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International Women’s Day 2020-An Inspirational Story of the Draupadi


Today we are going to share information about International Women’s Day 2020, such as: what is the theme of Women’s Day 2020, why do we celebrate women’s day?, what is the history of the Women’s Day? etc..

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International Women’s Day 2020 

Women’s Day 2020: is the day to celebrate women across the globe. Of course, humanity can’t exist without women. International Women’s Day encourages equality among men and women. But still, when it comes to the Spiritual Path, women feel largely disadvantaged. The only reason behind this is the ignorance prevalent in society because the correct Spiritual Knowledge never discriminates between the Human Bodies.

Here in this blog, after a brief introduction of the Women’s Day, we will discuss with you the story of Draupadi and some of the Quotes from the Vanis of Saints, for you to share with others on the Women’s Day. We also have something special for you that we will share at the end. Keep reading!

The History of Women’s Day: What happened on Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day had started since the 1900s. It was the time of expansion of the industrialized world that showed population growth. In 1908, women suffered great inequality. Critical debates were arising among women. 1500 marched through New York City demanding shorter working hours and voting rights. In 1909, the first National Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States on 28th February. It was celebrated the same day annually until 1913. In 1913, it was transferred to 8th March. This day became the global date for the celebration of International Women’s Day.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqzv66g2mqu” id=”Why do we celebrate Women’s Day?” html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”Why do we celebrate Women’s Day?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]Across the world, International Women’s Day is celebrated because women still face inequality in many phases of life. Less than 15 percent of the World’s countries have a female leader. Only 24 percent of the total senior managers are women. While 25 percent of the companies have not a single female senior manager. In many organizations, women also face the gender pay gap. So to encourage gender equality, Women’s Day is celebrated.[/sc_fs_faq]

But, what about religious discrimination? Women are not allowed to visit the mosques or the temples. Women are considered inferior by ignorant religious leaders. But that’s ignorance only. A True Enlightened Saint and God don’t discriminate between the Human Bodies. They are aware that the bodies of both men and women have the same soul.

Women’s day 2020 Theme

Every year, The United Nations Women provides A dedicated theme for women’s day or international women day. The theme for Women’s Day (8 March) 2020 is,I am Generation Equality”:

Let’s now read the story of Draupadi whom God helped extraordinarily in the time of need.

International Women’s Day 2020: Story of Draupadi

In Dwapar Yuga, all Human beings used to worship God with full faith and used to do a lot of charity work.
We all know about Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas and daughter of King Drupad, whose Saree was increased during Cheerharan when her husband lost her in Jua (a game, Gambling). But you really don’t know the complete story of why she was saved then. Let’s read the unknown part of the story of Cheerharan, here.

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When Draupadi was unmarried, i.e., was a princess, she used to go with her hundreds of female friends on the Jnana Ghat (a separate place allotted for only women to bath at the bank of a river, no man was allowed there) to take bath. One day when Princess Draupadi went there, she saw that a blind Saint was also taking bath there 100-200 feet away from them in the downstream.

Draupadi thought — What a fortunate day is it! We got the Glimpse of a Saint in the morning itself! Mahatma is bathing. Let’s also take a bath and then we will have the discussion of God with him. After half an hour when Draupadi came out she saw that the Saint was still in the water and was moving his hands over the water as if looking for something. The blind Saint had only one cloth tied around his waist, which had already flown in the river.

■ International Women’s Day 2020: When the Saint heard the sound of females chatting and laughing together, he realized that he was near to a Jnana Ghat. He felt shy and went even more downstream so that no one could see him. He was moving his hands over the water in the hope of getting any cloth from somewhere. Draupadi quickly realized that the Saint was naked that’s why he was not coming out. He must be looking for some cloth. Immediately Draupadi tore a strip from her precious Saree and flowed it into the stream.

Saint’s blessing to Draupadi

The Saint being blind couldn’t catch it. In this way, Draupadi tore 7-8 strips from her saree but all flowed past him. The Saint couldn’t catch any. After so many failed attempts, Draupadi took a long stick from nearby, attached another strip to it, and herself went into the river towards the Saint, contemplating ― There is nothing to feel ashamed about. He is like my own father. If he will not get any cloth, he, feeling shy, will stay in the water the whole day and will only come out in the night.

