Miracles of Supreme Almighty God Kabir


Miracles of God Kabir: We call Him Supreme Almighty who is the creator of all universes, the father of all souls, who listens to everyone in all situations, who is the Giver of happiness and peace, who is the destroyer of our sin, who is indestructible, all-powerful, all-pervading. That Supreme Almighty God is none other than Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji. He is known by different names, like God, WaheGuru, Allah, Allah-hu-Kabira, Kavirdev, Aadi Ram, Purn Bharm, Rab, Paremeshwar, Sat Purush, etc. Here in this Blog, we’ll learn about some of the Miracles He performed in the past (nearly 600 years ago when He descended in Kashi) and in the present. 

How Could Kabir Sahib Be the Supreme Almighty God? 

God Kabir Ji met Saint GaribDas Ji, Chhurani, Haryana at the age of 10 years in 1727 A.D. He took Him to Satlok and left Garib Das Ji back on earth as His witness. He gave GaribDas Ji His real TatvGyan. After this, Garib Das Ji uttered numerous Vaanis telling the real Glory of God Kabir Ji. That sacred speech of Sant Garib Das Ji has this Vaani about Supreme Almighty— 

Hum hi Alakh Allah hai, Qutub goss aur peer|

Garib das Khalik Dhani, Humra naam Kabir||

Which simply means that the Creator of nature is Kabir!

After reading this, one gets shocked because we had studied “Kabir Das Ji ke Dohe” (the Couplets of Kabir Das JI) in school books. So, how could He be the Supreme Almighty?

Answer:- In our holy books, it is mentioned that when the Almighty Supreme God descends on the earth, He plays a role like a poet. 

Evidence:- Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 96 mantra 17 

Shishum jagyaanm hry tam mrjanti shumbhanti vahin marutH ganen|| 

Kavirgeerbhi kavyena Kavir sant somH pavitrm atyeti rebhan|| 

Meaning:- Supreme God intentionally appears in the form of an extraordinary human child and at that time utters His Tatvgyan / True knowledge with purity. For the group of devotees blazing in the fire of separation for the attainment of God, He recites many speeches through poems with poetic insight by calling out loudly through Kavir Vaani i.e. Kabir Vaani. That Eternal Purush/God i.e SatPurush alone in the form of a saint i.e. a Rishi is Himself KavirDev. But because of not recognizing that God, people start calling Him a Kavi (poet). But He is Supreme God only. His actual name is KavirDev. 

Also, we have evidence from all religious scriptures that the Supreme Almighty God is one. He is “KABIR” Saheb Ji.

  • Proof 1:- Holy Yajurveda- Chapter 29 mantra 25. 
  • Proof 2:- Holy Samaveda- Sankhya 359 chapter 4 part 25 verse 8.
  • Proof 3:- Holy Rigveda- mantra 9, sukt 96, mantra 17,18,19,20.
  • Proof 4:- Holy Atharvaveda- Kand 4, Aunuvak 1 mantra .
  • Proof 5:- Holy Quran Shareef Surah al-Furqan 25 Ayat 52 to 59 state that Allah Kabir created the whole nature in 6 days, and on the 7th day, He sat on the throne — which proves that the Supreme God is in the form of the human body.
  • Proof 6:- Holy Gurugranth Sahib Ji- Page 721, Raag Tilang, Mehla 1.
  • Proof 7:- Holy Bible- Genesis 1:20-2:5 and OJB translation- Iyov 36:5. 

Miracles of God Kabir: God Kabir Ji Drank the Milk of a Maiden Cow 

God Kabir Ji drank the milk of a maiden cow when He was an infant. A brief story of which is also written below. Holy Vedas say that only the Supreme God drinks the milk of a maiden cow whenever He descends— this fits on none other than God Kabir. 

Evidence:- Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9 says when God Kabir Ji appears in an infant form, at that time, the maiden cow gives milk with which the upbringing of the extraordinary child is done.

God Kabir Ji’s Appearance in Kashi 

 Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji manifested in all four Yugas on the Earth,

Satyug mein Satsukrit ka tera, Treta naam Muninder mera|| 

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya|| 

Here is the description of His Manifestation in Kalyuga— 

624 years ago, Almighty God Kabir Saheb Ji descended on the earth on the full moon day in Jyeshtha Sudhi Vikrami Samvat 1455 (1398 A.D.). Kabir Saheb Ji came in His Body lessening the radiance of His original body and taking the form of an infant in LaharTara lake in Kashi, Banaras, U.P., India. A childless couple Neeru-Neema saw the Kabir God in child form on a lotus flower and brought Him to their house. 

