Hanuman Jayanti 2021 Date Know How Hanuman JI Got Salvation

Hanuman Jayanti 2021: Know About the Sankat Mochan of Hanuman Ji

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Dear readers, the most awaited festival for the devotees of Hanuman ji is Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman ji is said to be remembered at the time of any hardship but whom did Hanuman ji remember at the time of any sort of difficulty? It’s not Lord Ram. Let’s explore the blog completely to know. 

Hanuman Jayanti 2021

Hanuman Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Hanuman ji as per Hindu mythology. Hanuman ji is considered as equal to God in various parts of the world, but celebrating their birth anniversary is contrary to the definition of Supreme God who is free from the cycle of birth and death. Hence the ideology of treating Hanuman ji as the Almighty God is not appropriate. 

Hanuman Jayanti 2021 Date in India

Hanuman Jayanti is a festival celebrated annually. Hanuman Jayanti 2021 date in India happens to be on 27th April. 

Hanuman Jayanti Importance

The importance of Hanuman Jayanti redirects our attention towards the fact that how a soul should be benevolent in his approach for attaining God. But along with that the course of this day is highlighting the need and method of attaining the Supreme God. Hanuman ji was a pious soul who considered Shri Ram (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) as God but after meeting Muninder Rishi (The Guru of Hanuman Ji) and obtaining the True Spiritual Knowledge about the Creation of Universe and the identity of the Almighty God, he came to know that all the souls here including Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are entrapped here in the Satan’s (Kaal Brahm) web of birth and death and experiencing the pain of life in 84 lakh species of animals. Only the refuge of the Almighty who is other than Satan (Kaal Brahm), Goddess Durga, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and other deities, can help one escape the trap.

Nobody is aware of the fact about this incident of Hanuman Ji meeting Muninder Rishi which happened at the time of Ramayana, just because it wasn’t made to reach us by false priests and sages inspired by the Satan (Kaal Brahm). Because he has been cursed to eat 1 lakh humans daily and produce 1.25 lakh in return and that is the reason why he doesn’t want us to get aware about the refuge of the Almighty as upon its occurrence, one will get away from his web of karmas and become immortal forever. 

Hanuman Ji and Muninder Rishi: The First Meet

At the time of Ramayan, when Sita ji was kidnapped and taken to Lanka by Ravan and everybody including Hanuman ji went in search of Sita ji, Lord Ram gave Hanuman ji a ring of his own to show it to Sita ji as proof of his identity. Upon meeting Sita ji, Hanuman did the same and took a bangle in return to show it to Lord Ram. 

When Hanuman ji was heading back to Lord Ram, he saw a Rishi’s hut and a pond in between. As he was tired he thought of having a bath and some rest before continuing such a long journey. While taking bath he kept the bangle of Sita ji aside on a stone and kept his eye on it while bathing so that someone doesn’t steal it. Suddenly a monkey came there, took the bangle and went to the Rishi’s Hut and dropped it in a jar. Upon seeing this, Hanuman ji who was running after the monkey felt relaxed that he will get the lost bangle now. Upon exploring the jar, he felt amazed as the jar was full of bangles of the same sort, he couldn’t identify which is his one. 

Then Muninder Rishi Came

Suddenly, the rishi (whose name was Muninder) came and asked Hanuman ji what happened? Hanuman ji granted Him respect and introduced himself as the servant of Shri Ram and told Him about his story of bangle and visit to Lanka. Upon hearing this, Muninder Rishi asked which Ram are you talking about? Hanuman ji replied, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and son of King Dashrath Shri Ram. He again said— Yes, I know but which one? 

  • Hanuman ji asked— Is Shri Ram many? 

Rishi replied— Yes, there were many in the past and there will be many in the future as well. It is not the first time a pious soul in the form of Hanuman is coming to get his bangle, I have been here for ages now, every Tretayug the same event happens. Lord Vishnu is in the cycle of birth and death. 

It appeared odd to Hanuman ji but he opted not to argue with the Rishi. But asked Him for help to find his bangle. Rishi replied— All are the same, you can take anyone you want. 

  • Hanuman ji asked— If everytime Hanuman ji took the bangle with him how come the jar is full of bangles? 

Rishi replied— It is because of my blessing that whatever you put in it, it will generate an exact copy of the same thing in it. 

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Hanuman ji had no other option but to believe in Him and he took one amongst those and flew back to his destiny. Later, Lord Ram identified the bangle as its own and belonged to Sita ji only and thanked Hanuman ji upon his return for bringing the bangle amidst such dangers. 

When Hanuman Ji Witnessed Satlok by Grace of the Almighty: The Second Meet

After Sita ji was taken back to Ayodhya, one day Muninder Rishi came to Hanuman ji and greeted Him SatSaheb, he replied with Ram Ram. Hanuman ji didn’t recognize that He was Muninder Rishi and asked Him politely, “How did you come?” Rishi ji first made him realize the first meeting they had when he was looking for his lost bangle and then replied to him— My purpose of visit is to tell you that you should correct your way or worship as Lord Ram is not the one to be worshipped.