Draupadi silently went close to the Saint and raised the cloth with the stick towards him. As soon as the Saint touched the strip, he grabbed the cloth and thanked God a lot. When he touched the cloth, he realized that it is a strip of a Saree. He contemplated that the girl who donated this strip of her Saree would also be somewhere nearby. The Saint blessed Draupadi, saying – Oh daughter! Today you saved my honor by giving me this strip. May God also save your honor by giving you an infinite amount of cloth.

After her marriage when Pandavas lost her in Jua, Draupadi asked for help from everyone in the assembly but no one stood for her. After losing all hopes from everyone there, at last, she prayed to God. Her soul’s voice reached the Court of Dharamraj Ji. He checked her account for whether she had done any charity for which she could get any help then.

He found that she had donated to a blind True Saint who had blessed her for infinite cloth. With the power of the Supreme God, a reflection for this reached Shri Krishna Ji. Shri Krishna Ji was playing Pasa with Rukmani then. On getting the reflection, Shri Krishna Ji’s hand stuck as if he is blessing someone and said – Anant! Anant! (Infinite! Infinite!)

Rukmani held his hand and asked why he said infinite. The power of Supreme God Kabir made Shri Krishna say–

Dushasan kun draupadi pakdi| Meri Bhakti sakal mein sikhri||
Jo Meri Bhakti pichhodi hoyi| Humara Naam na leve koyi||

(Dushasan held Draupadi. My Bhakti is the Best in the World. If even My Bhakti fails at this time, no one would ever take My Name )

Soon after saying this, Shri Krishna continued playing with Rukmani Ji. God Kabir Ji then acquired the Sukshm form and gave the infinite cloth to Draupadi and saved her honour.

■ We used to hear that Shri Krishna Ji ( Shri Vishnu Ji ) increased the Saree of Draupadi but the truth is what you read above. In Shri Shiv Mahapuran Rudra Sanhita, Sadashiv says to Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Brahma Ji that they can not do mercy on anyone, i.e., they can not change anyone’s Karmas.

The soul of Draupadi was a devotee of God Kabir Ji in some previous birth because of which God Kabir Ji helped her in that birth also. The Supreme God Kabir Ji knew what crisis was going to befall on her devotee Draupadi. That’s why He Himself did the Lila of that blind Saint and blessed her on her donation. Donations made towards a True Saint always give good fruit. It is useless to give donations to an alcoholic or a meat-eater because your donation will ultimately be misused and you rather become guilty for that sin.

Here are some of the Quotes from the Vanis of Saints for the Women’s Day.

Women’s Day Quotes & Message 2020


Kabir, naari narak naa jaaniye, yeh sab ratanon ki khaan|
Naari se hi putra hot hain, Dhruv Prahlaad samaan||~Women’s Day Quotes & Message 2020

Meaning: God Kabir Ji says that don’t consider a woman hell. She is the store of all gems. Only a woman gives birth to children like Dhruv Ji and Prahlaad Ji.

Garib, naari naari kya kare, naari Bhakti vilaas|
Naari seti upaje, Dhana Bhakt Raidaaswho||

Meaning: Respected Saint Garibdas Ji says that oh Man! Why are you like – a woman! a woman! , i.e., why you blame it all on her? Only a woman gives birth to devotees like Dhana Bhakt and Ravidas Ji.

Garib, naari naari kya kare, naari nar ki khaan|
Naari seti upaje, Nanak pad nirbaan||

Meaning: Respected Garibdas Ji says that why you go like – a woman! a woman! A woman is the store of men. She gives birth to a great person like Shri Nanakdev Ji.

As we saw in this Blog that the True God Kabir and the True Spiritual Knowledge don’t discriminate among the genders. Every human being of any gender is equally eligible to attain God. A woman also needs to do the worship of Supreme God Kabir with full faith to attain the Almighty. To know how to attain the Almighty, here is what you can do for it:

“All men are born through women, therefore never defame women”~Women’s Day Quotes & Message 2020

“The woman is a mother and a sister, see her with this thought always”~Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Women’s day 2020 Special Gift

This International Women’s Day 2020 must know which way of worship is the correct one to practice according to our Holy Books that does help you in times of need. Read the Sacred Book “Gyan Ganga“-Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.

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