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How to Quit Smoking?: Get The Ways To Quit Smoking


Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned and the smoke is inhaled and released. Many substances are used for smoking. It may be tobacco, patches, lozenges or gums. Most common substance smoked is Tobacco. Nearly one – fourth of the world population are smokers. Smoking has become a common practice among people of different age groups. In the present condition, smoking has become a fashion. People relate smoking to high standards and class. Chronic smoking leads to various harmful diseases. Smoking also causes harm to the different parts of the body. Despite the odd effects, smoking is still an addiction for many. Many people try to quit smoking, make lots of efforts to stop smoking, but eventually fail to do so. Continue with the article to know for the How to Quit Smoking?. 

What Is Smoking?

Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned and the smoke is inhaled and released. Some people smoke cannabis and opium. Most common way of smoking is to use cigarettes which are made in industries on a large basis. People use different objects to smoke. Cigar, Bidis, Hookah, Pipes and Bongs are some common objects used to smoke. 

Smoking Affects The Health

Smoking is not only injurious but also lethal. It leads to a number of disorders in humans. Chronic smoking leads to various harmful diseases such as Stroke, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Lung Diseases, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) such as Emphysema  and Chronic Bronchitis. Smoking also causes harm to the different parts of the body. Smoking also affects the immune system, causes specific eye diseases, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. 

On an annual basis approximately 480,000 people lose their lives due to this evil habit of smoking. Among these 278,544 are the deaths of men (including deaths from passive smoking) and 201,773 deaths are of women (including deaths from passive smoking). It is clear smoking, which is thought to be a habit of enjoyment, kills many. 

Who Are These Smokers?

Smoking has taken the form of fashion in the current scenario. People take smoking as a sign of high status. Many sophisticated and high class meetings have adopted smoking as routine. The habit which can cause various ill effects is being practiced as a symbol of standards. Not only the middle aged but also the youth are actively indulging in such kinds of addictions. The teens and youngsters do it for the sake of fashion and end up being an addict later. This is one of the main reasons for youngsters indulging in this false habit. 

Enjoyment Of One, Problem Of Many

Not only the active smokers in the mainstream but also the passive smokers in near surroundings face the ill effects of smoking. You may ask a question, who are the active and the passive smokers ?

Active Smokers: Active Smokers are the mainstream smokers, who intentionally smoke. These are the people who take the puffs.

Passive Smokers: All the other people in the near vicinity to the active smokers, who inhale the smoke released by the active smokers and also the fumes released at the end of the cigarette or cigar. This fume is much more harmful than the fumes inhaled by the active smokers.This way smoking not only harms the active smokers in the first place but also severely affects the lives of the people in the vicinity.

How Did Tobacco Originate?

Origin of tobacco is related to a story of a sage and a king whose wives were real sisters. The king had arrogance of his wealth and power of the kingdom. Once upon a time the sage family was invited by the king and queen for food. The sage was reluctant to go. He thought if he goes to the king’s palace for food then as a courtesy, he will have to invite the king’s family to his home. Since he has limited resources, he will not be able to make king’s-like arrangements in his ashram in the jungle. Sage cautioned his wife about the probable conspiracy of the king. He wants to prove that he is rich, and I am poor. But the sage’s wife was firm to go.

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Therefore, according to the preset schedule, the sage family went to the palace where the queen was wearing precious attire whereas the sage family was in plain saintly dress. The palace servicing people were giggling about the status gap between the two families. The sage family heard the discussion. After the feast was over, at the time of departure, the sage’s wife invited the king’s family for food at their Ashram.   

Sage Called Kamdhenu for the Feast!

On the scheduled day, the king’s family along with thousands of soldiers reached the sage ashram. The sage was a little worried to feed such a large gathering. He prayed to the king of heaven Indra Dev to send Kamdhenu. Kamdhenu is a cow that fulfills all desires. Indra Dev sent his Kamdhenu cow to sage. He also sent a huge tent along with a few servicing boys. The sage worshiped Kamdhenu and expressed his desire before her. The cow delivered fifty-six types of food in silver dishes.

The sage requested the king to accept the food. The king with an insulting attitude told the sage, “We would take food with my soldiers and feed fodder to my horses.” The sage humbly said that with God’s grace all arrangements would be made. The king went to the dining place and was astonished by seeing beautiful arrangements. The serving team served fifty-six types of food in silver plates. The sage prayed to the God of food and requested the king to take food. 

The king noticed that the food was far superior compared to his food served to the sage at his palace. The king felt ashamed and embarrassed. King’s companions took food and praised it. The Angry king called the sage, and asked, how could he make such huge arrangements in the jungle without resources? The sage told humbly the king, due to his virtuous deeds and bhakti he could borrow a Kamdhenu cow from heaven. This cow provides the desired food immediately. The king expressed his desire to see the miraculous cow. The sage took the king near the Kamdhenu cow. The cow was just waiting for the sage’s permission to go back to heaven.

