December 1, 2023

Leaked WhatsApp Chats of Arnab Goswami & Partho Dasgupta

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The leaked WhatsApp chat reveals the former Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) CEO bending numerous rules and ethical cords to help out the Republic TV editor in chief against his TV news competitors. There are 500 pages of WhatsApp transcripts between Arnab and Partho that are leaked allegedly. The purported WhatsApp chats have raised several questions about the long suspected practice of manipulating television ratings.

Arnab WhatsApp Chats: Highlights

  • Allegedly, 512 pages of leaked chat between Republic Tv’s editor in chief Arnab Goswami & former CEO of BARC Partho Dasgupta is viral on social media.
  • Chats reveal that Partho Dasgupta has been helping Arnab Goswami for manipulating TRP according to his needs.
  • According to the chat transcripts, Arnab Goswami knew in advance that something big was going to happen before the Balakot Airstrike in the Pakistani Territory.
  • Chat transcripts show Arnab’s and Partho’s mutual hatred for Rajat Sharma.
  • Arnab is seen to have great proximity with the PMO and HMO in the conversations.
  • In November 2014, the image of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj was also similarly manipulated by the Lapdog Media.

512 Pages of Leaked Chat of Arnab Goswami

These chats became viral after the Mumbai Police filed its charge sheet in the TRP rating scam. Many reporters got on to read 512 pages of WhatsApp chats and found various threads of conversations that violated ethical and professional boundaries.

Between political gossip and friendly banters, the chat highlights instances of not just dispute of interest but also stooping of rules by Partho Dasgupta to give his friend Arnab Goswami an upper hand against his rivals in the closely fought fight for viewer ratings in India.

Keeping an Eye on Republic TV’s Distribution

Partho Dasgupta’s interest in staying abreast of Republic TV’s distribution, as disclosed in one of the chats, is in itself very questionable.

In March 2017, months before the launch of Republic TV, Dasgupta asked Arnab ‘to take care of distribution’, to which the latter replied, ‘Very very well covered, much ahead of times,’ implying to rival channel Times Now where Arnab used to work earlier. Arnab then says that his ‘South is covered fantastic’, to which Dasgupta replies ‘Bole diyo where all?’ While the question in itself discloses a conflict of interest, according to news announcer and writer Aunindyo Chakravarty such data could have been used by Dasgupta to place rating meters to Republic TV’s benefit.

Dasgupta Seeking a Job at the PMO

Throughout his chats, Arnab brags about his rapport with the government citing his meetings with Home Minister Amit Shah, PM Modi, and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

After Section 370 was abolished by the government in 2019, Arnab brags that Ajit Doval reached him following Republic’s coverage. One of the conversations had messages: ‘Today I was called by NSA and asked how I got the news. Everyone in NSA and PMO hooked to Bharat and Republic. It’s complete madness. Ajit Doval met me before taking off for Srinagar. They will push this through.’

Seeking to use Arnab’s alleged proximity with the PMO, Dasgupta asks Arnab to get him a job in the PMO. ‘If you can please get me a media adviser kind of position with PMO. I am fed up with BARC now and pressure from vested interests.’

Mutual Dislike for Rajat Sharma

India TV Editor Rajat Sharma has been a frequent subject of conversation for Arnab Goswami and Partho Dasgupta in their conversations. Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami helm rival groups resenting news broadcasters. Arnab Goswami leads the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF) while Rajat Sharma leads the News Broadcasters Association (NBA).

In his chats, Arnab frequently impeaches Rajat for falsifying TRPs for his benefits. He calls Rajat Sharma a ‘cheat’ who gets ‘away by fudging the BARC system’ and a ‘single channel owner with a falling image’.

In at least two instances, Dasgupta warns Arnab of Rajat Sharma assaulting him for his proximity with Arnab. Arnab replies, ‘He’s in a mess with Jaitley almost gone’ referring to former Union Minister Arun Jaitley. Arnab adds that the founding of NBF has affected Rajat Sharma.

Arnab WhatsApp Chats: Leaking Military Secrets

In the Arnab-Partho chat transcripts, Arnab is indicating he knew in advance something about the Balakot airstrikes and that national security has been jeopardized in the process. But the substantial deal may lie not in allegations of army secret violations and leaks by State authorities, but the ‘transparent violation’ of professionalism, media ethics, and the pursuit of business malpractices.

If Arnab says ‘something big’ is going to happen ahead of the Balakot air strikes in Pakistani territory, that may be an impression, a conjecture, or a wide hint from a government forever threatening the enemy in various fume signals. Social media backers of the editor are already indicating this.

Congress Leaders Will Take This Issue to the Parliament 

Amping up its attack on the government over purported WhatsApp conversations between Republic TV’s editor in chief Arnab Goswami and former CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) Partho Dasgupta, the Congress on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come clean on what it called the leakage of confidential information respecting the military operation and said it will bring up the issue in Parliament.

The Congress fielded former Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, former Defence Minister A K Antony, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad, and former External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, to take up the issue. The party urged that an inspection should be declared immediately.

Arnab Goswami Is Being Targeted for a Year Now

Media is known to manipulate the image of people who are getting public support and encouragement. We do not know if the leaked chats are legitimate or not. For all, we know that these chats could be easily fabricated. Only time will tell the truth, but one thing is for sure that the Lapdog Media is using all its power to manipulate the image of Arnab Goswami. Baseless allegations, fake news, and no ground-level reporting are the new fundamentals of propaganda for the lapdog media these days. Media these days does no longer deserve to be called the fourth pillar of the constitution. 

The Lapdog Media Failed to Exploit the Image of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in 2014

During and after the Barwala Kand at Satlok Ashram in November 2014. Indian Media Showed a lot of fake and fabricated news and tried to wash people’s minds. Day after day without any evidence and witness, they continued to make baseless allegations on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and tried to manipulate His image. Truth can be troubled but can’t be defeated, and with time the respectful rise in the followers of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji began to show that the propaganda and media trial run by the India Media was useless.

Thousands of people are taking initiation (Naam Diksha) from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj every day. People are siding with the truth by seeing it for themselves on the following website.

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