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Death Feast is a Social Stigma, it should Stop-Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji


This News article is about Mrityu Bhoj (death feast) by SA News. In this article, you will know about how Mrityu Bhoj (death feast) is creating a bad impact on our educated society.

Why such a social stigma acceptable in the Scientific age?

Today, when the scientific approach is acceptable, it is a shame to organize and to attend Mrityu Bhoj (death feast). Sometimes it seems that the educated society is also ignorant. It is beyond comprehension how this filth flourished in developing society. Animals also express disconnection when one of their companions die, but human society accepts banquet when a person dies. Feast on a happy occasion may be thought of, but feast at death time appears a shameful tradition.

Even educated people follow this, what about illiterate?

There are different ways of this Mrityu Bhoj (death feast). Depending upon local traditions, such feasts are organized starting from day 1 to day 13 from death. When an educated person follows such practices, what would an illiterate person do? An educated person behind an illiterate person stands up to raise arguments in favor of the evil practice.

Why the government and intellectuals held silence?

Society is sensitive to many social evils but indifferent to traditions. To prevent the Mrityu Bhoj (death feast), the Prevention of Mrityu Bhoj Act 1960 has been enacted in the state of Rajasthan. The act has a clear provision of punishment and fine.

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The officers and the politicians observe silence and the law is not being strictly adhered to. Even at the time the leaders and officers themselves participate in such Mrityu Bhoj (death feast).

Enlightened Sant Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj raises his voice against evils

Enlightened Sant Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj who is in the lineage of Kabir Saheb (Kavirdev) raises his voice against social evils. When the enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj bestows initiation, his disciples refrain many evils including meat-eating, intoxication, and gambling.

Mrityu Bhoj-An act against holy scriptures

Millions of supporters of Saint Rampal Ji have always been boycotting the Mrityu Bhoj (death feast). The great saint advocate that this practice is opposite to the injections of scriptures, therefore, does not give any benefit in this life and after death.

Jagatguru’s devotees do not attend such occasions

Jagatguru Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj always speaks in his sermons that the ritual is against our scriptures and is of no benefit to society spiritually or otherwise. The devotees of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj are far away from this social evil. None of the devotees follow the horrific evil and even do not attend such occasions.

Impact of Jagatguru’s efforts is visible

The impact of the strong message and knowledge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is now visible in the public. Several villages have decided to ban the Mrityu Bhoj (death feast). It is the mission of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to eradicate the social evil from the root.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is propagating through all means of media

Devotees are propagating public awareness campaigns on a mass scale to root out the evil of Mrityu Bhoj (death feast). Upon the instructions from Satguru, they are engaged in creating an atmosphere against the inhuman tradition of Mrityu Bhoj (death feast) using all kinds of media like Twitter, Facebook, books, and sermons telecast on television networks. The society at large, especially by the youth, has been motivated to stay away from such events.

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