International Day of Sign Languages: Worship of Supreme God Kabir Is the Sign to Be Followed by the Entire Mankind


International Day of Sign Languages is observed annually so as to raise awareness about the hardships a physically challenged individual has to go through. Thus making everyone aware about the need for the education about sign languages to the needy as early as possible into their lives. While Supreme God Kabir is the most capable; giving us anything through His method of worship whether it is aiding a deaf, dumb or blind.

International Day of Sign Languages 2021: Key Points

  • International Day of Sign Languages is observed each year to highlight the need of sign education for the needy.
  • It is observed every year on 23rd of September.
  • For 70 million deaf people out of which 80% of them are in developing countries using over 300 different sign languages. Hence understanding the need for this day becomes vital.
  • This day was first celebrated in the year 2018.
  • To mark this day, a webinar has been organised by the UN Office at Geneva(UNOG) and the World Federation of the Deafs(WFD).
  • Supreme God Kabir has been testified in the Holy Vedas to be the only God capable of giving necessary aid to the deaf, dumb and blinds by His method of worship.

What Is International Day of Sign Languages 2021?

International Day of Sign Languages is an opportunity to bring in front of the eyes of the entire globe the importance of sign languages both for the deafs and for the one understanding it. Sign language is the only medium by which deafs can communicate with the rest of the world, hence making it more than important for them to learn this language and transmit their message to the world. It has been made mandatory by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) to facilitate the learning of sign language to the bodies governing it. And has also directed them to promote the linguistic identity of the deaf people.

The observance of this day annually also helps in making us understand that there is an early need to bring sign language into education so that it can be accessed from the starting phase of the education system with quality education about it as it is vital for the growth of the deaf community. Also as a part of linguistic and cultural diversity, it is important to preserve sign languages. That’s why it is suggested to be made mandatory in the teaching institutions to teach sign languages with utmost sincerity.

International Day of Sign Languages 2021 Date

It has been declared by the UN, 23rd September as the International Day of Sign Languages so as to make everyone aware and remind everyone every year about the importance of sign languages so as to give equal human rights for a physically weaker section of the society.

International Day of Sign Languages History

The World Federation of the Deaf (WDF), a federation including 135 national associations of deafs representative of 70 million deafs around the globe, proposed the idea of this day for the first time. The resolution A/RES/72/161 was officially accepted by consensus on 19th December 2017.

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Officially, the day of establishment of WFD in 1951, 23rd September has been chosen as the day to mark International Day of Sign Languages every year. As this federation has its first and foremost goal to uplift the standard of deafs and fight for their human rights. Hence this date was chosen. The day was first celebrated in September 2018 as a part of the International week for the deaf. International week for the deaf has been continuously being celebrated since 1958 to bring into limelight the problems of the deafs.

International Day of Sign Languages 2021 Theme

The Theme for the year 2021 as declared by World Federation of the Deafs has been “We Sign For Human Rights” urging each and everyone of us including the deaf and the common people to work collectively so as to combat this phase and allow the deafs to enjoy equal human rights.

International Day of Sign Languages 2021 Event

To mark this day, a webinar has been organised by the United Nations Office at Geneva(UNOG) and World Federation of the Deafs(WFD) with high level panel experts in conjunction with state parties. The aim of this webinar is to direct state parties on what they can do to spread the access of sign languages so that the needful can access it.

Worship of Supreme God Kabir Is the Sign to Follow by the Entire Mankind

From everyone’s awareness, it has been taken out that we are currently living among tons of problems whether physical, mental or financial. And we think the accumulation of money to be the only way out from all our problems and tensions which is completely wrong. Because of the unawareness about True Spiritual Knowledge and the qualities of the Supreme God Kabir who is capable of giving us anything, we are running after money. 

It has been testified in Holy Vedas that Supreme God Kabir is capable of giving His devotees the desired need. He is capable of giving the required aid to the deaf, dumb and blinds also. In the present scenario it may appear to be a joke just because we are living in the place of Satan(Kaal Brahm) and we have been made to forget the identity and qualities of Supreme God Kabir and that’s why it appears to be hypothetical to us but it is actually not. The power of worship given by Supreme God Kabir is so powerful that His devotees can experience what others can’t even imagine.

International Day of Sign Languages 2021 Quotes

  • The Holy Vedas testify that Supreme God Kabir can remove any sort of physical disability.
  • The Supreme God is the only one who understands all languages and answer all the prayers.
  • True devotion to God Kabir Saheb can nullify the physical disability acquired due to past bad deeds.

The Present Manifestation of God Kabir

Supreme God Kabir has made a provision in the form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on the holy land of Haryana, India for the welfare of mankind. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has manifested via His divine acts that He is indeed the incarnation of Lord Kabir Himself. His given way of worship has also been manifested via His devotees that He has been giving benefits as written in the qualities of Supreme God Kabir and testified by Holy Vedas also.

He says the main aim of our human life is to attain salvation or the Supreme God Kabir so as to move to our native abode Satlok. This planet earth is one kingdom inside one universe out of 21 universes of Satan (Kaal Brahm) and we are entrapped here equipped with numerous problems with major being rotation into cycles of birth and death. On the other hand Satlok is free from all these hardships and is the most desired place with all facilities having unlimited universes with everything immortal there including us. Hence one should fulfill the main aim of this human life.

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