King Attacked Kamdhenu to Capture Her

The greedy king requested the sage to give the cow to him as the cow can help his soldiers to feed easily. But the sage expressed his inability to give the cow to the king as he borrowed this cow mother from heaven. The sage said, “Since I am not the owner of the cow, I cannot give the cow to you. Angry king ordered his soldiers to capture the cow. The sage took no time to understand the bad intention of the king. Without any loss of time, the sage requested the cow mother to quickly return to King of Heaven Indra Dev.

Immediately, Kamdhenu, tearing through the tent, flew straight up. The king shot an arrow at the cow’s feet to make her fall. The cow’s foot started bleeding, and the blood started dropping on earth. The cow went to heaven in an injured state. Wherever cow’s blood dropped, tobacco grew there. Then from its seeds, numerous plants grew up. This is how tobacco originated.

Is Smoking a Sin; Smokers Face Troubles?

Smoking is an evil practice and a heinous sin according to the Constitution of God. One who smokes has to bear many difficulties in this and the afterlife. His present life becomes hell and such a person has to bear in his next life too. 

Tobacco is the biggest barrier in devotion. In between two nostrils, there is a third path; the size of the opening of which is smaller than the hole of a small needle. The smoke that is released from the nostrils closes that path. That very path goes to Trikuti above where God resides. The path through which we must meet God, tobacco closes that very path. Sant Garibdas ji said to devotee Harlal to never consume tobacco (not even in hukka, beedi, cigarette, or chilam) or any other intoxicating substances. Sant Garibdas ji has stated: –

Tamaa + Khoo = Tamaakhoo

Khoo naam khoon ka Tamaa naam gay | sau baar saugandh isko na peeye-khaay ||

The meaning is that in Persian language, a cow is called “Tamaa”. Blood is called “Khoo” i.e. “Khoon”. This tobacco has originated from cow’s blood. It has cow’s hair-like hair over it. Consuming tobacco in any form is sin equivalent to drinking the blood of a cow. 

Sant Garibdas ji has told that after death, the messengers of Yam urinate in the mouth of that person who consumes bitter tobacco. They say, “You always wanted to consume bitterer tobacco; now dear, drink bitter urine.” They open his mouth and direct the flow of urine into his mouth. Sant Garibdas ji performed this divine act to make people quit this vice. The effect of knowledge makes one quit a vice forever.

One should never consume it even by mistake. Sant Garibdas ji said to devotee Harlal the sins of consuming tobacco in following speeches.

Madira peevae kadva paani | sattar janm shwaan ke jaani ||

A person, who drinks bitter alcohol-like water, suffers in seventy consecutive births of a dog due to that sin. He drinks water from filthy gutters. When he does not get bread, he eats faeces.

Maans aahaari manva, pratyaksh rakshas jaan | 

mukh dekho na taas ka, vo firae chaurasi khaan ||

Those people who eat meat are clearly demons. One should not even see their face, that is, a person else can also start eating meat in their company. Therefore, beware of them. They will wander in the births of 8.4 million types of living beings.

Surapaan madya maansahaari | gaman karae bhogae par naari ||
Sattar janm katat hain sheesham | sakshi Saheb hain JagdishM ||

Garib Das Ji said that Those, who eat meat as well as who drink alcohol, and practice adultery, have to bear the punishment of other sinful deeds as well. They are beheaded for seventy births in the lives of billy goats, goats, buffaloes, rooster-chickens etc. I am saying this keeping God as the witness. Consider it to be true.

Sau naari jaari karae, surapan sau baar | ek chilam hukka bharae, doobae kaali dhaar ||

Now listen to the sin incurred by that person who prepares a chilam for those who smoke hukka. A person, who practices adultery once, who drinks alcohol once, and who eats meat once, bears the above-mentioned suffering. The sin that a person, who practices adultery hundred times and who drinks alcohol hundred times, incurs is the sin incurred by the person who prepares chilam once for a hukka smoker. Just think, how much sin will that person incur who himself consumes tobacco (in hukka, beedi, cigarette, or eats it)? Therefore, never consume any of the aforesaid substances.

How To Quit Smoking? 

