Eid al-Fitr 2024: This Eid know Unknown facts about the Quran!


Last Updated on 09 April 2024 IST | Eid al-Fitr 2024: Eid is the festival which the entire Muslim community waits for to arrive. On this Eid, let us make ourselves aware about the Eidi of True Spiritual Knowledge arranged for us in this prime time of attaining salvation by the AllahTala and explore its spiritual significance according to the teachings of the Quran.

Eid al-Fitr Meaning

Eid al Fitr, the ‘festival of breaking the fasts’ is a festival very popular among muslim community as it concludes the fasting rituals in the month of Ramadan (from dawn to dusk). Because of the lack of true spiritual knowledge, they consider it as a way of purifying their souls and seeking forgiveness for their sins which will be helpful on the path of attaining Allah but it is not so. The meaning of the word Eid is festival and that’s why they named this day as Eid. 

When Is Eid al-Fitr 2024 After Ramadan? 

Eid happens to be on the same date every year as per the Islamic calendar, however its date varies every year as per Gregorian calendar. The date in the Gregorian calendar may also vary depending upon the crescent moon sighting available at that location. And that is why it is a 2-3 day festival for most parts of the globe. The Eid al Fitr 2024 date is expected to be on 10th April.

Why Do Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr?

According to the Islamic belief, by fasting in the month of Ramadan one gets free from all his sins and it paves a way for him to attain Heaven (Jannat). It is celebrated for thanking the Almighty for keeping them strong and courageous through month long fasting. The basic meaning of keeping fasts for the community lies in the fact that they consider that by keeping fasts and staying away from sinful activities can purify their souls. They keep fasts, avoid alcohol etc for a month, once in a year to purify the soul.By fasting and engaging in acts of charity, Muslims strive to purify their souls and draw closer to Allah. 

What Happens During Eid al-Fitr?

People generally follow the ritual as prevalent but still it varies to some extent from place to place. Eid al Fitr marks the end of the month of Ramadan (ninth month as per Islamic calendar, a month to keep fasts). But it is forbidden to keep fasts on the day of Eid. People generally do following activities on the day of Eid:

  • The day begins with the prayers called Salat and a big meal is served for the people there. 
  • There is a special Eid tradition which is to give charity or Zakat al Fitr at the end of the month of Ramadan. It is preferred to give Zakat in advance so as to help the people. People greet each other by saying Eid Mubarak which means blessed Eid. And usually people hug each other while saying Eid Mubarak. 
  • It is general practice to prepare delicious food and sweets for the day as it comes after a month of long fasts. And people arrange social gatherings too. 
  • People seek to demand forgiveness from AllahTala on this day.
  • Countries with a huge percentage of muslim population tend to declare this day as a public holiday. And there is a rush seen in markets on the day before the festive day. 

What Food Do Muslims Eat on Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al Fitr is sometimes designated with the name as Sugar feast because a lot of sweet items are prepared for this day. Every country has their own dishes and hence are unique in their own ways.

Baklava and Turkish delight with Seker Bayrami (Turkey), Kleichas are baked with rose flavored biscuits with fillings of nuts (Iraq and Saudi Arabia), Bint al sahn (Yemen), Manti (Russia) , You Xiang (China), Sweet Korma (Bangladesh), Sheer Khurma and Biryani (India) are the dishes which are made and distributed among friends and family on the occasion of Eid. Remember It is important to recall that Allah has stated in the Quran that He desires for humans to adopt a vegetarian diet. 

Eid al-Fitr 2024 Quotes For Sharing

  • Eid is known for its spiritual connectivity with AllahTala. Let this Eid be the opportunity to know about the identity of Allahu Akbar. 
  • The festival of Eid is the opportunity to recognize the Bakhabar Saint and do worship as given by Him. 
  • Let us take a pledge to give up things like eating non veg, having alcohol etc as they are against the Constitution of Allah Kabir. 
  • This is the prime time of attaining Allah Kabir and that’s why He has sent a Bakhabar in the form of Saint Rampal ji Maharaj to distribute the wealth of True Spiritual Knowledge for His pious soals. 
  • Giving up sinful activities for our whole lives is a way to celebrate Eid from now on. 
  • It is after acquiring the True spiritual knowledge, one cannot dare to commit a sin and thus remains pure in the eyes of his Allah Kabir. 

