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India’s first World Cup-winning former Cricket Captain Kapil Dev underwent an Angioplasty After Suffering a Heart Attack


Kapil Dev’s Health Condition Update: India’s first World Cup-winning former Cricket Captain Kapil Dev underwent an Angioplasty After Suffering a Heart Attack. All troubles in life can be avoided by attaining true devotion and life is baseless until a true spiritual path is not followed.

Update About Kapil Dev’s Health

  • Kapil Dev is stable after undergoing an emergency coronary angioplasty having suffered chest pain.
  • Currently, he is admitted in ICU and under close supervision.
  • The hospital said. “Mr Kapil Dev is stable now and will be discharged in few days time.
  • Kapil Dev expressed gratitude and wrote on his insta account thanking his well wishers .Thank you everyone for all the love and concern,”.

61-year-old cricket legend Kapil Dev was hospitalized due to pain in his chest. He was admitted to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (Okhla Road, Delhi) emergency department at 1:00 am on 23rd October. Dr. Atul Mathur who is the Director of the Cardiology Department performed his angioplasty in an emergency in the middle of the night.

Kapil Dev’s Health Condition Update: After the angioplasty, he is still under the supervision of Dr. Atul Mathur in the ICU. The doctor said that the condition of Mr.Kapil Dev is under control and can be discharged after some days.

Biography of Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev was the greatest all-rounder cricketer. He was born on January 6, 1959. His full name is Ramlal Nikhanj and his nickname is Paaji, He also got the title of The Haryana Hurricane. Kapil Dev studied at D.A.V. School and in 1971 joined Desh Prem Azad who was the Indian cricketer and Cricket coach.Kapil Dev was one of the leading all-rounders in world cricket during his career.

He was a fast bowler and a hard hitting middle order batsman. Kapil Dev played 131 tests and 225 ODIs before retiring in 1994.

Achievements and Awards

Throughout his journey, Kapil dev struggled a lot and achieved several awards. In 1979, he was honoured with the Arjuna Award. Then in 1982, he received the Padma Shri award. After this, his success was touching his feet and he was receiving awards one after another.

Achievements in the Field of Literature

Kapil Dev has written 4 books and first was God’s Decree (1985), an Autobiography – Cricket My Style (1987), Straight from the Heart ( 2004) and fourth one is, We The Sikhs (2019).

Kapil Dev Worked as Cricket Commentator

Kapil Dev remained connected with cricket even after retirement. He used to do commentary for the same . 

Celebrities Wished for Kapil Dev’s Speedy Recovery

Former India coach and Kapil Dev’s 1983 World Cup-winning teammate Madan Lal who shares a close bond with Kapil Dev tweeted and asked people to join and pray for Kapil Dev’s speedy recovery. Virat Kohli wrote on Twitter and Prayed for his speedy recovery. Apart from this, Irfan Pathan, Harsha bhogle, Shashi Tharoor, Sachin Tendulkar, and Gautam Gambhir tweeted and prayed for the speedy recovery of Kapil Dev.

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Never Bless or Curse Anyone

Spirituality says; If we eat then our stomach will be filled, if we earn then our bank balance will increase but if we curse or bless someone then we give that person a part of our past virtuous deeds. Why do you waste the earnings of devotion in calling someone good or bad?

It is best if you want to do good to him, then tell him the path of devotion of God Kabir. God will protect him by Himself.

The Main Aim of Life

The actual and main motive of this life is to attain salvation. This can only be possible by doing true devotion. If a person doesn’t do true devotion in his life, then there is no use of being alive.

Kabir Sahib Ji said that taking birth as a human is a great opportunity to get rid of the cycle of 84 lakh births. But if the human doesn’t understand and follows the spiritual path, it is baseless of getting birth as a human. Since being in a human body, we can create differences between right and wrong. Only a human has that judgemental traits that can help him in knowing about what the reality is.

The Same is Mentioned in Kabir Sahib Ji’s Verse

Maanush janam paye kar, 

Jo nhi ratey Hari Naam|

Jaise kuaan jal bina,

Phir banwaya kya kaam।।

True Devotion at Present

At present, there are several religions, people are following. But still, somewhere they are not satisfied with the worship they are doing. Out of numerous deities, who is the true one to be followed make them confused. 

About the true devotion, everything is mentioned in our scriptures. And it is also mentioned that not the deities but The Supreme Power is someone else. That Supreme power who is omnipotent is Kabir Sahib Ji. Even all the deities worship Kabir Sahib Ji.

Way to Attain Authentic Devotion

There is only one way to attain true devotion and that is mentioned in our scriptures. At present, Only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj provides the real and true mantras according to the scriptures. With that true devotion only, our aim of life can be achieved otherwise it is of no use to be in life. As animals do the same as humans do, they take birth and die. But we are meant to be different. This can only be possible by taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. So, don’t let your time waste and grab it by taking the refuge of true Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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