Incognito Verity about Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji


Kabir Sahib Ji is known as a Saint , a Poet and a Weaver of Kashi, Banaras. He influenced both Hindus and Muslims particularly in Maghar through His way to abondon the acts like discrimination on the basis of caste. His couplets are part of every school Syllabus. He was against Casteism, consuming alcohol, eating meat, idol worship and various other rituals that nowhere mentioned in our scriptures which people of different religions perform and many more activities which actually are hindrance in the path of true devotion. 

The Myths and Facts About Kabir Saheb

The prominent hidden fact about Kabir Sahib Ji is that He Himself is a Complete God and not only a Saint or a Poet or a Weaver, though He performed all these roles just to educate all r to beings. There are umpteen pieces of evidence in our Vedas, Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and other holy books.

Many people or priests have different opinions on God but nobody is sure about Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji’s Birth, His Upbringing, how He comes in different Eras, His Maghar Leela and much more. Withal, facts and evidence are clearly mentioned in our Holy books which no one could reveal or understand except the Incarnation of God Kabir ji (Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj ji).

Kabir Saheb is God According to Vedas

Now you can continue reading some of the Secret Truths about Supreme God Kabir Sahib Ji that Has Been Revealed by Saint Rampal Ji. Let’s read evidence, from Yajurveda Chapter 29 Mantra 25 that God Kabir Himself descends on earth to propagate His True Spiritual Knowledge. The name of God is mentioned as Kabir in the Vedas.

Samiddhoadhya manusho durone devo devaanyajasi jaatvedH Aa ch vah mitrmahshchikitvaantvaM dootH Kavirasi prchetaH  II 25 II

Meaning: When the Supreme God appears, at that time all the sages and saints, abandoning the injunctions of scriptures, are guiding the entire devotee community to practice arbitrary ways of worship. At that time, KavirDev i.e. Kabir God Himself comes as the messenger of His true Spiritual Knowledge.

Kabir Saheb is God According to Kabir Sagar

In Kabir Sagar, Kabir Vaani page no. 136-137 Kabir Ji stated that He (Kabir Sahib Ji) will come Himself on Earth. As Kabir Ji had to promise Kaal (Brahm) that He (Kabir Sahib Ji) will not take any soul with Him to His Eternal Place (Satlok) Until they do not understand the knowledge given by Me. 

Kabir Sagar, Kabir Vaani Page 136-137, here 1775 is printed by mistake. The twelfth sect is the “GaribDas Panth”.  Sant Garib Das ji was born in Samvat 1774. Sant Garibdas ji has spoken of the glory of Supreme God Kabir  which is written in “Sadd Granth Sahib (Amar Granth)”.

Samvat Satrah Sau Pachahatr Hoi, 

Ta Din Prem Pragtein Jag Soi I

Saakhi Hmari Le Jeev Smjhave, 

Asankhya Janam Thaur Nhin Paawe II

Barvein Panth Pragat Hoye Baani, 

Shabad Hmare Ki Nirney Thani I

Asthir Ghar ka Marm Na Pawein, 

Ye Barehin Panth Hum Hi Ko Dhyawein II

Bahrwein Panth Hum Hi Ch Aawein, 

Sab Panth Met Ek Hi Panth Chlawein II

Has Kabir Sahib Ji descended on a lotus flower?

The glory and the true story of the birth of Kabir Sahib Ji is not known to many, having said that there are different opinions about it. As per a Myth, there is a belief that a Brahmin widow conceived Kabir Sahib Ji with the blessings of a priest. But in order to escape from dishonor, she abandoned Kabir Sahib Ji. And then a Muslim couple, Neeru and Neema adopted Kabir Ji. 

But, the fact is that Kabir Sahib Ji did not take Birth from mother’s womb. He descended on the Lotus Flower in Lahartara lake in Kashi from His eternal abode “Satlok” for the welfare of mankind. Also, it is validated in Kabir Sagar that Kabir Ji Himself descends on Earth to free the souls from the trap of Brahm (Kaal). This is clear from the verses in Kabir Sagar.

Ae Swami Srishta Main, 

Srishti Hmare Teer I

Dass Garib Adhar Bsun, 

Avigat Satya Kabir II

Soleh Sankh Par Hmra Takiya, 

Gagan Mandal Ke Zinda II

Hukm Hisabi Hum Chl Aaye, 

Kaatn Kaal Ka Fanda I

Hum Hain Satyalok Ke Vaas , 

Dass Khaye Pragat Bhye Kaashi II

Nhin Baap Na Mata Jaaye, 

Abigat se Hum Chal Aaye II

In another couplet, Kabir Sahib Ji states that He did not take birth from mother’s womb but descends on Lotus Flower.

 Na Mera Janam Na Garbh Bsera, Balak Ban Dikhlaya।

Kaashi Nagar Kamal Pe Dera, Tahan Julahe Ne Paya।।

When Kabir Sahib Ji emerged in all Four Eras ?

