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International Family Day 2020: Family behind the success of members


Today the world is celebrating the 15 May, International Family Day 2020 which has different dimensions amid Coronavirus Lockdown. Affection, brotherhood, and cooperation have disappeared and words like domestic abuse and divorce have surfaced. The capable society and the government have shown their actions full of discrimination. The readers will know the reasons and the solutions thereof.


  • A person born in the family is identified by his traits
  • The family keeps all the members connected and shares each other’s joys and sorrows
  • There is no greater asset than the family
  • “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, “The Whole Earth Is One Family”
  • 15 May Family day began with the USA declaring 1994 as International Family Year
  • Coronavirus made spending quality time with the families
  • Lockdown led to domestic abuse and divorce too
  • Coronavirus Lockdown deepened the wounds of discrimination
  • Eternal Abode is the Ocean of Happiness where The Absolute and pious souls swans dwell
  • Emancipator Rampal Ji Maharaj’s grace makes the devotee realize the Eternal Truth

International Family Day 2020-Family Values and Traits

The family is a social institution of members who live with affection, brotherhood, cooperation, and coordination. Value, decorum, dignity, dedication, respect and discipline are the qualities of a happy family. A person born in the family is identified by his traits. The family keeps all the members connected and shares each other’s joys and sorrows.

Family behind success of members

There is a saying there is no greater money than the family, no greater advisor than the father, no bigger world than the mother’s eyes, no better strength than a brother, no good thinker than a sister, so, it is difficult to imagine life without a family. A good family plays an important role in the success of a person ranging from childhood to character-building.

The Whole Earth Is One Family

A family of husband-wife and children, or with grandparents or the village as a whole or the society. Hindu scriptures such as the Upanishads and Rig Veda mention a Sanskrit phrase, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, which means “The Whole Earth Is One Family.” Such feeling is meant to reduce mutual disharmony, acrimony, hostility, and hatred.

International Family Day 2020 celebration

International Family Day is celebrated all over the world every year on 15th May with the objective of revealing the importance and usefulness of the family. The day began with the United States declaring 1994 as International Family Year. Since then, there has been a continuation of the day.

Is family culture scattering?

But in the changing times, the tradition of the joint family has been creaking and scattering. The lifestyle of families has made them addict to mobile by snatching the family closeness. Due to the lack of employment in villages, the displacement of a large population occurs to cities.

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Because of the congestion in the cities, children are not able to keep their parents even nearby. Moreover, due to the increased influence of Western culture, the modern generation has started decreasing its respect for elders and parents. Most of the sick parents in old age are taken as a burden and they are shifted in Old Age home.

Does coronavirus lockdown lead to family stress or pleasure?

  • People are working from home and spending quality time with their families. Children are spending more time with their parents and learning new things like cooking and new crafts.
  • While some working women are taking it as a long weekend.
  • Some people are not happy with long holidays, and the domestic abuse case is on the rise. In China, more people are filing for divorce.
  • Organizations and people are engaged in discussing culture, technology and business and building relationship.
  • Coronavirus Lockdown deepened the wounds of discrimination

Do we discriminate with the poor, the downtrodden and the underprivileged?

  1. Corona pandemic has proved that the government and the society have a deep shadow of discrimination among various classes of people.
  2. The studies suggest, nearly 70 percent of black people died due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA.
  3. In India, millions of laborers have gone on feet hundreds of kilometers with neither any hope from the government nor the society.

Is there any place where there is no discrimination?

In this universe, we do not find a place where there is no discernment. The creatures are always treated based on their caste, creed, color, place, body, and wealth. All weak creatures do suffer due to discrimination. The question remains, is there any place where there is no discrimination? Yes, it is Satlok, the Eternal Abode where The Absolute Kabir Saheb dwells. Satlok is the true dwelling place where there is Eternal Bliss. There is no division based on high and low lineage, caste, and stages of life.

The Absolute with His Swans’ family dwell in Satlok

  • The Satlok is an exceedingly beautiful place and its beauty is incomparable and infinite.
  • It is an extraordinary place where the rivers of milk and curd flow, variety of foods exist.
  • Its water is nectar, nothing is perishable, no one dies or gets old.
  • Satlok is an Ocean of Happiness.
  • The Absolute Kabir Saheb graciously sits on a throne under a large dome.
  • Pious souls living there are called swans, and they illuminate equivalent to 16 suns.
  • There is no sunrise or sunset, night, or day, without light it is always bright.
  • There is no manifestation of creation and no creative energy (Maya).
  • There is no pain and pleasure, no mental, and physical disturbance.
  • There is no manifestation of sin and virtue.

What is the way to go to Satlok?

The Supreme God Kabir Saheb descend on the earth, meets His beloved souls for making them realize the Eternal Truth. The absolute Himself or through a saint enlightened by Him, He bestows the way of emancipation from this universe. The seeker should serve the enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and take the initiation of Essence of the Word. With the grace of the guru, the devotee through realization reaches the Eternal Abode, SATLOK.

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