International Men’s Day 2021: What Is the Real Objective of Being a Man?


Every year on the 19th of November, International Men’s Day is observed. The holiday commemorates all of the men in our lives and their contributions to making society a better place. The day’s goal is to highlight male role models while also raising awareness about men’s health. This Day focuses on improving gender relations, men’s health, encouraging positive expressions of masculinity, and highlighting male role models.

International Men’s Day 2021: Highlights

  • International Men’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of November every year. 
  • This year’s theme is ‘Better relations between men and women’
  • International Men’s Day was first commemorated in 1999.
  • International Men’s Day is observed to promote Men’s health, masculinity, and improving gender relations.
  • The real objective of every man is to attain complete salvation.  

International Men’s Day 2021: Theme & Celebration

Each year, world coordinators propose a new theme for International Men’s Day. ‘Keeping Men and Boys Safe’ was the theme in 2013 and ‘Expanding Reproductive Options for Men’ was the theme in 2015. This year’s theme is ‘Better relations between men and women.’

International Men’s Day History & Significance

In 1968, an American journalist named John Harris wrote an editorial highlighting the Soviet system’s lack of balance, promoting an International Women’s Day for female workers but failing to provide a male counterpart. While Harris agreed that a day to celebrate women should exist, he saw the day as a flaw in the communist system.

Thomas Oaster, director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, invited organizations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to hold small International Men’s Day events in February of the early 1990s. Easter hosted these events successfully for two years, but his 1995 attempt was poorly attended. Disappointed, he canceled plans to continue the function. Australia quickly followed suit, leaving Malta as the sole country to continue the celebrations.

How Did International Men’s Day Start?

Jerome Teelucksingh of the University of the West Indies revived the day in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999. He realized that, while there was a day to honor fathers, there was no day to honor men who did not have children or who were young boys and teenagers. Teelucksingh recognized the importance of positive male role models, as his father was an excellent example for him. He chose 19 November to commemorate International Men’s Day as the day a local soccer team united his country in their efforts to qualify for the World Cup as well as his father’s birthday.

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Since Teelucksingh’s resurgence, this Day has assisted to promote positive facets of male identity. On the hypothesis that men react more constructively to positive role models than to negative gender stereotyping. The purpose of the day is not to compete with International Women’s Day, but to emphasize the importance of men’s physical and mental health, as well as positive masculinity.

International Men’s Day 2021: Objectives

Men’s positive contributions to society should be recognized and celebrated; men’s discrimination should be highlighted; gender equality and gender relations should be improved, and a safer and better world should be created. International Men’s Day was first observed in 1999.

Given that one of International Men’s Day’s primary goals is to promote men’s health and well-being, here are some statistics to back up that goal.

  • 87 percent – The percentage of rough sleepers who are men is 87 percent.
  • 73 percent – Males make up the majority of those who go missing.
  • 76 percent – The percentage of men who commit suicide.
  • 26 percent – The number of men who have high cholesterol.
  • 76 percent – A man born in the United States has a life expectancy of 76 percent.
  • 22 percent – The percentage of men who have had a mental health problem in the previous year.

Inspirational Quotes for International Men’s Day

  • A real man never discriminates between a son and a daughter
  • God created men to follow his path and attain complete salvation by performing true worship.
  • There is no need to show physical strength to prove that you are a man, show your true values, ethics and morals to prove that you are a real man.
  • A true man is someone who walks on the true path of life by taking the refuge of an enlightened spiritual teacher.
  • A true man casts aside all the evils like intoxication, bribery, theivery, scamming, adulteration, etc.
  • A real man performs spiritual practices and charity as guided by his spiritual teacher (Guru).

What Is the Real Objective of Men?

Human life is obtained after suffering into the lives of 8.4 million creatures. Human life is precious as it is obtained after millions of years. The real ultimate objective of Men & Women is to attain Salvation. Any human being automatically qualifies for attaining Complete Salvation. All they need to do is find an enlightened spiritual teacher and take his refuge. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji Is the Only Enlightened Spiritual Teacher

Today, on the entire planet, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is enlightened with complete spiritual knowledge that can help one attain complete salvation. Complete salvation frees us from the vicious circle of birth and death forever. All we need to do is chant true moksh mantras after taking initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Because salvation can only be attained by performing true worship based on holy scriptures of all the religions. Today, only Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is showing true worship based on holy scriptures

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