Importance of Eid al-Fitr

It becomes very important to understand the importance of a festival like Eid which is being celebrated by such a huge community of people. Muslim people rightly believe that God is one and they call Him as Allah. According to them Allah has narrated the Holy Quran Sharif as the book of supreme knowledge. This festival culminates in the month of Ramadan (ninth month as per Islamic calendar). And month of Ramadan is considered holy by the muslim community because in this period Holy Quran Sharif was revealed to Prophet Mohammed by the angel Zibrael. Now the question arises who was Zibrael? 

History of Eid al-Fitr

As everyone knows that everything has its own history. Like the history of Ramayan and Mahabharat is related to Lord Rama and Pandavas respectively, in the same way the history of the festival of Eid-al-Fitr is related to “Battle of Badr”.

Which Place is known as Jung-e-Badar and Why?

Approximately 200 km away from the city of Madina of Saudi Arabia, a well is located. This well is located at the same place where “Jung-e-badar” happened in the year 624 AD. And that’s why this place is known as “Jung-e-badar” in the history books. A war was fought between Hazrat Mohammad and Abu Jahal in which Mohammad ji fought with 313 soldiers only and Abu Jahal fought with 1300 soldiers. 

In Spite of fewer soldiers Hazrat Mohammad still won the war. Hazrat Mohammad ji congratulated each and every soldier from his heart for winning the war and gifted them with sweets, clothes and fitra etc for the same. Since then Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated. The first Eid-al-Fitr was celebrated 1400 years ago in 624 AD on Hijri Samvat 2. Hazrat Mohammad celebrate Eid-al-Fitr for the first time to commemorate the victory in the war. Since then it is celebrated as one of the biggest festivals in Islamic mythology.

Who Helped Hazrat Mohammad Ji During the War?

In the war of badar i.e. “Jung-e-badar” Hazrat Mohammad ji was helped by a youngster named Ali. Ali was met by Supreme God Kabir by the name Al-Khidr and gave him the true mantras for recitation for destroying one’s sins. Ali demanded blessings from Al Khidr before commencing the war. Then Kabir Saheb in the form of Al Khidr gave him the True Mantra (Shabd) for his help. With the help of that mantra Ali won the war for Hazrat Mohammad ji.

Later Ali disclosed to Hazrat Mohammad ji that Al-Khidr gave him the true mantras and he recited the same mantras during the war. Then Mohammad ji told him that He was Allah indeed who gave you those true mantras.

Garib, Ali Allah ka sher hai, Sina Swaaf Sharir|

Krishan ali ekae kali, nyari kala Kabir ||

Saint Garibdas ji has told in His sacred verse that Ali who always stayed with Hazrat Mohammad ji was the pious soul sent by God Kabir Himself. It was said that when Ali used to raise his sword, it used to cross the stars by the blessings of the Almighty. In reality it is Supreme God Kabir who comes and descends Himself from His eternal abode to help His pious soul at the time of their hardship. Every soul here whether in the form of animal or human being are the sons of the Almighty God Kabir.

Who is the Narrator of the Holy Quran Sharif?

Muslims believe the Holy Quran is narrated by Allah and Zibreal to be the messenger of Allah but it is not so. Zibrael was sent by Satan (Kaal Brahm- the devil) to Prophet Mohammad so as to deceive him from the actual identity and Constitution of the Almighty AllahTala. Therefore, the practices mentioned in it do not stand complete in any manner whatsoever. 

Read in Hindi | Eid al-Fitr [Hindi] | ईद–उल–फितर पर जानिए कौन है वह कादिर अल्लाह जिसकी इबादत से सभी गुनाह नष्ट हो जाते है?

