Kabir Saheb Doesn’t Take Birth, He Appears- Know The Significance


There are many misconceptions in society about the birth of Kabir Saheb. Today through this article we will provide you with correct information with proof. On the basis of folk tales, some people say that He was born to a widowed Brahmin, but there is no name or any other description of that woman mentioned in history. 

The truth is that Kabir Saheb descended from Eternal Abode Satlok to Kashi on the Earth. A childless couple found Him as an infant on a lotus flower and they raised Him as their son. But this incident is rare of its kind and people find it difficult to believe in the absence of Eternal Knowledge. Through this article, we shall present all evidence. 

Incarnation of God Kabir Saheb in the Form of an Infant in Lahartara Pond

On Jyeshth month’s Shukla Poornamasi (Full-Moon) Vikrami Sawant 1455 (AD 1398) Monday at the time of Brahma Muhurta (which is about one and a half hours before sunrise) a childless weaver couple like everyday were going to take a bath at Lahartara pond outside Kashi city. On the way, Neema was praying to Lord Shankar to bless her with a child. She started crying bitterly. 

Neeru consoled her and said that the child was not in their destiny, otherwise Lord Shiva would have surely been blessed with one. Neeru’s eyes were also filled with tears. They reached the Lahartara pond where Neema took a bath first, later Neeru entered the pond to take a bath. The darkness of dawn soon turned into light. Neema changed her clothes and went back to the pond to wash wet clothes. 

Neema Saw a Baby on a Lotus Flower

Suddenly Neema’s eyes fell on a lotus flower, in which something was moving.  First, Neema thought that there is a snake sitting on a lotus flower, with raised hood and is shaking it. She thought that the snake might bite my husband. She started noticing it carefully and found that it is not a snake, it is a child who has put one toe foot in his mouth and is moving the other. Neema said to her husband in a loud voice, “Look!  A small child is lying on a lotus flower. He should not drown in water.”  While taking a bath, Neeru did not look at him and said Neema!  The desire for children has made you mad. Now you have started seeing children in water as well. 

Lord Kabir appeared in the form of an Infant

Neema shouted even louder, ‘I am telling the truth, look! There is a child on a lotus flower, look there it is !  Seeing the change in Neema’s voice and more curiosity, Neeru looked towards the direction Neema was pointing at. Seeing a newborn baby on the lotus flower, Neeru, hurriedly picked up the child along with the lotus flower and gave it to his wife.

God Kabir Saheb’s Attainment by Neeru-Neema in The Form of An Infant

Neema hugged infant God Kabir Ji, kissed His face, and loved Him like her own son. The God in search of whom the sages and Saints have done spiritual practice contrary to the scriptures throughout their life but did not attain Him, the same God was playing in the lap of devotee Neema. The peace giving God who is worshiped with the desire to attain His bliss, the same Supreme God (Kabir Saheb) was in Neema’s hands held close to her chest. The peace and joy that Neema was experiencing at that time can only be imagined. 

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Neeru came out of the water after taking a bath. Neeru thought that if we take this child with us, then people of the city will doubt us.  They will think we have stolen someone’s child. They might expel us from the city. Out of this fear, Neeru told his wife “Neema! let us leave this child here this will be in our interest.”  Neema said, ‘O Dear! This child is a blessing by Lord Shankar. I don’t know what impact this child has cast on me that my mind has stuck on this child. 

Thoughts of Neeru Neema for Kabir Saheb

I cannot relinquish this child. Neeru shared with Neema about the fear arising out of his thoughts and said that this Child will be snatched from us by people in town. They will ask us ‘from where did we get Him? If We would say that we have found Him in Lahartara pond on a lotus flower then Nobody would believe us. They may even expel us from the city. Then Neema said that I will even accept the expulsion from the country for this child. But I cannot abandon this child. I will accept my death as well but I will not be able to stay away from this child.

Seeing Neema’s stubbornness, Neeru got angry and raised his hand to slap and said in a compassionate voice with tears in his eyes, ‘Neema!  I have never rejected any of your words till date. He warned her to understand the situation and told to keep that child there, otherwise she would face hard action from him.

Child Kabir Said I have Come From Satlok For Your Benefit

At that very moment God, in the form of an infant clinging to Neema’s Chest said, O Neeru!  you may take me to your house. You will not face any trouble.  I have come here from Satlok for your benefit.

Hearing aforesaid words from the mouth of a newborn, Neeru (Noor Ali) got scared that this Child might be some god or Mane or any accomplished man and He might curse me. Neeru did not say anything out of this fear and walked towards home.  His wife followed him while carrying the loving God.

Sage Ashtanand, Eyewitness of the Above Mentioned Incident 

What Did Rishi Ashtananda See?

