Israel’s Airstrikes in Rafah Spark Global Outcry Amid Rising Civilian Casualties and Calls for Ceasefire


In the early hours of 27th May 2024, Israel launched a fresh wave of airstrikes on Rafah, a southern city in Gaza that shelters numerous displaced Palestinians. According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the strikes targeted a Hamas compound with the objective of eliminating two senior Hamas officials operating from the location. This attack has drawn widespread condemnation from the international community, including countries traditionally supportive of Israel. Details of the incident and the ongoing rescue operations in Rafah are emerging as the situation unfolds.

  • Israel Defense Forces launched two attacks in Rafah and Tal Su-Sultan areas of Gaza.
  • The attacks are seen as a response to the firing of continuous rockets from Rafah by Hamas.
  • The airstrike on Rafah triggered a massive fire that set ablaze tents in the humanitarian area designated by Israel. 
  • The fateful incident claimed 45 lives. The count of injured persons is unavailable.
  • The Rafah attack pushed the total number of Palestinian casualties over 36,000, as reported by the Gaza Health Ministry. 
  • Israel faces strong condemnation from the international community, including its allies, over the loss of civilian lives.
  • The IDF has clarified the attacks were targeted on two Hamas officials operating in Rafah, through the satellite recordings of its attack.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assured a thorough probe into the origin of the massive fire, calling it a “tragic mishap.”
  • The attacks were attempted after the ruling of the International Court of Justice, asking Israel to end its offensive immediately. 
  • Eyewitnesses reported the entry of multiple Israeli tanks into Rafah, post the first attack, pointing to a complete siege.
  • Owing to mounting international pressure, Israel has revised its ceasefire proposal, but with limited relaxation.
  • As countries call on Israel to end this bloodbath, Benjamin Netanyahu stands adamant in his military pursuits.
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  • Horrifying visuals emerged from Rafah in the early hours of 27th May 2024, as several news agencies reported Israel’s airstrike on Gaza’s southern city, bordering Egypt.
  • Over the past few months, Rafah has become a refuge for displaced Palestinians, with many residing in tents within a UNRWA compound.
  • The airstrike ignited a fire that engulfed tents housing displaced families, resulting in the deaths of approximately 45 people, including women and children. The number of injured has not been confirmed yet.
  • The targeting of civilians has sparked a global backlash against Israel.
  • Israel launched this attack following the firing of eight projectiles by al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, from Rafah into Tel Aviv and nearby areas on 26th May 2024
  • Sirens were sounded in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Petah Tikva to warn residents of the attack, though no casualties were reported.
  • The Israeli military intercepted most of the rockets.
  • Hamas’ “big missile attack” came in after Israel sent aid trucks to Gaza through the Rafah crossing.
  • The IDF released a statement clarifying that they had conducted targeted airstrikes on Hamas operatives within a Hamas compound in Rafah. 
  • In a tweet, the IDF disclosed the names of the two Hamas officials killed in the attack – Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar.
  • Additionally, Israel acknowledged awareness of reports that several civilians were harmed as a result of the strike and the subsequent fire. The IDF emphasized that they are reviewing the incident. 
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that “a tragic mishap happened” despite Israel’s deliberate efforts to avoid civilian casualties. He reiterated that the case would be thoroughly investigated.
  • IDF’s spokesperson LTC(S.) Nadav Shoshani highlighted that Hamas’ attack on Israel came at the same time when Israel was sending several aid trucks into Gaza through additional crossings.
  • Following their preliminary investigation, Israel confirmed that a secondary blast led to the massive fire. The military used two munitions weighing 17 kilograms each to specifically target the two Hamas officials. These munitions, equipped with “small warheads,” are not powerful enough to ignite a large fire on their own.
  • IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that the targeted area was 1.7 kilometers away from the designated humanitarian zone. He emphasized that their munitions alone could not have caused such a deadly blaze. Further investigations are underway to determine the origin of the massive fire. 
  • In what can be termed the deadliest attack so far, the Gaza Civil Defense Agency stated that Israel’s strike ignited a massive fire that tore through tents housing numerous displaced Palestinians.
  • The intense fire made it challenging for rescuers to operate. 
  • The Gaza Health Ministry and the Palestinian Red Crescent rescue service confirmed the deaths of 45 people, including 12 women and eight children.
  • Eyewitnesses reported that many bodies were difficult to identify, with some charred beyond recognition.
  • Images and videos of dismembered bodies that are being circulated by news agencies have invoked strong reactions worldover.
  • Local authorities have reported severe shortages of food and water, along with sanitation challenges.
  • Verification of the number of casualties remains a challenge as one of the two hospitals operating in the vicinity has shut down, following Israel’s attack.
  • The Gaza Health Ministry reports that Israel has killed more than 36,000 Palestinians since October 2023.
  • Israel’s actions have drawn severe criticism from around the world, including from its allies.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron expressed outrage over the incident, calling for an end to Israel’s operations and reiterating the need for “an immediate ceasefire.”
  • Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and Qatar have strongly condemned Israel for the civilian deaths, accusing it of “ongoing war crimes.” Turkey, in particular, vowed to hold Israel accountable, labeling the country as “barbarians and murderers.”
  • Saudi Arabia also denounced Israel’s “continued genocidal massacres.”
  • On May 24, 2024, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to immediately cease its offensive and allow the passage of aid to the affected Palestinians. However, Israel’s attack occurred right after the ICJ’s ruling. While ICJ orders are binding, the court lacks the means to enforce their implementation.
  • Israel has issued a revised ceasefire proposal, due to mounting international pressure, but it has refused to “deliver the goods”. (Source: Haaretz News)
  • Spain, Ireland and Norway have now formally recognised the Palestinian state, indicating the shift of political dynamics in Europe. 
  • Mexico also filed an intervention application with the ICJ in South Africa’s genocidal case against Israel, seeking “to intervene, in order to provide its view on its potential construction of the content of the provisions of the Convention relevant to this case.”
  • Meanwhile,  Australia voted against the existence of an independent Palestinian state.
  • A left wing french politician named Sabestein Delogu was suspended from the French Parliament after he held a Palestinian flag amidst a debate over the topic of whether France should be recognise a Palestinian statehood or not. Speaker Yael Braun Pivet found this as unacceptable to the Parliament. Rest of the members voted to terminate him from the parliament for two weeks and cut down his parliamentary allowance to half for two months.
  • Students in Denmark have been protesting in the campus since the beginning of May pressuring the campus to cut financial ties with Israel. In response to that the University of Copenhagen has decided to halt investments of the companies which are Israeli based.
  • Spain, Norway and Ireland, these three European countries have officially been recognised under the statehood of Palestine. This is an effort to find a political solution to the problem occuring in the Middle east. They hope that this action could generate diplomatic pressure and help them secure a ceasefire in the Gaza strip to release the hostages held by Hamas. While Denmark has voted down to be under the statehood of Palestine. In response, the Israeli government has withdrawn their ambassadors from the three countries. Ambassadors from all the three countries in Israel have been summoned and asked to show  footage of attacks of 7th October in front of the media.

