Islamic Sufi Saint AlKhijr (Al-Khidr): Is Al khidr still Alive?


Today in this blog, we are going to share information about AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) on topics such as who was AlKhijr, and what is the history & story of Islamic Sufi Saint Al-Khidr according to the Quran.

Who is AlKhijr (Al-Khidr)?

AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) is First Guru in Sufi Tradition: Sufis regard AlKhijr as their first Guru, they take initiation from Him and follow for life. They believe salvation can be achieved if they follow the enlightened saint Al-Khidr and His principles. Although they regard Him as a Saint only, the truth is that AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) is the Creator of the entire nature, Supreme God or Allah Kabir Himself. He also descended in India nearly 600 years ago, calling Himself a mere Messenger of God.

God Kabir always performs Lilas (Divine Play) like this to teach His Children the True Spiritual Knowledge and way of Worship of attaining God. Even today, the Sufi Fakir tradition is going on. The spiritual seekers, the holy Fakir wishfully living the life of poverty used to stay in the’ Khijr Hut‘. Shams Tabrizi and Rumi were mystical poets, philosophers, and Sufi fakirs, whom AlKhijr (Allah Kabir) had met. Understanding the Knowledge told by Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir), Shams inspired Rumi to discover the inner-self away from the external world.

Rumi had influence in Iran, Tajik, Turks, Greeks, Pashtun, Central Asia, South Asia, Europe, and America. Introducing Himself as a God’s Messenger, Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) invites those who are aligned to God and deliver them absolute knowledge. Sufi Saints Shams Tabrizi and Jalal Al-Din Rumi expressed the same beauty in their words.

AlKhijr (Al-Khidr)-The Mystery of true knowledge (True Mantras)

Shams-Tabrizi after meeting AlKhijr (Al-Khidr), i.e., Allah Kabir and understanding His Knowledge. The seeker should go to an enlightened saint, fall at his feet, and beg him for the Absolute Knowledge about the word. He will tell him about the mystery of the true word and he will feel the power of God and will lead the path of salvation. The seeker will have a high level of love for God and all his imaginations, doubts, and thoughts will go away. Just as God Kabir Ji has said in His Poetic Speech: 

 Kabir, Satguru bin kahu na paya Gyana| Jyon thotha bhus chhade kisana|| 

Allah Kabir Sahib

hams Tabrizi has then said that: everything is within. When you are in a state of oneness with God you will find Khizr or AL-Khidr (Allah Kabir). The door of the heart must open. No need for conversation is left.

Supreme God’s home is Satlok, not Mecca

Mecca which is in this world is not the true home of God; His real home is Satlok. It is 48000 quadrillion kilometers from earth. That place and every creation in it is eternal and never gets destroyed.

Saint Rumi’s Poem about AlKhijr (Al-Khidr)

The great Sufi mystic poet and enlightened Saint Rumi have quoted very frequently the name of first Guru Khizr (Al-Khidr) in his poems. Like Allah Kabir says

“We don’t die but the rest of the world; we got the supreme to accord immortality”.

■ Similarly, Rumi advises to choose inner music (as the outcome of mantra recitation) over the illusions:-

“In the darkness of entanglements,
Be patient and accepting.
To ‘Khizr’ in the darkness,
The water of life is coming.”

■ Further, the disciple in the lineage of AlKhijr (Allah Kabir), Sufi tradition Saint Rumi says in another poem:-

The sun of good fortune
Has ascended into the sky again.
The desire of all souls
Has arrived through souls again.
You ask, “Where is that coming from?
From that way, you seek and search.
You ask, “Which way then should I turn?”
Towards the way inside your head.
Towards the way where ripeness came to fruit.
Towards the way where stones became gems.
Towards the way were dried out fish
Came to life with ‘Khizr’.
Towards the way where Moses’ hand
Became luminous as the moon.
Towards that way where a nonbeliever
Turns in times of trouble.
Towards that way
Where he builds up faith on that side
When faced with pain on this side.

How to recognize an Enlightened Saint (AlKhijr)

The Holy Books explain that the Supreme God Kabir Sahib Comes from Eternal Abode to the earth at times and introduces human beings with Absolute Truth. By imparting spiritual knowledge to the pious souls, He goes back to the eternal place, Satlok. When He descends in human form His body is made of divine mass and not of bones, blood vessels, and breath. It is a firm belief among scholars that the hands of AlKhijr (Allah Kabir) were boneless and soft.

