected Ghisa Das Saheb Ji

Why Did Kabir God Come to Earth? 

We all living beings are the children of the Supreme God Kabir Saheb. We all lived in a world where there was no shortage of anything. There was neither old-age nor death. It is also called Satlok or Amarlok. We came from there by making such a terrible mistake because of which we are all suffering a lot here. At that time, we all left our father Kabir Saheb willingly to go with Kaal and came to this dirty world. This Kaal is taking revenge from Supreme God Kabir by torturing us because God Kabir Ji expelled him from Satlok because of his grave mistake. 

 God Kabir Ji Met Kaal (Jyoti Niranjan) 

In the first Satyuga, when Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) was roasting us on the Taptshila (a piece of stone in the shape of a Tava which always remains hot), then seeing the pain of we souls, God Kabir came to this Brahmlok (place of Brahm Kaal) acquiring Jogjit’s (one of His first sixteen sons) form. God Kabir in the form of Jogjit told Jyoti Niranjan that I will go to the world below and tell your reality to everyone. You have misguided them. Imparting the true knowledge of God to these living beings, I will take them back to Satlok. Then this Kaal said, “I will run 12 Panths in your name and will get them all engaged in different types of wrong way of worship. I will entangle them as such that they will take the name of God Kabir but will do spiritual practices against the Vedas. This way, they will never get any benefit.”

Kabir Saheb in Jogjit form said, “When Kalyug will pass 5505 years, My Words will become true. Because the 12 fake Kabir Panths will make some changes in Kabir Vanis (Speeches uttered by God Kabir) so that the common disciple can never understand the true spiritual knowledge. To make up for that, My Vanis will reappear through Garib Das Ji in God’s 12th Panth. In that Panth, I will come and start the 13th Panth.”

God Kabir Saheb Ji Told Dharamdas Ji About Yatharth Kabir Panth

When God Kabir Saheb Ji introduced His Knowledge to Respected Dharamdas Ji and Dharamdas Ji accepted that, Dharamdas Ji requested God Kabir Ji to also take his (at that time) only son Narayan Das in His shelter. Kabir Saheb Ji showed Dharamdas Ji that his son Narayan Das was a messenger of Kaal God, and his objective was to hinder Dharamdas Ji’s devotion rather. Dharamdas Ji got worried about how his lineage would get across. Seeing his tension, God Kabir Ji blessed him with 42 generations. Dharamdas Ji said, “God, You are blessing me with 42 generations with this Narayan Das? This Narayan Das is a messenger of Kaal. It is better if his lineage won’t proceed.”

Read in Hindi: कबीर साहेब जी के नाम से बने बारह (12) नकली पंथों की विस्तृत जानकारी 

God Kabir said to Dharmadas Ji, “Not this Narayan Das, a soul of Mine will take birth in your house. To maintain righteousness, give only the first Mantra to your younger son Churamani Ji. With this, your lineage will grow further. But Kaal will deceive the sixth generation, due to which they will start doing arbitrary spiritual practices leaving the Sat-Sadhna (True Worship).”

God Kabir told Dharmadas Ji, “In the Samvat 1774 (1717 A.D.) in Kaliyuga, a beloved soul Garib Das Ji would be born and through him, My Vaani would reappear. When 5505 years of Kaliyuga will pass, then I will send My part-incarnation. And, destroying all the ongoing Panths, I will start the 13th Yatharth Kabir Panth (Actual Kabir Panth).” The evidence of this is on page 1870 in the Bodh Sagar chapter of the Holy Book Kabir Sagar.

Samvat satrahason chohontar hoee| 

Taadin prem pragaten jag soi|| 

Kalayug beete pachapan so paancha| 

Tab ye vachan Mera hoga sachcha||

God Kabir Saheb Ji, seeing the concern of Dharamdas Ji, blessed him with a son whose name was Chudamani Das.

The 12 Fake Kabir Panths Run by Kaal 

God Kabir told Dharamdas Ji, “Kaal would run 12 fake Panths in My name. The initial souls in these Panths would be My beloved souls (like, Churamani JI and GaribDas Ji). But, the later generations in these Panths would be inspired by Kaal. All these Panths will use My Vanis but would never attain the real spiritual knowledge and, hence, would never attain Salvation.” Because Kaal and Kabir Saheb Ji had a conversation in Brahmlok in the first Satyuga (a part of which you read above), in which Kaal asked for a boon from God Kabir Ji, “First, my saints would go, after that You send Your saints. Those who will accept Your knowledge, will be Yours. And, those who won’t accept Your knowledge, will be mine. They will be my food. You, please, don’t take them by force.”