Supreme God Kabir met them on a lotus flower in the form of an infant. The immortal God Himself manifested in the extraordinary child’s form. The color of the child was fair like snow-white. He was so beautiful that people of Kashi making groups and singing songs came to see the child. Even the king visited to see God Kabir Ji in the extraordinarily beautiful child’s form. When the Supreme Almighty descended on the earth, He played the role of a simple working man, an ideal citizen, a Spiritual teacher, an ideal devotee, and an ideal disciple. 

Supreme Almighty Kabir Saheb Ji Performed Innumerable Miracles 

 God Kabir Ji spent His entire life like a simple person, still, His Qualities themselves manifested. He made the impossible possible! Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji says that he is not a saint, who keeps showing miracles; not either is he a saint, who cannot perform any miracle. Here are some of the miracles God Kabir Ji performed during His 120-year-long stay in Kashi. 

1st Miracle: God Kabir Ji’s Name 

Childless couple Neeru and Neema took the extraordinary baby to their house. After a few days, the Muslim Kazis came to name the supernatural child. They opened the Quran Sharif for naming Him, then all the letters of the Quran Sharif became Kabir Kabir Kabir….. The supernatural child was named Kabir by this miracle.

2nd Miracle: God Kabir Ji Made a Maiden Cow Give Milk 

Miracles of God Kabir: Mother Neema was very upset because the child Kabir Saheb didn’t eat/drink anything for 25 days. During these days, mother Neema tried to call many sages to feed God Kabir in the child’s form, but they were unsuccessful. Finally, mother Neema decided to do suicide after the child’s death. Then, with the inspiration of Supreme God Kabir, Shiva Ji came in the form of a sage. Reading the lines on the child Kabir’s Forehead, Shiva said, “Mother! Your son has a long life. He is not going to die.” and asked to bring a maiden cow. Then, with the Blessings of God Kabir Ji, the maiden cow started giving milk, with which the divine act of the upbringing of the supernatural child Kabir was done.

3rd Miracle: Baby Kabir Couldn’t Be Circumcised 

According to Muslim beliefs, circumcision (Sunnah) of children is done. That is why, when the barber came to get the circumcision of the extraordinary child Kabir’s male organ, then God Kabir Ji showed four more male organs. After seeing this miracle, the barber went away.

4th Miracle: God Kabir Cured Sikandar Lodhi and Resurrected Ramanand Ji 

Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji acquired Swami Ramananda Ji as His spiritual teacher in the worldly view. Emperor Sikander Lodi was suffering from an incurable disease in which his whole body used to hurt as it got burned. He took so many treatments but all in vain. Someone told Sikander Lodi to take refuge of God Kabir (Dhanak/Julaha) in Kashi to get the disease cured. Then, Sikander Lodi went to Swami Ramanada’s Ashram.

In the Ashram, Muslims were not allowed. Emperor Sikander Lodi got angry hearing Ramananda Ji’s harsh words while denying his entrance. Sikander Lodi took his sword out and beheaded Ramanand Ji and, then, soon realized his mistake that he killed the Guru of Kabir Saheb Ji. Now, on seeing God Kabir Ji coming to the Ashram, Sikander Lodi became depressed and started crying at the Feet of Kabir Saheb Ji. Then, Kabir Saheb Ji entered the Ashram and said, “Stand up, Gurudev! It is the time for the evening prayers.” Within a few seconds, Ramanand Ji’s head joined his body. Seeing this miracle, Sikander Lodi and everyone else was surprised. By the grace of God Kabir Saheb Ji, Emperor Sikander Lodi got cured of his disease. 

5th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Resurrected Seu 

Miracles of God Kabir: Once Kabir Saheb Ji went to the house of His disciple Samman along with His two disciples Kamaal (who was His pretended son too) and Farid. Although Samman was very poor, he was an ardent devotee of Kabir Saheb Ji. Sometimes Samman and his family would sleep without any meal.