Popular Names of AlKhijr (Allah Kabir)

AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) is known with various names in various occasions some of them are:

  • Satsukrat in Satyuga
  • Munindra in Treta Yuga
  • Karunamaya in Dwaparyuga
  • Kabir in the Kalyuga

At times the Jinda Mahatma in the long black robe. Green saint in a green robe and Vegetation Deity descends in West Asia and South-Eastern Europe.

In various geographical regions and Holy Books, He is known with many names, for example

  1. al-Kidr, AlKhijr, al-Qadr, al-Qaadr, al-Kdra, al-Kedra in Arabic
  2. Khabira, Kabiran, Khabiran in the Holy Quran
  3. Kabir in holy fazail amal
  4. Hadr in Jews
  5. Kisir in Persian and Hijir in Turks
  6. Qatar, Khadar, Khadir, Khwaja Khijar, Khidr,
  7. AlKhijr (Al Khidr) in India and Sri Lanka; Kabir
  8. Kabira in Hindi, Kavirdev, Kaveerdev in Holy Vedas and in Sanskrit
  9. Kabir in Holy Orthodox Jewish Bible
  10. Kabir in Holy Guru Granth Sahib
  11. Elijah, Iliyas the Middle East and Greece
  12. Green George in the states of the Balkan Peninsula region of South-Eastern Europe
  13. Shams-e Tabrizi and Rumi were famous Sufi saints and Rumi had reached the USA and Europe as well.

Enlightened Saint is Omnipotent-AL Khidr

In a hard time, upon hearing the compassionate cry of the devotee, God appears and relieves their sufferings. In Turkey, old Fakir Hijir (al-Khidr), with a long white beard and white turban, is prevalent among masses. He is different from other saints, capable of giving everything. Hijir is the universally accepted God long before Mohammad and Jesus. Even today Hijr (AlKhijr) is revered as a deity who salvages the troubles of stray travelers. It is believed that Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) enjoys immortality by drinking Water of Life (Abu Hayat).

Story & History of AlKhijr (Al-Khidr)-Moses in Quran

Allah Kabir in the name of Al-Khidr has given the Knowledge to Moses. The Holy Quran Surah 18 indicates The Slave of Allah (AlKhijr) is giving knowledge to Moses. The story narrated in the Quran is: Having been inspired by the sermon delivered by Moses, a seeker asked him

“Is there someone on the earth who has better knowledge than you.”

■ Moses replies in negative and explains:

“Allah has delivered me knowledge directly and also gifted the book ‘Torah”.

Who has Absolute Knowledge?

Allah told Moses,

“There is one saint, rarely seen on earth, who has complete Absolute Knowledge given by me directly”

Excited Moses asked him, “Who is that sage, I wish to understand that part of knowledge from that sage, kindly tell me where I can find him so that I may meet him.” Allah told, “Carry a dead fish in a pot filled with water; go on until a place where the dead fish becomes alive and disappears at a junction of two rivers, each river respectively has water sweet and salty; at that place, you will find the enlightened saint.

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Soonest possible Moses along with his assistant carried a water pot with a dead fish in it and started his journey in search of the saint. They reached a junction where two rivers meet. Moses wished to take rest.

■  Dead fish escaped

While Moses was sleeping assistant noticed that the dead fish became alive and jumped into the river. When Moses woke up, the assistant forgot to inform him about the incidence of fish escaping the pot. Both started their journey. Moses felt hungry and demanded breakfast. The assistant remembered the incident and told Moses how the fish escaped at the place where he slept. Moses said:

“We were searching for that place and we need to go back to that place.”

Moses request to Saint AlKhijr for Absolute Knowledge

They went back to that place and Moses found a glittered face Saint AlKhijr. Moses greeted and requested him:

“Can I travel with you to learn Absolute Knowledge that Allah had delivered to you directly.”

The saint (Al-Khidr, Allah Kabir) said: “You do not seem to have the patience to listen to the untold knowledge.”

Moses said: “If it is the desire of Allah, I shall follow you without interruption”. The saint told Moses, “You will not ask me anything unless I tell you myself.” Moses sent his assistant back home.

Saint AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) damaged Boat

Both started the journey together. On the way, they found a boat in the water and the saint requested to find a place on the boat. The boatman agreed and provided a place without cost.” After some time, the saint broke a corner of the boat. Moses asked him, “Boatman has provided us space without the cost and you have damaged his boat.