Like every day, on the full moon of Jyeshtha month, Vikrami Samvat 1455 (A.D. 1398), a sage named Ashtanand, disciple of Swami Ramanand ji, went to take a bath in the clean water of Lahartara pond outside Kashi city in Brahm Muhurt. Sage Ashtanand ji took a bath and was trying to become engrossed in meditation. At that very moment he saw a beam of light coming down from the sky. The light was so bright that his eyes could not bear it just as the eyes cannot tolerate sunlight.

Like after seeing the sunlight, when the eyes are closed, the shape of the sun becomes visible, there is not much light in it.  Similarly, seeing the light of the Supreme Lord for the first time, the sage’s eyes were closed and he saw the shape of an Infant. Seeing the Child with closed eyes, the sage opened his eyes again. Sage Ashtanand ji saw that the light had landed on the Lahartara pond, due to which the whole lake was illuminated and after a while that light was confined to a corner of the reservoir. 

Sage Ramanand Ji’s explained Astanand about God’s incarnation

Sage Ashtanand ji thought, What kind of scene did I see?  Is this the achievement of my worship or is it my sight defect? I will ask Gurudev Swami Ramanand ji about this. Considering this, sage Ashtanand ji left his remaining practice and went to his revered Gurudev. After narrating the entire episode to Swami Ramanand ji, he asked him to solve his doubts. 

Sage Ramanand ji told his disciple Ashtananda, ‘O Brahmin!  This is neither the achievement of your worship, nor the defect of your vision. Such incidents happen at the time when some deities from the higher worlds descend to incarnate on the earth.  They dwell in the womb of a woman. Then taking the form of a child, they perform divine acts and complete their planned task. This is also a deity who will perform acts as per his destiny by taking birth in a household at Kashi city. It was the belief of those sages that all incarnations are born only from the mother’s womb. 

Proof From Nectar Speech of Kabir Saheb For Almighty’s Incarnation As A Child

This speech of Kabir Saheb ji from Agam Nigam Bodh from Suksham Ved; i.e. Sachidanand GhanBrahm’s speech scripted in Holy Kabir Sagar also proves the true incident of Kashi that happened 600 years ago. Kabir Saheb ji does not take birth from a mothers womb rather He appears.

Avadhoo avigat se chal aaya, koi mera bhed marm nahi paaya ।

na mera janm na garbh basera, baalak ho dikhalaaya ।

kashi nagar jal kamal par dera, tahaan julahe ne paaya ।|

Another Evidence From Holy Kabir Sagar Chapter “Gyan Bodh” (Bodh Sagar)

Page 29 : – Nahin baap na maata jae, avigat se ham chal aae ।

kalayug mein kashi chal aae, jab hamare tum darshan paye ।

page 36 : – Bhag ki raah hum nahi aaye, janm – maran mein nahin samae।

trigun paanch tatv hamare naaheen, ichchha roopee deh ham aaheen ।।

Other Eyewitnesses of Kabir Saheb’s Manifestation

Eyewitnesses who glorified God Kabir’s magnificence were Sant Garibdas ji (Village- Chhudani district- Jhajjar, Haryana.), Sant Dharam Das ji (Bandhavgarh- Chhattisgarh, India), Shri Nanak Dev Ji (promoter of Sikhism), Sant  Maluk Das Ji, Acharya Swami Ramanand Ji (Kashi), and Sant Dadu Das Ji (Ajmer). All of them got divine vision by Supreme God Kabir Ji Himself, after which all of them could see events of past, future and present like a movie. 

Many sages got divine vision and could see events of the past. Maharishi Ved Vyas ji composed Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Sage Vyas ji wrote Shri Devi Mahapuran and Tulsidas ji wrote the Epic Ramayan which happened many years ago. 

Evidence of Child-God’s appearance in Garib Das Ji Speech  

Speech of AMAR GRANTH which is a collection of all the nectar Speeches uttered by sant Garibdas ji. It says Neeru and Neema came to their home in weaver colony with the child. Whoever male or female saw God Kabir ji in the form of a newborn child, kept looking at God’s face. God’s body was very beautiful. 

Entire Kashi thronged to see the child form of the Supreme Lord. Seeing the child-God Kabir many said that the child is an incarnation of some, that they have not seen any other such child, that they can’t be sure of his original place but he is definitely a great accomplished man with great power. 

Garib , Bhakti mukti le utare, metan teenoon taap |

momin ke dera liya , kahai kabira baap  ।।386।।

Garib , Duni kahae yoh dev hai, dev kahat hai eesh |

eesh kahai parbrahm hai, poorn beesve bees ।।391।।

Wherefrom The Readers Can Find Eternal Truth?

The Eternal Truth is hidden in holy scriptures but only an enlightened sant can decipher the unrevealed secret. SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj, a Kabir Saheb lineage guru, has scripted the truth in His sacred books Gyan Ganga and The Way of Living and recorded His discourses in Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel. Learn Sat-Gyan and by taking Initiation (Naam Diksha) from SatGuru Rampal Ji and practice Sat-Bhakti to obtain worldly happiness and attain Salvation. 

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