This day was also the same. When Neki (wife of Samman) saw that no one was lending flour even after asking on keeping her rag as a pawn, she told Seu (son of Samman and Neki) and Samman, “You steal 3 Ser (1 Ser is around 1 kg) flour from Seth’s shop. When we have flour, we will return it.” When Seu went in to steal, he was caught. He threw the flour to his father Samman outside the shop. Then, on Neki’s advice and Seu’s insistence, Samman, taking an excuse, called Seu out and beheaded him out of the fear of infamy of his Gurudev Kabir Saheb Ji. In the morning, Neki prepared a meal for the Saints and did not let Kabir Saheb Ji even realize that Seu was dead. Omnipotent Kabir Saheb Ji said that—

Aao seu jeem lo, Yah prasaad prem| 

Sheesh katat hain choron ke, Saadhon ke nity kshem||

With the utterance of these words, the head of Seu automatically joined with the body. He came running and started eating the food.

6th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Brought a Dead Boy Back to Life 

Miracles of God Kabir: King Sikander Lodi gave the title of Allah to Kabir Ji. This angered his Pir Sheikh Taqi. So, Sheikh Taqi said, “If Kabir Ji brings the dead body back to life in front of me, then only I will accept that Kabir Saheb is Allah.” Then, Kabir Parmeshwar Ji resurrected a dead boy, whose body was flowing in the water alive in front of many people. Seeing this, everyone started saying, “Kabir Ji, You did Kamaal (Wonder)!” Due to this reason, the boy was named Kamaal. God Kabir Ji kept him with Himself as His son.

7th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Brought a Dead Girl Back to Life 

Miracles of God Kabir: Even after the resurrection of Kamaal, Sheikh Taqi was not satisfied. He said, “I will consider Kabir Saheb Ji Allah if He resurrects my dead daughter who is buried in the grave.” Then, Kabir Parmeshwar Ji resurrected Sheikh Taqi’s daughter in front of thousands of people. Everyone said, “Kabir Ji, You did Kamaal (Wonder)!” The girl was named Kamaali.

The girl refused to go with Sheikh Taqi, saying, “I only had this much Sanskaar with you. I was gone from you. Now, I had to wander in the 84 lakh types of life forms. This Allah Kabir saved me from there. Now, I’ll live with my real Father. You don’t waste your life. Recognize Him.” She delivered Satsang for one and a half hours, telling the audience present there that He is Allah Kabir Himself. Recognize Him. Thousands of people took God Kabir Ji’s Shelter. 

8th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Couldn’t Be Drowned in Water 

Miracles of God Kabir: Under the influence of Sheikh Taqi, Emperor Sikander Lodi ordered Kabir Saheb Ji to be drowned by putting Him in the middle of the Ganga river. But Kabir Parmeshwar did not drown. He sat above the water comfortably. Seeing this surprise, Sikander Lodi’s religious Pir Sheikh Taqi ordered to tie a heavy stone around the neck of Parmeshwar Kabir Saheb Ji and, then, throw Him into the water. This time too, the stone fell and drowned in water. The rope broke itself. And, Kabir Parmeshwar Ji remained seated on the water very easily.

9th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Made a Buffalo Chant Ved Mantras 

Miracles of God Kabir: Once upon a time, there was a Satsang at a place named Totadri. Kabir Parmeshwar Ji came with Swami Ramanand Ji. There were many Brahmin scholars from far away places. After the Satsang, the Bhandara (food) started. At that time, untouchability was at its peak.

Considering God Kabir Ji Julaha/Dhaanak (who were ignorantly considered lower caste people), the Brahmin organizers planned how to avoid Him eating food with Brahmins. So, they made it compulsory to speak a mantra of Vedas for those who wanted to have food in the Pandal (place for eating food there) of Pandits. All Brahmins were entering that Pandal by chanting a Ved Mantra. When Parmeshwar Kabir’s turn came, He called a buffalo, who was grazing at a distance. The buffalo came running.

Parmeshwar Kabir Ji patted the back of the buffalo with His hand and said, “Bhainsaram! Speak one Ved Mantra from each of the four Vedas and, also, speak their meaning. These Pandits want to listen.” The buffalo spoke four Mantras in a pure Sanskrit accent along with the true meaning. God Kabir Ji said, “Bhainsaram! You may now have food in the Pandal of Pandits. I will have food in the Pandal of the common people.” Seeing this Miracle (Divine play), all the Brahmins there took initiation from Kabir Parmeshwar Ji renouncing their wrong way of worship and asked for forgiveness for their misconduct.