You have done a bad thing.” Saint (AlKhijr) asked him, “had I not told you not to speak anything during the journey.” Moses said, “I forgot, please don’t mind it.”

Saint killed one person

They further traveled and met a boy. The saint (Al-Khidr) killed that boy. Moses asked him, “He was an innocent person, and you have killed him. You have done a bad thing.”

Saint (AlKhijr) asked him: “had I not told you not to speak anything during the journey.”

Moses said: “I shall not make any excuses next time and will terminate the journey with you if I repeat it further.”

Saint AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) protected a wall from collapse

They further traveled to a village and Moses asked the villagers for food, but they refused to give. At the same time, a wall was falling on the boy, but the saint (Al-Khidr) stopped it from falling and made it straight aligned again and started on a further journey.

Moses asked him: “why did you not claim wage from the boy against your service rendered for wall, we would have bought food.”

Saint (Al-Khidr) asked him: “had I not told you not to speak anything during the journey.” Khidr terminated the journey.

Saint’s the reasoning of his 3 acts

Before departing, the saint (AlKhijr) explained to Moses the reasons for his acts against which Moses could not resist speaking.

  • Incidence 1: He broke the boat because a king on a journey would have captured his new boat but will spare him now since the boat is broken and boatman can use it with the repair.
  • Incidence 2: He killed the boy since he would have disturbed his god praying parents. God will give a good child to the parents who will care for them.
  • Incidence 3: He did not ask for wages against the wall since the boy and his brother were orphans and their father was a man of justice. A lot of treasure was under the wall. God wanted to give them a long life and the treasure for a happy living.

Saint Said:

“God wanted all this to be done and I did everything based upon the advice of God.”

Key learning from the story

The story in the Holy Quran Sharif gives a message for exercising patience and to have full faith in God’s actions. Allah Kabir always does things that ultimately deliver good results. The Absolute Knowledge seekers should not conclude on each step but should wait till the end. The outcome will always be positive and useful for them.

Worship of Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir)

Allah Kabir worship in the form of AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) was prevalent on the banks of the Mediterranean sea, from Turkey Antalya to Beirut, Lebanon via Syria. There were large numbers of domed shrines made of white stone that was equipped with large enclosures and lighthouses. At present, there is a regular rush of pilgrims throughout the year. On July 1, the peasants come here with their flocks.

Thousands of people participate in a ceremony organized by minority Shia or Alevi sects in Arasuz (between Antakia and Iskenderun). On this day, sea saltwater gets refreshed and devotees go into the sea. However, that’s not the correct way to Worship Him.

Elijah in Christianity

In Christianity prophet, Elijah hears the cry of his devotees. Hundreds of religious sites have been set up for Elijah in the Middle East and Greece. Many Muslim and catholic scholars believe that both Elijah and Khidr (Allah Kabir) are one. Interestingly, Turkish, Arabic, and Jews consider Elijah and Hizir to be different. It is noteworthy that on May 6, it is celebrated as Hizir-Ilyas Day, Ilyas is the Turkish form of the word Elijah.

The Turks usually call it Hidirellez. Defenders of the passengers, to distinguish, Elijah was called to be the protector of sea travelers whereas Hizir of land travelers. Both are found in the space between the confluence of two rivers and the open sea. The two go on a pilgrimage to Mecca once a year. We want to inform the readers that Elijah is also a Form of Allah Kabir that He acquires to tell His Spiritual Knowledge to all His Souls, and this concludes that Elijah and AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) are One.

Green Sage

In Greece and other Balkan states, the Green sage is known as ‘Green George’. During Spring festival celebrations, the statue of a young man is decorated with green leaves from head to toe as symbolic devotion to the Vegetation Deity ‘Green George’. Symbols of planting, harvesting, and breeding, the idol of God is immersed in water after performing rituals in this festival.

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Even today, countless Christian communities celebrate the festival of ‘Green George’ replacing ‘St. George’. The celebration of ‘Green George’ and ‘St George’ festival on April 23 is not a mere coincidence. The day of April 23 is considered sacred for Hijri in the old calendar as well.