Despite the ill effects, smoking is still an addiction for many. Many people try to quit smoking, make lots of efforts to stop smoking, but eventually fail to do so. They take the help of many Rehabilitation Centres, Doctors and Therapists etc, but cannot help themselves. They feel trapped in this bad habit of smoking. There are some ways below which can help to quit this habit of smoking : 

  • Keep your will power strong : A strong will power can do miracles. If you want to quit smoking, the first step is to make a firm decision and stay determined. 
  • Know your triggers and avoid them : Identify the situations or stimulus which forces you back into this bad habit of smoking. Try to avoid such situations from now onwards.
  •  Keep your mouth busy : Try to have something in your mouth every time you get the urge. This will help you to distract yourself from the urge to smoke.
  • Delay each time you feel the pressure : Whenever you feel, it is difficult to control the urge, try to delay it. Postpone the cravings. This will help you in the long run.
  • Try Nicotine Replacements Therapy: Consult your therapist regarding this therapy. These therapies have been proven to help overcome the habit much more effectively.
  • Maintain distance from “Only Once” : Never surrender to the idea of having just one, only this time. This will never let you free from this habit of smoking. You might feel good for a short run. But in the long run, this habit will lead to repent and demotivation in this journey of quitting the habit. 
  • Keep yourself motivated: There might be times you will feel perplexed or stressed. You will feel thin at times. But remember these days are the tough days of your journey. 
  • Know the pros: Each time you have the craving for smoking, remind yourself of the benefits you will have when you quit this bad habit of smoking. 

Why Is It So Difficult To Get Off Smoking?

Everybody knows that the habit of Smoking is dangerous and harmful. They try to quit the habit, but eventually fail in doing so. The mind (mann) forces us to continue with this habit, despite the knowledge of the impact it can have on our lives. 

Even if someone tries and succeeds in quitting the habit in the first place, there is no guarantee of victory. One might continue with the same habits when the situations change. This happens with most of the chain smokers who smoke on a regular basis. Even after leaving the habit, one does not get free from it completely. 

This mind (mann) is the agent of Kaal (Brahm or Satan) which forces us to repeat the evils. It is the tendency of this mind (mann) to make us commit the wrong deeds. We commit these evils under the control of this mind (mann). Later, our soul (Aatma – which is the part of the Almighty God) repents the evil it has done under the control of this mind (mann). This mind (mann) cannot be controlled by any of the worships or the practices. It is almost impossible to control this mind.

How To Control The Mind (Mann)?

The mind (mann) can only be controlled with the  Satgyan and Sat Bhakti of The Almighty God Kabir Saheb. When one does Sat Bhakti of the Almighty Kabir Saheb Ji, he/she gets free from the trap of this mind (mann). By doing the Sat Bhakti, one’s soul gets strength. Then, the soul dominates the mind (mann) which was previously uncontrollable.The Soul then does not come under the influence of the mind (mann). Soul by doing the Sat Bhakti of the Almighty gets the aid of Almighty in dominating the mind (mann). The mind (mann) is then bound by the powers of the Supreme God. 

What Is Satgyan And Sat Bhakti? 

Satgyan refers to the real Spiritual  knowledge. It refers to the complete knowledge of all the scriptures of different religions – Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity. When one gets completely aware of the Satgyan and the Almighty God, then he/she gets the knowledge of the real worship. One does the Sat Bhakti or the real way of worship. When one does the Sat Bhakti they take the refuge of Almighty God Kabir Saheb and escape the Kaal (Satan/Brahm).Then Almighty Kabir Saheb protects the soul from all the evils and the odds.

How To Get The Sat Bhakti Of Almighty God?

Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the current incarnation of Almighty God Kabir Saheb Ji. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is providing the Satgyan and Sat Bhakti to attain The Almighty Kabir Saheb. Saint Rampal is the real Tatvadarshi Saint, mentioned in the Geeta Ji who can provide us Moksha (Salvation). This Sat Bhakti can free us from the evils and help us lead a happy life. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Performing Miracles

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj performs miracles by giving the Sat Bhakti. Millions of people from around the globe have been able to quit Smoking and other addictions by doing the Sat Bhakti bestowed by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Many people have quit the habit by just reading the Holy book ‘Gyan Ganga‘. This book consists of real examples which awaken the soul. It has many examples of people who have quit addictions like smoking, alcohol addictions, drug addictions and what not. You can get this book from the official website of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj – www.jagatgururampalji.org. 

Countless Chain smokers, drunks and other addicts have been able to leave their addiction with the Sat Bhakti of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. To adopt Sat Bhakti one has to take Initiation (Naam Diksha). To take Naam Diksha from Sant Rampalji Maharaj, download our Official App – Sant Rampalji Maharaj.  

FAQS On How To Quit Smoking

Question: How many people in the world smoke? 

Answer: Nearly one – fourth of the world population are smokers.

Question: What are the diseases caused due to smoking?

Answer: Chronic smoking leads to various harmful diseases such as Stroke, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Lung Diseases, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) such as Emphysema,  and Chronic Bronchitis.

Question: How many deaths happen due to smoking?

Answer: On an annual basis approximately 480,000 people lose their lives due to this evil habit of smoking.

Question: Who can help quit smoking?

Answer: The Spiritual Way of Worship bestowed by Enlightened Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj can help you to quit smoking.

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