10th Miracle: God Kabir Ji Departed to Satlok From Maghar 

Brahmins in Kashi spread a myth that whoever would die in Kashi, would go to heaven and whoever would die in Maghar would go to hell. To bust this myth, God Kabir went to Maghar to depart for Satlok. At that time, astrologers had predicted a war. In Maghar, Kabir Saheb Ji flowed water in the dried-out river Aami. Then, Kabir Saheb Ji took a bath in the Aami river. After that Kabir Saheb Ji taught His followers of both the religions (Hindus and Muslims) to not fight after His departure and live with peace and love with each other.

Maghar Story Almighty Kabir Departed To Satlok From Maghar

Kabir Saheb Ji lay down on a sheet and covered His body with another. Then, Kabir Saheb Ji in the sky with His body, said, “See, I am going to Satlok. Now, you lift the sheet from the body.” Instead of the body, they found fragrant flowers in the shape of God Kabir Ji’s body. Then, Hindus and Muslims both hugged each other and cried like they lost their own parents. They distributed flowers in halves. They made two memorials there: one for Muslims and another for Hindus in the name of Kabir Saheb Ji.  

Miracles of God Kabir Ji’s Current Incarnation Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 

In the current scenario, the authorized Saint Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is imparting the same true spiritual knowledge and the scripture-based way of worship, which leads us to complete salvation and frees us from the birth and death cycle. He is an incarnation of Supreme Almighty God Kabir Sahib Ji. Followers of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj take initiation and practice scripture-based worship told by Him. This gives them many physical, social, economical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, Brain Tumour, TB, Covid, etc also get cured by His Grace. The undivided faith in Him is needed along with following all the rules of worship laid by Him.

Cure for Cancer

Interviewee: My name is Chetram. I am a resident of Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, India. I was associated with the Gayatri Pariwar before coming to the shelter of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. In the Gayatri Pariwar, I practiced for 20 years the way of worship they taught for salvation. But, I didn’t get a single benefit from this devotion. I received a lot of benefits after taking the initiation of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. The first benefit was that my daughter Rekha had cancer. She was treated in Mumbai’s Hospital. She had operated twice but to no avail. She had breast cancer. I got my daughter treated by many doctors. So much money was spent going to Hospitals and doctors but got no relief from anywhere. Finally, we got to the Shelter of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. She is perfectly fine now.

I have a sister. She also suffered from diabetes. After she took initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, she is also perfectly fine now. Before taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, I used to consume Intoxicants. And, many times I used to think about how to get rid of it; perhaps it would never go. I could skip a meal, but not to be intoxicated. But, today, by the grace of SadGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj, I do not consume any kind of Intoxicants.

Death Averted

Interviewee: My name is Naresh Pal. I am a resident of Kanker Khera, Meerut. I was in the police force and just retired. I took initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji in 2009. Today my whole family is happy after taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. We are living our lives in peace and without any suffering. An astrologer predicted my wife’s death, whose almost all predictions prove correct. But, this went wrong for my wife by the immense mercy of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj. Now, by His Grace, we are practicing the scripture-based way of worship and leading a happy life.

Cure for Migraines

Interviewee: My name is Pavan Kumar. I am a resident of Delhi. Before taking the name initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, we practiced the traditional way of worship held in Hinduism but we didn’t get any benefit from this devotion. We got very distressed. But, after taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, we received many benefits. My son used to have seizures, and after taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, he is now completely fine. And, my wife suffered from migraine. She recovered completely now after taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. I was addicted to alcohol. But, after I took initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, I do not even touch it now.

Quitted Alcohol

Interviewee: My name is Anil das. I am a resident of Narela, Delhi. Before taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, I used to worship the Hindu Trinity and Goddess. But I didn’t get any benefit from their devotion. I once watched the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji on T.V. I liked His knowledge and took initiation from Him. I received a lot of benefits after taking initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. The first benefit was that I got a government job within one month. I had an infection in my ears for a long time and I took a lot of treatments but nothing worked. When I took initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, my infection was also gradually cured.

Before taking initiation, I used to drink alcohol. When I used to come inebriated, people in my locality used to close their doors fearing that I would certainly do something (bad) that day. After I took initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, my addiction to alcohol was completely lost. Today I don’t take any kind of intoxication.

These types of many unbelievable miracles happen with the followers of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. He is the Incarnation of God Kabir Ji Himself. This time is the Golden time to take refuge in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. For more information, must visit Satlok Ashram youtube channel.

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