The Green Sage is also Allah Kabir Ji. He takes such different forms just to tell us the true spiritual Knowledge and way of Worship to attain God. Saint Garibdas Ji says in his Sacred Speech: 

Garib, anant koti Avtar hain, ye nou chitve buddhi naash| Khalik khele khalak mein, chhai ritu barah maas||

Sant Garibdas Ji

■ Meaning: Saint Garibdas Ji says that the Khalik, i.e, the Creator Allah Kabir takes infinite Incarnations on the Earth. Those who consider only nine Incarnations of the Allah are devoid of spiritual Knowledge.

Muhammad and AlKhijr seen walking together

■ Al-Zuhad describes Muhammad saying:

“Al-Khidr and Elijah both spend one month’s time together in Jerusalem during Ramjan.”

Some believe AlKhijr (Allah Kabir) and Elijah are one person. Elijah is mentioned five times in the Bible whereas two times in the Quran. Umar II describes the person walking with Muhammad was none but Al-Khidr. Abu Zura Al Razi describes, Muhammad met AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) twice, once when Muhammad was the young and second time when Muhammad had become old, but Al-Khidr appeared the same.

Allah Kabir also says,

Hum Muhammad ku vahan le gayo| Ichcha rupi vahan nahi rahayo|| Ulat Muhammad mahal pathaya| Guj Biraj ek kalama laya|| 

Allah Kabir

■ Meaning: Supreme God Kabir says that He met Muhammad taught him His Knowledge and took him to His eternal Place, but Muhammad didn’t accept His Knowledge. So, God Kabir sent Prophet Muhammad back to his body.

SA News Channel

Uyun Akhbar Al-Rida describes Ali saying while passing through a lane in Madina Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) met Muhammad and me and also talked to us. Al-Bayhaqi says, After the death of Muhammad, his body was kept for the last visit, AlKhijr also visited him, only Ali could recognize him and informed people there. Another incidence of Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) with Ali describes, Al-Khidr initiated Ali with Dua (Naam Mantra) and told him to keep reciting this name, all his sins will be eliminated.

 Saint Garibdas Ji has also supported this in his Sacred Speech: 

Ali Allah ka sher hai|| 

Saint Garibdas Ji

■ Meaning: Ali is a pious soul of Allah.

The devotee of all faith visit to Village of AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) in Sri Lanka

Prophet Moses had drawn his spiritual path with al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) from Kataragama in Sri Lanka. Devotees claim to have seen the ‘living prophet’ (Arabic: Hyatt Prophet) Al-Khidr. Presently, there is a Khijar Maqam or al-Khijar spiritual center at the prestigious site of Maul Hayat in Kataragama. Holy Mahdi Mosque is there. The seekers go to Kataragama in search of angel AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) and to secret underground water of immortality.

The devotees of every faith and community, Buddhists, South Indian Hindus, Muslims, and Christians join yatra for about two months at Kapp Hithanawa festival starting the pilgrimage from Nagadeepa, Selvakani, Vallipuram, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee, and Battikoa to Kataragama. They revolve around Shri Pad (Adam Shikhar). The festival is inaugurated with a flag hoisting ceremony at the Holy Mosque. Those devotees who are not able to go on pilgrimage, they seek blessing from the pilgrims. But let us tell you the correct and easiest way to meet and see Him, shortly. First, let’s know if He is still alive.

Is Al Khidr Still Alive?

Yes, Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir) is still alive. Currently, in the Form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, AlKhijr (Al-Khidr) is still imparting the same Scripture-based Spiritual Knowledge and Way of Worship that He had given to Shams Tabrizi and Rumi.
yes Al khidr still Alive as saint rampal ji

How can you meet AlKhijr (Al-Khidr)?

It is an Islamic belief that every human meets Al-Khidr at least once in life. The challenge is to identify Him. But let’s tell you the best way to meet Him. Here is how to meet AlKhijr: To meet Al-Khidr (Allah Kabir), you need to take Initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj because He Himself is Al-Khidr.

Presently Enlightened Saint: Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

The Enlightened Saint Khwaja Khidr or Kabir provides devotion in every period and expropriate the sufferings of the devotees. At present, enlightened saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only one complete Spiritual Teacher in the entire world who is giving knowledge of Absolute Truth from the land of Haryana province in India. Saint Rampal Ji shares lineage of enlightened Gurus with Saint Garib Das Ji Maharaj in the Guru -Disciple tradition started by Supreme God Kabir Saheb.

For spiritual growth, kindly listen to Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji’s auspicious sermon at 7:30-8.30 pm daily on the Sadhana channel. Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only complete saint in this world. You are humbly requested to take free name initiation from Him and make your life purposeful.

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