That’s how he has been taking advantage of our faith. Why are people suffering today? It is because we are worshiping Satan instead of the true AllahTala.

Allah created the universe in six days and went back to the eternal place Satlok on the seventh day, thereafter the Satan (Kaal) – the devil took over the proceedings and manipulated us so as to keep us away from AllahTala.Satan (Kaal Brahm) keeps us entangled in his web of karmas here. He has manipulated the entire Muslim community and made them commit sins which are against the Constitution of the Supreme Almighty.

Why Satan Sent Zibrael to Deliver Quran?

It is because of the fact that he has been cursed to consume the dirt from the souls of 1 lakh humans and produce 1.25 lakh humans daily and that is why we are experiencing the agony of birth and death again and again in one form or another.

By giving us the practices against the Constitution of Supreme God, we will continue to remain here and will be served as food to him after our deaths. By giving Holy Quran Sharif, Satan (Kaal Brahm) has done every possible thing to keep us away from attaining God and His benefits. Orders mentioned about killing animals, keeping fasts, etc are not the orders from Allah, they are the dictation of Satan (Kaal Brahm) so as to satisfy his own hunger. 

Entire muslim community believes that the speaker of Quran Sharif is Supreme and he has knowledge above all about the creation of universe. In Holy Quran Sharif, surat furqan 25 ayat 59, narrator of Holy Quran Sharif is telling us to go in refuge of a Bakhabar or Ilam wala for receiving the knowledge about the Almighty. The narrator doesn’t know about it. Now wonder, if the narrator would have been Allah then how come he is not aware about the method of attaining him? It is because he is not Allah. 

What Muslim Community Thinks? 

People from Muslim community have read the Holy Quran Sharif but aren’t able to understand it properly. For them Bakhabar is some intelligent person in the form of some priest or Maalvi who can make them understand Holy Quran Sharif. But understanding the gist out of Holy Scriptures is not everyone’s cup of tea. These priests and sages who do not have adequate spiritual knowledge are dangerous for a devotee as they are completely deprived of the true method of worship.

Also Read: Almighty Immortal God (Allah Kabir) in Quran Sharif (Islam)

A Bakhabar Saint is the sole representative of Allahu Akbar who will provide a devotee with the true method of worship which will give benefits that God gives to His devotees. As per Holy Quran Sharif in Surat Furqani 42:1 (Ain Seen Qaaf) and similar to Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta chapter 17:23 (Om-Tat-Sat), there is a mantra for salvation in which the words are indicative that are to be revealed by a Bakhabar or a Tatvdarshi Saint. (Holy Geeta ji chapter 4 verse 34). Hence, we are divided in different religions by Satan(Kaal). He keeps us entangled in his web of problems and pleasures so that we forget our prime motive of attaining the Supreme God or Supreme Allah. It is being written in Holy Suksham Ved or Kabir Sagar:

Wahi sanak sanandana, Wahi chaar yaari |

Tatvgyan jane bina, Bigdi baat saari ||

Saint Garibdasji from Haryana says about the prime goal of this human life in His sacred verses which is attainment of Almighty Allahu Akbar:

Manush janam paye kar, jo nahi rate Hari Naam |

Jaise kuua jal bina, fir banwaya kya kaam ||

Can Celebrating Eid al-Fitr 2024 Lead to Salvation?

Celebration of any festival can never lead to salvation. This is because salvation can be attained only when one is pardoned from all his sins. One can be freed from the burden of sins only by following the true way of worship of Almighty Supreme. Muslims carry out activities which are opposed to the constitution of Almighty while celebrating Eid such as preparing meals with animal flesh, giving money as charity, giving festive wishes to friends and relatives. Consumption of animal flesh is a grave sin. Give it a thought, you kill Almighty’s child for food and expect Him to be benevolent towards you and your family. Does it even sound correct? By giving wishes to others, you lose your good karmas. All these acts keep you entangled in karmic deeds.

