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Last Solar Eclipse of 2020: Know the Guaranteed Solution to the Harmful Effects of Surya Grahan


The Last Solar Eclipse of 2020 (Surya Grahan) will occur tonight, December 14, and will be seen from some Earth locations. However, it won’t be visible in India due to its duration and the Earth’s rotations and revolutions around its orbit and axis. Yet, people are looking forward to have a look on NASA’s web link. 

Last Solar Eclipse of 2020: Highlights

  • The last solar eclipse of the year will start at 7:03 pm IST and will end at 12:23 am IST
  • The Moon will entirely cover the Sun thereby, casting a dark shadow called “Umbra”
  • The Solar Eclipse will be visible entirely in some parts of South Africa and South America
  • It will also be visible partially in some parts of Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
  • Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India due to its geographical location
  • People of India and all around the world can watch the Solar Eclipse live on NASA Television YouTube Channel
  • The effects of planetary positions can be nullified by worshipping Supreme God Kabir

Last Solar Eclipse of 2020 (Surya Grahan) Timing and Formation

The solar eclipse will start up after sunset in India at 7:03 pm IST on Monday, December 14, and verge at 12:23 am on Tuesday, December 15. The eclipse will be at its peak at 9:43 pm. It will be a total solar eclipse as the Moon will entirely cover the Sun, obstructing the light arriving from the Sun, thereby casting a dark shadow or “umbra” on the Earth.

A total solar eclipse is created due to two factors one, by obstruction of the full sunlight to form the dark inner orbit called the umbra; and two, an outer orbit of the shadow that blocks only a fraction of the Sun called the “penumbra.”

Last Solar Eclipse of 2020 (Surya Grahan) Visibility Details

The solar eclipse occurring tonight will be visible in South Africa, South America, and the Pacific Ocean. Population in Chile and some parts of Argentina will see the solar eclipse in the afternoon. Some regions in south-west Africa, southern South America, and Antarctica will see a partial solar eclipse if the atmosphere is clear.

  • São Paulo (Brazil)
  • Santiago (Chile)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • Lima (Peru), and Asuncion (Paraguay) will be among some primary cities to glimpse the partial solar eclipse.

How Does a Solar Eclipse Occur?

An eclipse is a natural happening. A solar eclipse happens when Moon’s shadow submerges a fraction of the Earth, partially or fully blocks sunlight. The Moon, Sun, and Earth alignment coincide with a new moon implying the Moon is closest to the ecliptic plane.

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How Can It Be Seen From India?

Different outlooks will be live streaming the solar eclipse so that it can be glimpsed live, free from the locations where it won’t be apparent. Nasa will be live streaming the cumulative solar eclipse on its official YouTube channel NASA Television. Nasa’s official Twitter handle has given the live link. The audience can witness the last total solar eclipse of the year at Nasa’s Link.

What Effect Do These Planetary Positions Have on Human Lives?

Astrologers believe that planetary positions affect people with different zodiac signs differently. Every religious leader tells us about the effects of Planetary positions on our precious human life. They also provide solutions, but these do not always work because they are not as holy scriptures. 

What Is the Guaranteed Solution?

It is written in Vedas that Supreme God Kabir can end all the sufferings of His true devotee who worships Him after taking initiation from a true Saint. Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only real spiritual leader in the entire world who can nullify all these planetary positions’ effects. 

Take The Refuge of Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Therefore, come to the refuge of enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to demolish the heap of accumulated sinful deeds. Such a seeker will enjoy worldly pleasures and will attain Salvation. Read the Sacred Book The Way of Living and listen to His sermons at Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel for detailed knowledge.

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