International Day of Persons With Disabilities 2020: Supreme God Kabir Sahib Can Remove Disability


World Disability Day 2020: International Day of Persons With Disability (IDPD) is an international observation promoted by the UN since 1981. Its aim is to give support to disables. Every year in the world, December 3 is celebrated as International Day of Disables (Divyang in India).

World Disability Day 2020: Highlights

  • At the insistence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, this day is called Divyang Diwas.
  • A topic is decided by the United Nations every year for World Disability Day. 
  • 2020 Theme of the International Day of Disabled People is ‘Building back better’.
  • The focus was on equalizing opportunities for the disabled in society, making people aware of their rights and improving their socio-economic status, along with focusing on their health like ordinary citizens.

Why Is 3rd December Observed as World Disabilities Day?

It is also seen to include all the disabled people in society in every aspect of life such as political, economic, social, and cultural. For this reason, it is celebrated under the title of “World Disabled Day“. The World Disabled Day focuses on different issues of people with disabilities throughout the world every year.

Why Are We Required to Help the People With Disabilities?

We need to help the disables for the sake of humanity or to create an awareness in the society about them.The purpose of this day is to change the behavior of people towards the disabled and make them aware of their rights.

According to WHO we need to help the disables because if we don’t then we wouldn’t be able to achieve the agenda of Sustainable development by 2030 to leave no one behind.

The contemporary situations were more deepening the inequalities, in the normal conditions disables were less likely to be given jobs, health care, education but now due to COVID-19 pandemic the situation for them has got more worsen as this leaves them totally alone.

World Disability Day 2020 Theme

Every year this day is based on a specific issue relating to disable people. 2020 Theme of the International day of disabled people is ‘’Building back better‘ towards an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post- #COVID19 world by, for and with persons with disabilities’ . 

Not Every Disability Is Visible

Not every disability is visible : If a person who can’t listen is standing in front of you then would you be able to judge he/she is impaired from listening? Definitely Not! In the same way there are many kinds of disabilities which grow very slowly in the person’s body and we remain unable to identify them i. e fatigue, eyesight problem, depression (mental illness/aloofness) and many others so this day focuses on creating an awareness among the people that anybody may get disability any time so we need to help those people and shouldn’t keep them apart of us. The aim is to make them feel more confident and normal.

How Is It Celebrated in India?

World Disability Day is celebrated in different ways throughout the world. Art exhibitions are held in India, where special artifacts made by the disabled are exhibited.

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Apart from this, speech competition, group discussion, skill demonstration programs are organized. This year most of the programs are organised online because of Covid-19 pandemic.

History of World Disability Day

The year 1981 was declared by the United Nations General Assembly as the “International Year of Persons with Disabilities”. A plan was made to emphasize revival, prevention, publicity and equal opportunities for the disabled at the international, national and regional levels.

What Can We Do as an Individual for Them?

When normal people see that a person is physically incapable, they start ridiculing them. While he/she may have some other qualities that we do not have. But despite this and of education, people are not able to understand this. Therefore, on this one day, the world is given a message to keep the same sentiment towards all the children of God and the merits of the disabled (Divyang) are told.

Supreme God Can Remove Physical Disability

Some are born perfect and some with inability. All of us are born here due to past sins and virtues. Some are born perfectly healthy, some with physical deficiency. But everyone’s purpose is to live life. The Complete God also corrects physical deficiency of His devotees by giving them True Devotion. If the seeker believes and surrenders to the Supreme God, then God changes their physical weakness/deficiency/disabilities into strength.

Whether a person is born healthy or with physical or mental disabilities, they should do the worship of the Supreme God in their only life to get rid of the disease of birth and death.

Readers are requested to read the Holy Book ‘Way of Living written by Spiritual Saint/Tatvadarshi/Master/Guru/JagatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj ji to know the essence of this precious human birth.

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