FAQ about Eid al-Fitr 2024

Q. Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

Ans: The holy book of Muslims was given to Prophet Mohammed during this month. The sole purpose is to attain spiritual awakening as well as focus on religion and empathize with the weak and poor.

Q. How many Eids are there in a year?

Ans: There are two Eids in a year. Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha.

Eid al-Fitr 2024 Special | Who Is Allahu Akbar?

People from Muslim community consider Allah to be formless which is completely false. It is clearly mentioned in Holy Quran Sharif Surat Furqan 25 Ayat 59 that Allah has created the entire universe in six days and sat on His throne on the seventh day, the one ‘who sat on His throne’, can’t be formless? He is definitely in form. Even the Holy Bible says the same that God has created man of His own image, so He is definitely in form (Genesis 1:27). Now the question comes: who is that Allah? 

Kabir Saheb or Allah Kabir or Lord Kabir is that Supreme Power who descended upon the Holy land of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India 600 years ago. He was initially considered as a weaver but He revealed via His acts that He is indeed the Supreme Power. He taught humanity to people and had many hindu and muslim followers. 

Kabir Saheb is mentioned in Holy Quran Sharif Surah Furqan 25 Ayat 52 to Ayat 59, Holy Fazail-E-Amaal, Fazail E Zikr Ayat 1 mentioned Allah as Kabir

Surat Furqan 25 Ayat 52:


Translation: The narrator of Holy Quran Sharif is saying to Mohammad that you should not believe in Kafirs (one who considers that Kabir is not God) because they don’t consider Kabir as Allahu Akbar. You should remain firm on your decision and should struggle for God Kabir. 

Holy Fazail-E-Amaal Fazail E Zikr Ayat 1

‘Wallat Kabir Ballah Aala Maha dakoobwala Allah kumdar guru’

Translation: You should praise Almighty Allah Kabir. Kabir Allah is present everywhere i.e.Omnipresent for His pious souls and can save us from every sin. 

In a Sentence Name Can’t be Replaced With its Meaning!

Like Holy books of Muslim religion, the name of Kabir Saheb is also mentioned in Holy books of every other religion as the Supreme God. The one who can destroy our sins and can guarantee us happiness is Allah Kabir. And the narrator of Holy Quran Sharif is also urging Mohammad and other muslims to go into His refuge. Muslim community translates Kabir as “big” but this is a wrong translation, as in a sentence you can’t replace a name with it’s meaning, as the whole meaning of the sentence changes.

It is not easy for a muslim to digest this truth that Lord Kabir is that Allah, they always prayed to. It is because of the lack of True Spiritual Knowledge or Tatvgyan. Allah Kabir descends Himself to distribute the wealth of true spiritual knowledge for His pious souls. And He does it by playing the role of a Bakhabar Saint. So accept the Eidi of True Spiritual Knowledge on this Eid-al-Fitr 2024 from ALLAH KABIR

Who is That Bakhabar Saint?

Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is one and only Bakhabar or Tatvdarshi Saint present on this planet Earth as one and only representative of Allah Kabir. Because He has explained the gist out of every Holy Scripture so as to reveal the unique identity of Allah Kabir and method of attaining Him. Along with that he has been successfal in explaining to us the creation of the universe as created by Allah Kabir from all Holy Scriptures. These identifications are more than enough for identifying the representative of Allah Kabir. 

He has revealed us the hidden mantras of attaining God and His benefits as mentioned in Holy Scriptures with coded words. And has demonstrated via His devotees that these mantras are the genuine one for attaining God and His benefits. Because He has shown the range of His knowledge around the globe with His spiritual discourses, devotees from all the religions and places have started to take initiation from Him to understand the process of attaining benefits from God. 

So upon witnessing uneven changes occurring around and examining the level of enrichment in the knowledge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, a pious soul should not take much time and take Naam Diksha (Initiation) from Him to get his welfare done.

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