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  • A missile attacked in the Red Sea on Tuesday. Damage to the ship was presumed. According to the British Military United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operation Center, at first the vessel was reported to have “sustained damage” but later the UKMTO said “impact in the water in close proximity to the vessel,” and the vessel is moving towards its next goal.
  • The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has called for an emergency meeting following the two recent Israeli airstrikes.
  • Senior UN officials have voiced strong condemnation of the attacks. 
  • UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned Israel’s actions and demanded an end to the violence. 
  • Martin Griffiths, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, stated that there is no safe place in Gaza, expressing disbelief over the incident being a “tragic mistake.”
  • Volker Türk, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, called for Israel to end its military offensive, as directed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and reiterated the need for an immediate ceasefire. 
  • Tor Wennesland, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, also urged for an immediate ceasefire and called for Israel to conduct a “thorough and transparent investigation” of the incident.
  • Sima Bahous, Executive Director of UN Women, expressed deep concern over the situation of women in Gaza, emphasising that “women and girls have witnessed unimaginable horrors.”
  • Just a day after Israel’s first airstrike on Rafah, it launched another attack targeting the al-Mawasi area in western Rafah, according to Reuters. 
  • However, Israeli forces clarified that they targeted the Tal as-Sultan area, not al-Mawasi, asserting they aimed at Hamas officials hiding there.
  • The attack killed 21 civilians, as reported by Hind Khoudary of Al Jazeera
  • Tal as-Sultan, like Rafah, was home to many displaced Palestinians. Following this attack, families have once again gathered their belongings and are moving out.

People around the globe are coming in support of Palestine and are condemning Israel for their heartless attacks on Rafah. Israel is showing no mercy to civilians and is bombarding the areas in the Gaza strip. Many of them are killed while many of them are injured. People from around the globe are coming in the support of these innocent people. People are posting on X with a trending keyword All Eyes on Rafah

Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Triptii Dimri, Kareena Kapoor, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Swara Bhasker, Dia Mirza, Gauahar Khan, Aly Goni, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Radhika Apte and Nakuul Mehta are some of the Indian celebrities who took to social media and stood in the support of Palestine. Madonna, Amy Jackson, Bella Hadid, Emma Watson, Zayn Malik, Angelina Jolie, Mark Ruffalo and Gigi Hadid are some of the overseas celebrities who have come in the support of Palestine. Many of them are demanding permanent Cease Fire.

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The aftermath of war is also not desirable at all. The damages are always to the cost of common people living in the nations. Instead of War one should look for a solution spiritually as it can end any war and bring peace into the entire globe with ease.

Beginning and Ending a war is not everyone’s cup of tea. After beginning a war it is very difficult to end one. Although in Rafah, these are the attacks from one end still the scenario and the sufferings are the same. There is only one way that any war or attack can end, it is by the awareness of the true spiritual knowledge. As in the absence of it we are indulging in fighting over issues like land and power as we are not aware of the fact they are not going with us after our deaths. And in the process of attaining these, we commit sins which will travel with us after our deaths. Instead we should look to accumulate virtues with us so that our coming births can be fruitful.

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Q: In which country is Rafah?

A: Palestine

Q: Where is Rafah to Israel?

A: Rafah is approximately 100km south of Tel Aviv.

Q: Why is All Eyes on Rafah trending?

A: By this attention from all the people around the globe is seeked, so that everyone should know what is happening in Rafah.

Q: Why is Rafah important?

A: It is believed that Rafah is the last stronghold point of the terrorist group Hamas. By attacking and destroying them, Israelis want to ensure their safety from them.

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