Kabir Sahib Ji descends on earth in every Yuga (Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug). Kabir Sahib Ji mentioned this in one of His verses:

Satyug mein Satsukrit keh tera, Treta naam Muninder Mera।

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya।।

Upbringing of Kabir Sahib Ji from maiden cow’s milk

The Muslim couple Neeru and Neema found Kabir Sahib Ji as an infant on a Lotus Flower and took Him home with them.

When Neema tried to feed milk to infant Kabir ji, God closed His mouth. Despite all the efforts, Neema and Neeru failed to feed milk to the child. When 25 days passed and the child had not drunk milk or eaten anything, the parents became very worried.  Neema stayed awake all night and was afraid that this child could not survive without eating or drinking anything and could die at any time. Thinking of this, she was crying bitterly.  

They did not find any solution so they prayed to Lord Shiva to help them as they were devotees of Shiva. Shiva acquiring the form of a sage appeared, and Neema narrated her plight to the sage. On this, God Kabir Ji communicated with Lord Shiva and told him to ask Neeru to bring the maiden cow. Lord Shiva then asked Neeru to get a maiden cow. Neeru went and bought a maiden cow. Then Lord Shiva patted on the cow as told by Kabir Sahib Ji. Just then the cow started giving milk and Kabir Sahib Ji started consuming that milk everyday. The evidence of this is written in Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9 

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9

Abhi imM adhnya ut shreenanti dhenavH shishum′ Sommindray paatve ||9||

Meaning: When the Supreme Eternal God while performing a divine act, acquiring a child-like form, appears by Himself, at that time a maiden cow itself gives milk by which the Supreme/Complete God is nurtured. Other spectacles of God are also described in Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukta 94 Mantra 1, that the Supreme God travels and propagates His knowledge and assumes the title of poet. 

Kabir Sahib Acquires the Form of an Infant

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17 quotes that the Supreme God, appearing in the form of an infant, propagates His True knowledge i.e. Tatvgyan to His beloved souls through Kavirgirbhi i.e. Kabir’s voice.

Shishum jagyaanm hry tam mrjanti shumbhanti vahinmarutH ganen  Kavirgeerbhi kaavyena Kavir sant somH pavitrm atyeti rebhan ||17|| 

Meaning: The narrator of Vedas, Brahm, is saying that Supreme God KavirDev by appearing in the form of an extraordinary human child, explains His real, pure knowledge to His hans souls i.e. devout followers by means of His KavirgirbhiH i.e. Kabir Vaani (speech) as a poet by addressing i.e. uttering through poems and proverbs. He Himself is SatPurush Kabir.

Is Kabir Sahib ji a Saint, poet or Supreme God?

Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18 states that as long as Supreme God Kabir Sahib ji remains on earth, He uttered many words and nectar speeches from His mouth, which were written by His disciple respected Dharmadas ji.  

Today all this evidence is present in front of us in the form of Kabir Sagar and Kabir Bijak, in which there is a compilation of the words of God Kabir. Kabir Sahib was popular among the common people as a great poet while He himself is the creator of the whole creation. The description of this spectacle of God is also found in Rigveda.

Rishimna ya rishikrit′ swarshaH sahastraneethH padviH kavinam′  Trteeyam′ dhaam mahishH sisha sant′ somH viraajmanu rajti stup′ ||18||

Meaning: It is said in Mantra 17 that KavirDev acquires a child form. Then, He grows up while performing a divine act. Because of describing true spiritual knowledge through poems, He attains the position of a poet (kavi) i.e. people start calling Him Kavi; in reality, He is Supreme God Kavir (God Kabir) only. The nectar speech composed by Him is known as Kabir Vaani (KavirgirbhiH i.e. Kavir Vaani/ Speech), which is comforting like heaven to the devotees. That same God establishing the third abode of salvation i.e. Satlok, is seated in form in a dome on a high throne in a bright human-like body.

Maghar Leela (Divine act) of Kabir Sahib Ji

Kabir Sahib Ji did not die but went to His Eternal Place Satlok with His body. Kabir Saheb ji’s egress (departure) from Maghar to Satlok was a lesson to those Hindu priests who disseminate rumors that whoever dies here (in Maghar) becomes a donkey in the next life, whereas those who die in Kashi go to heaven. This was the reason why no one wanted to die in Maghar and instead preferred to travel to Kashi in their last days. At the age of 120, Kabir Sahib Ji travelled to Maghar on foot to debunk this belief. While departing to Satlok with His body, He asked His devotees to look at the sky. And stated that I am going to heaven. The last lines He uttered were: 

|| Uthalo Parda, Isme Nahi Hai Murda ||

And only Flowers in the shape of Kabir Sahib Ji’s body were found under the sheets. Thus, all these evidences from the scriptures have made our vision more clear which makes it easier to recognize SupremeGod now. Readers are requested to download the app from their play store “Sant Rampalji Maharaj to read & watch more truth.

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