Hanuman ji didn’t feel right and asked him to change the topic. But He told him— It is not right to let go a pious soul like you on a wrong path where there is danger ahead. 

This somewhat satisfied Hanuman ji, then upon seeing this Muninder Rishi told him that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the sons of the Satan (Kaal Brahm) and he does his work of eating 1 lakh human bodies daily and producing 1.25 lakh human bodies in return through them. And “we have considered them as equal to God. How wise is this act?” 

Muninder Rishi asked Hanuman ji a few questions that he had no answers for. 

  • He asked that during the fight between Ram and Ravan, a lot of people died and thousands of families lost their support in the battle to obtain Sita ji, whereas all souls are the children of that Supreme God, killing someone for fulfilling their own desire cannot be the act of the Supreme God. How can he be God? 
  • “When people including Shri Ram and you were entrapped by snakes during the battle, Garud ji came to your rescue. How can Shri Ram be God when he needs someone else for their rescue?” 

Kate bandhan vipat mein, Kathin kiyo sangram |

Chinho re nar praniyon, Garud bado ke ram ||

  • He further asked— When the brother of Ravan, AhiRavan, who kidnapped Ram and Lakshman and took them to his kingdom Patal lok, he was about to kill them, it was you who went there and saved them. One who can’t take themselves out of the problems, how can he be God? 
  • Hanuman ji asked that making a bridge on the sea is not a task of our capabilities. It was an act of God. Then He replied, “If Shri Ram is God by this act then what about Agast Rishi who drank all the seven oceans in a single sip. Who is God amongst those?” 

Samundar panti lanka gayo, Sita ko bhartaar |

August rishi saato piye, Inmein kon Kartaar ||

  • He also narrated the incident of making a bridge onto the ocean to get to Lanka. Hanuman ji said it was Shri Ram who made it, then Rishi ji asked, “How can you forget that a rishi came and made all the stones float by making them light enough?” Hanuman ji agreed and asked, “Was it you? You are Muninder Rishi, the Guru of Nal and Neel?” He replied, “Yes. It was by my grace that the bridge was made. Lord Ram tried for three days by praying to the sea God but was unsuccessful. Then he urged Sea God for help who told about the presence of Nal and Neel and me. Then how can Lord Ram be the Almighty who can’t even solve his own problems?” 

When Hanuman ji was speechless, he asked Muninder Rishi to tell him about the Supreme Almighty. He then narrated the story of creation of the universe to him. And told him— You all people are not of this place, you belong to Satlok (the everlasting eternal place). The way of worship given by Me will destroy your sins and will take your soul to Satlok to make you immortal. 

Hanuman Ji then requested to see that place, then Muninder Rishi went into the sky and gave powers of the vision to Hanuman ji to witness that place. Hanuman ji witnessed that Supreme God Kabir was sitting on the throne as the controller of the entire universe. He then took initiation from Him and got his welfare done. 

Who Was Muninder Rishi?

Muninder Rishi was Supreme God Kabir Himself who comes into every age to meet His pious soul. He came with the name of Muninder Rishi in Tretayug to impart True Spiritual Knowledge which nobody except the Supreme God can deliver. Kabir Saheb who came onto the Holy land of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in Kalyug was initially recognized as a poet or weaver but it was demonstrated via His actions that He is actually God. Kabir Sahebb Himself says in His verses:-

Satyug mein Sat Sukrit Keh Tera, Treta Naam Muninder Mera |

Dwapar mein Karunamay Kahaya, Kalyug Naam Kabir Dharaya ||

Kabir Saheb came as Muninder Rishi to meet His pious soul Hanuman ji so as to make him aware about His actual identity. It is also written in Holy RigVed Mandal 9 Sukt 82 Mantra 2 about the quality of the Almighty God that He comes down from His heavenly abode to distribute the wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge. 

We all are the pious souls of that Almighty God Kabir and He has been looking for us from ages now. It is high time for us to understand the fact that this place belongs to the Satan(Kaal Brahm) and is perishable, then how can we expect anything to remain with us for all our lives? Nothing is permanent here. Not even your body. Only the refuge of the Almighty God Kabir can help us escape out of this complex web. 

Who Can Help Us? 

Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on the holy land of Haryana, India has been sent by the Supreme Almighty God Kabir for all His pious soul. As this is the prime time already being declared by God Kabir to achieve salvation, so this is a golden opportunity under the leadership of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to get our welfare done with such ease. 

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has depicted via His priceless discourses that His way of worship can be the remedy to any sort of problem. He has been successful in explaining the gist out of every Holy Scripture. Specifically about Hindu religion, He has explained the meaning of Holy Geeta ji chapter 15 verse 1-4 in accordance with creation of universe. The hierarchy of this universe is correctly explained by Him in respect of the status of all God and Goddesses and is the identity of the Truly Enlightened Saint. Kabir Saheb says:-

Satsang ki Aadhi Ghadi, Tapp k varsh hazar |

To bhi barabar hai nahi, Kahe Kabir Vichar ||

In a world of such uneven changes occurring around, allow Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to be the sole protector of your soul and His way of worship be the Sankat Mochan to take you out of any sort of problem. So don’t be late and take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. 

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