December 6, 2023

Fake news broadcasted by ANI targeting Sant Rampal ji Maharaj.

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Today on June 25, 2019 ANI, a media channel of good repute broadcasted a news program which speaks volumes about their inability to authenticate their work. Rather, I should say that it talks about the extent to which these media houses can fall just to generate good TRPs for their channel.

The news that ANI aired on the television spoke about Rampal son of Mr Kadam Singh a native of Karnal. According to the news article, it became understood that this Rampal from Karnal had applied for an extension of the bail in the honorable Supreme Court. However, today the supreme court dismissed his bail plea and ordered him to surrender till June 26 as he is currently on bail.

The moment Supreme Court gave its judgement in regards to the case mentioned above, the media channel pounced on this news and started broadcasting breaking news which stated that Supreme Court has dismissed the bail plea of Saint Rampal ji Maharaj. Once this news was broadcasted by ANI news channel, all the other media houses started broadcasting the same news on their respective channels.

News from media houses cannot be trusted.

Today, more than 80% of the population in India have access to news in some form or the other. If today’s incident is to be considered, media houses are fooling 80% of these people by giving fake news. I have a very strong reason to mention that the news broadcasted today was fake news because the media houses did not validate the facts of the news article before broadcasting it. The reason for not validating the facts is unclear or they probably did not want to validate it as it would give them a breaking news.

Let me put forth the reasons as to why the news broadcasted by the media houses is being referred by me as fake.

The media house did not verify as to which Rampal did it cater to? The Rampal in the news is supposed to be a resident of Karnal and is currently on bail. However, the one they related this news to, is Sant Rampal ji Maharaj from Sonipat.

The person who had applied the plea for extension of bail is already on bail. However, Sant Rampal ji Maharaj is behind the bars since 5 years.

The court has ordered Rampal from Karnal to surrender himself by June 26, 2019. How can a person who is already behind the bars surrender himself because Sant Rampal ji Maharaj is already behind the bars? Doesn’t it sound dumb, when the whole world is aware about it?

Rampal from Karnal had filed a plea in the supreme court for the extension of his bail. However, there is no plea filed by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj in the honorable Supreme Court.

After looking at the reasons mentioned above, will it be possible for a common man to believe on the news broadcasted by these media channels?
In the past also, media had broadcasted fake news against Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. For example; they placed the allegation on Sant Rampal ji Maharaj that there were cameras placed inside the ladies washroom. However, when they broadcast the footage of the ashram, it was clearly visible that the cameras were placed outside the ladies washroom not inside.
In another instance, they accused Sant Rampal ji Maharaj of rape and molestation. This news again was broadcasted without any verification of the facts of the case. Sant Rampal ji Maharaj was never charged of molestation and rape. He was charged of sedition and when these evidences were given to the media houses, they publicly apologized for broadcasting the wrong information.

There is not one but numerous such instances where media houses have purposely targeted Saint Rampal ji Maharaj and have tried to defame him. The question that arises from this action of the media houses is, why media houses are targeting Saint Rampal ji Maharaj and what benefit are they deriving out of it? Rather should I put it this way, who is asking the media houses to target Sant Rampal ji Maharaj? The news broadcasted today clearly indicates that media houses are definitely working under the instructions of some powerful people who have a personal grudge with Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. It became evident today that, media houses would fall to any extent to tarnish the image of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who is undertaking lot of social service activities despite the fact that He is behind the bars.

I would like to raise a question to the media houses where were they on June 17th when the disciples of Saint Rampal ji Maharaj organised a great communal feast along with dowry free marriages, blood donation camps and camps were people could pledge their body parts for donation? This great event was held at two venues Rohtak-Haryana and Jabalpur-Madhya Pradesh, yet, not even a single media house covered this news. Why is it so difficult to cover all the good activities undertaken by Saint Rampal ji Maharaj and so easy to cover a story which is not even related to Him?

Media is considered as the fourth pillar in the democracy. However, looking at the state of this fourth pillar which has become terminally ill due to deep rooted corruption in its system, trusting the news that these media houses broadcast is difficult. To oppose this action of the media house, the disciples of Saint Rampal ji Maharaj took it up to Twitter where their tag #FalseNewsAgainstSantRampalJi remained at the first position for approximately 3 hours in trends in India and at the 15th position worldwide.

Today’s incident clearly proves that media is evidently against Saint Rampal ji Maharaj and always ready to talk against Him. His disciples have been going through injustice on account of this since 2006. This is very shameful for Indian media which has once again proved itself to be corrupt. It is really important that these irresponsible actions of media houses are reported to the authorities and people voice out their concerns. Moreover, it is important because being mediators between the world and the general masses, media houses cannot afford to lie under any circumstances. Government and the judicial machinery should take strict action against these irresponsible actions of media. Also, I would like to conclude with a demand that ANI news channel shoul publicly apologize not only to Saint Rampalji Maharaj but also to His disciples for hurting their sentiments time and again. To know more about the cases on Sant Rampal ji Maharaj and the injustice done unto him read Karontha kand Ka rahasya freely downloadable from


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