In Kabir Charitra Bodh, Kabir Sagar on page no. 1871 the name of those 12 fake Kabir Panths is written as below:

  1.  Churamani Ji’s Panth (Note: In Kabir Sagar, Narayan Das is written here, which is wrong because Narayan Das never accepted God Kabir Ji’s knowledge. He was not a Kabir Panthi. His name here is a clear indication of adulteration)
  2.  Yagodas Panth
  3.  Surat Gopal Panth
  4.  Mulniranjan Panth
  5.  Taksari Panth
  6.  Bhagwan Das Panth
  7.  Satnami Panth
  8.  Kamaal Panth 
  9.  Ram Kabir Panth
  10.  Prem Dham ki Vani Panth
  11.  Jiva Panth
  12.  GaribDas Panth

God Kabir Ji had told Dharmadas Ji that Sant Garib Das Ji would be born in the Samvat 1774 (1717 A.D.) of Kali Yuga. Through him, My (Kabir Sahib Ji’s) Vaani would reappear. Because fake Kabir Panthis, inspired by Kaal, will do adulterations in Kabir Sagar. For the fulfillment of which, Sant Garib Das Ji will start the 12th Panth. In that 12th Panth, I will appear later and start the 13th Panth. At that time, all the men and women of the whole world will take My Shelter and get across. All the Kaal’s 12 fake Panths and other Panths will merge in that Yatharth Kabir Panth (Real Kabir Panth). All these things will be proved true when Kalyug passes 5505 years.

The proof of this is in Kabir Sagar’s Kabir Vani Adhyay in pages 135 to 136.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji shows a calculation to determine when will 5505 years of Kaliyuga pass. The result comes out to be 1997 A.D. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji says that in March 1997 A.D., God Kabir Ji met Him in Zinda Baba’s attire. Telling Him the reality and the right time to give Saarnaam, God Kabir Ji disappeared. 

Some of Those 12 and Other Fake Kabir Panths in Present Time

At present, not only in India but all over the world, there are different types of fake Kabir Panthis. Let’s know about some of them:

  • Damakheda Panth: The first Kabir Panth, which is ongoing from Churamani Ji, the younger son of Dharamdas Ji. Like you read above, God Kabir told Dharamdas Ji that his sixth generation will be misled by Kaal and they will leave the real way of worship. It is evident today, they are performing and preaching arbitrary ways of worship. They are also misleading the devotee society by saying that Kabir Saheb had blessed them that only those will get Salvation, who take Name-Initiation from them —when they’re themselves unaware about the true Mantras that God Kabir Ji gave for the attainment of Salvation.
  • Madhuparam Hans Ji: A self-proclaimed Kabir Panthi. He is other than the 12 Panths named in Kabir Sagar. He claims to find the 11th window for salvation, whereas God Kabir Ji says in His Vaanis that after crossing the twelfth door, one will attain Salvation. This is also a fake Panth, whose main ashram is in Ranjadi, Jammu, India.
  • Similarly, there are many other smaller Panths like Lahartara Panth, Abhilash Das Panth, Madanpati Panth, etc. which are misleading millions of followers by spreading their ignorance all over the world. None of them could understand the essence of the Vaanis of God Kabir Saheb Ji. 

Sant Rampal Ji held a discussion of spiritual knowledge with them. Here is the playlist for you to analyze the reality: 

Recognize the Real Kabir Panth and Take Benefit 

The wrong and arbitrary way of worship can never lead one to attain salvation, accomplishment, or happiness (Gita 16:23). A word to the wise is sufficient. Human life is very precious. God Kabir Ji says that every single human breath without the recitation of SatNaam weighs equivalent to three Lokas (heaven, hell, and earth). This human life, once gone, will not be obtained easily. It is a grave mistake to waste it on fake gurus and wrong worship. If we have to gain anything from this human life, gain eternity by taking the shelter of a True Authorized Guru. 

Take the shelter of the Supreme God Kabir appeared here in the form of Sant Rampal Ji now. He is starting the 13th Panth, the Yatharth Kabir Panth in which all the women and men on earth will take His shelter and attain Salvation. Don’t make the mistake we made 600 years ago by not recognizing Him this time; else we’ll fail again. Take Name-Initiation from Him and reap the real benefits of Bhakti.

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