23 February-Kabir Saheb's Ascent to Satlok

23 February-Kabir Saheb’s Ascent to Satlok (Maghar Leela) | Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

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God Kabir went to Maghar in His final days from where He departed in His Body to Satlok on the Ekadashi of Shukl Paksha in the Magh month of Hindu calendar in 1575 Vikrami Samvat (1518 A.D.) in the presence of Bijali Khan Pathan, Bir Singh Baghel, and their entire army. Both wanted to do His final rites according to their religious tradition to which God Kabir denied since He did not want communalism to dominate as we are all His children.

Who Is The Mystic Saint and Poet Kabir?

The entire world is aware about mystic saint and poet Kabir saheb from India. Through His poems, Kabir Saheb influenced both the Hindus and the Muslims and strongly opposed their rituals and rites which did not have a scriptural base. Kabir Saheb strongly opposed Idol worship and condemned Hindus and Muslims regarding consumption of alcohol, flesh and living a life that would stray a soul away from Almighty’s grace.

His Speeches are commonly known as Kabir Dohe (couplets). Many of His couplets are also included in the holy book of Sikhism-Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He mainly preached verbally. His dialect comprised of simple Hindi which a common man could easily understand

Where Was Saint KABIR born?

There are no exact historical accounts regarding the “BIRTH” of the mystic poet Saint Kabir. Still, a few people believe that He was “BORN” in the year 1398 A.D. in the city of (Kashi) Varanasi, India. There are many versions of legends that surround His birth. One legend says that He was born to a Brahmin widow who left Baby Kabir near the Lahartara pond since she could not support His upbringing. Another legend says that Kabir was born to a Brahmin mother before she got married and due to the fear of societal rejection she left Baby Kabir at the Lehartara pond in Varanasi. 

Later, a Muslim weaver couple Neeru and Neema found Baby Kabir, brought Him home and nurtured Him.

Ideologies of God Kabir

Saint Kabir’s ideologies mainly related to the segment of the society that was discriminated on the basis of economic background and caste. He often criticized the religious preachers of both the Hindu and Muslim sect for not giving information about the True Almighty. He directly commented on the ritualistic practices guided by religious preachers in the name of God. He preached about one Almighty God, how people could attain Him and His grace. Though Saint Kabir was illiterate yet His poems were quite strikingly similar to the information contained in the Holy Vedas, Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Holy Quran. He was revered and respected by people from Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities.

Kabir Saheb-An introduction

You must be surprised with this subtitle coming up once again in the middle of the article. Well, whatever you have read above is that part of the information which is commonly available in public libraries and over the internet.

You must have noticed that in the segment where the information regarding His birth is given the word “BIRTH” has been written in blocks and it was not a typo. It was done purposely. The reason for doing so is as follows:-

Kabir Saheb did not take “BIRTH”  from any mother’s womb. He descended on earth from His eternal abode “Satlok” for the welfare of mankind. This is one of the main reasons why there are no exact historical accounts for His birth.

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Almighty never takes birth from a mother’s womb and He is nurtured by maiden cow’s milk. This is clearly written in Holy Rigveda Mandal 10, Sukt 4, Mantra 3. Kabir Saheb did this spectacle and it is mentioned in the literary works of Saint Garibdas ji. As a matter of fact He descends on earth in every yuga.

In His nectar speech Kabir Saheb says;

Satyug mein Satsukrit ka tera 

Treta naam Muninder mera |

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya,

Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya ||

In the words of Kabir Saheb He has said that He is the Supreme Almighty;

“Haad chaam lahu na Mere, Koi jaane satnaam upasi |

Taaran taran abhay pad Daata, Main hoon Kabir Avinaashi ||”

Kabir Saheb Ascended to Satlok

This article is focusing upon the incident around the “DEATH” of Kabir Saheb in Maghar or His ascent back to His eternal abode Satlok. Let’s dive into this and get to know the unknown part of Kabir Saheb’s life on earth.

When Kabir Saheb was 120 years old, He decided to bid goodbye to this world from a place called Maghar, presently in Uttar Pradesh. During that time, the Hindu preachers propagated the belief that those who die in the city of Kashi go to heaven while those who die in the city of Maghar go to hell and become a donkey in the next birth. To refute this belief system Kabir saheb decided to go back to Satlok from the city of Maghar.

He used to live in Kashi. Kashi was under the reign of Bir Singh Baghel while Maghar was under the reign of Bijali Khan Pathan and both the kings were Kabir Saheb’s disciples. To demonstrate that place plays no role in attaining heaven, Kabir Saheb started His journey to Maghar on foot. Bir Singh Baghel came along with his army to accompany Kabir Saheb with an intention to claim His dead body for cremation as per Hindu rites.

Departure of God Kabir From Maghar to Satlok

When Bijali Khan learned that Kabir Saheb is coming to Maghar to live His final few days along with Bir Singh Baghel, he made all the necessary arrangements for all of them and even he prepared his army to claim Kabir Saheb’s dead body for final rites as per Islamic traditions.

When everyone arrived at the city of Maghar, Kabir Saheb informed Bijali Khan that He wanted to take a bath. Bijali Khan told Kabir Saheb that water is ready.

Kabir Saheb told Bijali Khan that He wishes to take a bath in flowing water. Bijali Khan informed Kabir Saheb that due to lord Shiva’s curse the only river in the area called “Aami River” had dried up, so it wouldn’t be possible for him to have a bath in flowing water. Kabir Saheb asked Bijali Khan to take Him to the river. When they reached the bank of the river Aami, Kabir Saheb made a gesture as if He was calling the water and immediately water started flowing in the river. Then Kabir Saheb took a bath.

When they came back, both the kings started arguing as to who would take the dead body for final rites. Kabir Saheb got angry with this and told them that no one will fight for His dead body as they would not find one. To resolve the issue, Kabir Saheb asked for two sheets of cloth. He spread one of them on the floor and layed down on it while He used the other to cover Himself. He instructed both the kings to divide whatever they get in between these sheets into equal parts and use them for cremation as per their individual traditions.

No Dead Body but Only Fragrant Flowers Found

When Kabir Saheb left this planet and ascended back to satlok He made a divine announcement stating that He is going to Satlok which is far beyond heaven and that there is no body between those sheets. People saw a bright effulgent body of Kabir Saheb ascending into the sky. When they opened the sheet all they found was a bunch of fragrant flowers in the shape of Kabir Sahib’s body. Kabir Saheb went back to Satlok along with His body.

When Kabir Saheb left this universe, everyone present there cried bitterly as if they had lost a parent. Both the kings divided those flowers and a sheet each and cremated as per their religious beliefs. Memorial tombs stand there today for both Hindus and Muslims just 100 meters away from each other.

Bir Singh Baghel took a few of those flowers to Kashi and made a tombstone for Kabir Saheb’s memory in Kashi as well. This is how Kabir Saheb left this place. He did not die as such… He simply left. This event proves that He was not a normal human being but Supreme Almighty Himself.

Can We Attain Supreme Almighty?

Yes, we all souls who are in the human form can very easily attain Supreme Almighty Kabir Saheb and go back to our eternal home-Satlok by following the True way of worship guided by the only true enlightened Saint “Rampal ji Maharaj” from Barwala-Hisar, Haryana India. Today He is the true representative of Kabir Saheb or the Satguru who can make us reach our actual father and actual home. 

To Attain True Worship and know how to attain true Almighty, kindly listen to the Spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. To take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill the Naam Diksha (initiation) form. For more information, One Can download the Book Gyan Ganga for more information.

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