Biography of Tamerlane (Taimur/Timur Lang)-How did Timur die?


Last Updated on 22 November 2021, 6:15 PM IST: Today we are going to share hidden information about Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) such as what does Timur means?, what is Biography and history of Taimur lang (Taimur/Timur Lang)?, How did (Taimur/Timur Lang) die?, who was the mother and father of Taimur lang? How was the sage Jinda (Almighty god Kabir sahib/Al-Khidr) played a massive role in his life? ETC…. so let’s start.

Taimur lang or (Taimur/Timur Lang) History and Biography

According to the Biography of Taimur Lang: Tamerlane is a name in the history that which doesn’t need any introduction, but there are things which are needed to be told, as they are left out intentionally. The real name of Taimur lang was “Shoujo Ud Ain Taimur Bin Taraghay Barlas”, he was the founder of the Timurid Empire & Timurid Dynasty, which survived until 1857.

Where and When was born Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang)

Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) was born in 1336 A.D ( Chagatai region) to Amir Taraghay (father) & Tekina Khatun (mother) in a Persian city, now known as Shahrisabz and is situated in modern-day Uzbekistan.

Who was the Father and Mother of Taimur lang (Tamerlane/Timur)?

The father of Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) was Amir Taraghay. Not much is known about the father of Taimur lang, but after his father’s death, Tekina Khatun & Taimur lang lived in the utmost poverty. Sometimes they slept without any food while sometimes they could muster just enough for both of them, Taimur’s mother Takina Khatun was a very religious good-hearted person, despite the poverty Taimur’s mother was always helping & feeding the needy, the travellers or the hungry sages who turned up on their door, as much as they could.

Did Almighty meet Taimur lang (Tamerlane)?


Taimur from a very young age started herding goats & sheep of the rich people in exchange of flour during the day and in the evening he worked in an iron workshop in exchange for food. Life was tough in those times as crops were dependent on rains only. When Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) was 18 years old, the Almighty (KABIR sahib)(al khidr) came to him as a Jinda sage while he was herding his flock of sheep & goats.

  • In order to test them, the Almighty met Taimur lang when he had already eaten his food & so did his mother & there was flour left only for one bread (roti) for the evening.
  • Almighty Kabir sahib acted like a famished sage as if he had not eaten for many days & asked Taimur lang (Tamerlane) for some food.
  • Since, by that time Taimur had already eaten, he requested the sage to take care of his sheep & goats so he could run to home which was just nearby & bring food for the sage.The Jinda sage agreed to look after his herd.
  • Taimur lang ran to the home and told his mother to cook for the sage. His mother immediately gathered all the leftover flour meant for the evening and made a single bread (Roti) & wrapped it carefully in a cloth, filled a container with water & herself went along with Taimur to offer the food to the sage.

Sage Jinda’s Blessings to the Taimur Lang (Tamerlane/Timur)


When the Almighty in the form of sage was having the ‘roti’, the mother of Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) kept on praising the sage Jinda & in between kept on telling the sage, how poor they were. She was requesting the sage for blessing and telling him that they are very poor and many times they don’t even have food. The sage, after eating the roti, drank the water. Immediately afterwards sage took hold of a thin chain with which the people in those times used to tie their goats.

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The Jinda sage lashed the rope seven times on Taimur lang’s waist, then started to hit him with legs & fists. After watching these actions of the sage, Taimur lang’s mother thought that she had asked way too much and that’s why the sage is beating her son. So his mother pleaded with the sage to forgive her son if he had done any mistake.



How did Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) get seven generations of rule?

Almighty Allah Kabir Sahib or Al Khidr in the form of a sage Jinda told her that, I have blessed your son with seven generations of rule by those seven lashes.

  1. He (Sage Jinda) said that Taimur’s seven generations will rule the empires and after the seven generations of rule, their empire will get disintegrate into many smaller states by the beatings of punches and kicks.
  2. The mother thought that the sage has lost his mind, he can’t afford a single day’s meal & is granting my son the rule of seven generations, While she sat in her scepticism, the sage vanished right in front of them.

After a few days, the local sultan, who used to kidnap young girls to appease his lust, sent a few soldiers to kidnap a girl from Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang)’s village. As they were dragging the helpless girl away, Taimur lang came to her rescue and started to attack those soldiers with his herding stick. But as he was alone & was outnumbered by the soldiers, he was beaten almost to death. Thinking that he has died, they left him & took the girl. After he regained consciousness, he went back home & told about his ordeal. When the villagers came to know about his bravery, his popularity & respect rose among the villagers, but the beating left a permanent mark, making him lame. (Hence the name Taimur lang came to being).

soldiers kidnapping girl from Taimur lang

How Taimur Lang becomes king of Delhi?

One night when Taimur lang was sleeping, the Almighty Kabir Sahib came in his dream & told Taimur (Timur) that the iron workshop he works at, is containing a hidden treasure under the floor. He told him that when he would go to work the next day, he should ask the owner of the workshop to sell the place to him & promise to pay his money in two months & Almighty Kabir Saheb said him that he will change the owner’s mindset in his favour.

When Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) woke up, he shared his dream with his mother, who said that she too saw the sage in her dreams but couldn’t understand what he was saying. The workshop owner, from many days, was thinking about selling his present property & was planning to move to a more spacious place which that he already owned.


When Taimur lang offered to buy his plot, the workshop owner readily agreed & was even ready to accept the payment after one year, but Almighty sage (KABIR sahib) had told Taimur lang to give the money within two months, so a deal was struck & the iron workshop owner moved to a newer place. Taimur with the help of his mother erected a wall around the plot and at night he dug up the floor to find the treasure.


The sage had further told Taimur lang to start trading in sheep, goats & horses so no one may suspect his sudden success. Within a year he had established a thriving business & erected a house for himself, he hired local boys to take care of his horses. But Taimur always kept in mind the incident in which the girl of his village was kidnapped by the local sultan.

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Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) wanted to kill the sultan for his shameful act. So he started to manufacture swords on his iron workshop himself & started to recruit young villagers & shared his intentions with the youths of the village & promised to pay them a silver coin every month. In those days making a single silver coin was impossible. So youngsters joined his army in great numbers. With their help, Taimur lang attacked the sultan and defeated him and took control of his sultanate. But he didn’t kill him; rather he sent him to live in a village & even gave him a pension.


After that, there was no stopping in his conquest of the world, the area he conquered then now comprise of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, large parts of Turkey & Syria & the northwestern portions of India(Delhi).

How Did Timur (Taimurlang) Die?

When the 80-years-old Taimurlang had gone for hunting, God met him again in the form of the Jinda Saint. He explained to him that if he did not perform worship, he would fall in hell. Kabir Saheb reminded Taimurlang how he had only one Roti at home. At that time, Taimurlang fell at the feet of Baba and took initiation. Then, he handed over the kingdom to his grandson. He lived for ten more years. That soul is in birth and death. But the seed of worship has been sown. If God had asked him to do worship in that poverty, he wouldn’t have believed it. Only Supreme God Kabir ji knows how a soul can be freed from the clutches of Kaal.

Taimur lang atrocities

In his conquests, Taimurlang (Taimur/Timur Lang) killed at least 17 million people, which represented 5% of the world population of that time. Taimur lang conquered more than anyone else except for Alexander the Great. Today, there is only one sage who is imparting true spiritual knowledge from all our Holy Scriptures to help people identify the true Almighty and his name is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Kindly listen to his spiritual sermons on Sadhna TV Channel from 7:30 pm onwards or to download or order free books kindly visit book-order

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