Dhanteras Puja 2023: Know on Dhanteras the Method of Accumulating True Wealth


Last Updated on 9 November 2023 IST | Dhanteras Puja Vidhi 2023: Today through this blog, information will be shared about the festival of Dhanteras and will further guide you about the Scripture based worship that one should follow to attain happiness and prosperity. To know all this, just go through the blog completely.

What Is Dhanteras?

Dhanteras 2023 Puja: Dhanteras popularly known as Dhanotrayodashi is a Hindu festival celebrated in many parts of India. This festival marks the beginning of the great Hindu Diwali – The Festival of light. The word Dhanteras is made up of 2 words, ‘Dhan’ which means wealth and ‘Teras’ which means thirteen i.e. it falls on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha and falls in the month of Kartik as per Hindu calendar. It is celebrated 1-2 days before the day of Diwali.

Which God Is Worshiped on Dhanteras?

This festival basically relates to the worship of goddess Lakshmi, lord Dhanvantari, and lord Kuber. But as a custom, lord Ganesha is also worshiped before them. People wish for wealth and prosperity in return for their worship. But, in reality, the worship of these can’t yield wealth to anyone.

What Is Dhanteras 2023 Date and Time?

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi 2023 | This year Dhanteras 2023 Puja is on 10th of November but in reality, this festival is against the scriptures and such activities won’t give benefit to devotees as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 shloka 23.

What Is the Significance of Dhanteras Puja?

The actual significance of any such festival is in understanding the meaning of the festival as per our Holy Scriptures. This festival is however related to worship of goddess Lakshmi and lord Dhanvantari (an incarnation of lord Vishnu) who are considered to be immortal which is totally false and baseless. And thus worshiping them for our whole lives is no way near attaining God. Nowadays everyone longs for success, happiness and prosperity but expecting benefits from these gods (who themselves are dependent on that Supreme God for their needs), is far from reality and thus pointless.

Dhanteras Puja Vidhi 2023: Currently, people seem to be neglecting the facts associated with our Holy Scriptures, because of the fake priests and sages who are misleading common people just to make a source of money out of them over and over again. And, thus, no one is aware of the fact that the prime objective of this human life is the attainment of that Supreme God. This human life is very precious and, thus, we should take its full advantage by worshiping that Supreme God.

God Kabir Sahib also says:-

Kabir, Manush janam durlabh hai, Mile na baaram bar |

Taruvar se pata tut gire, Bahur na lage daar ||

Supreme God Kabir Is the Only All-Capable God

Dhanteras Puja 2023 | Our Holy Scriptures clearly indicate that no other God is immortal and capable enough to shelter us except that Supreme God. As all other gods have some limited potentials and can give us which is already there in our destiny. While on the other hand, the Supreme God can ease all our hardships irrespective of our destiny. These Tridev (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) along with their mother Goddess Durga are themselves entrapped here in this Kaal Lok and are bound to perform their respective duties like all of us. We have forgotten the Supreme God who can liberate us from this ferocious cycle of birth and death. Kabir Saheb says through His Verses:-

Brahma vishnu shiv gunn teen kahaya |

Shakti aur niranjan raya ||

Inki pooja chale jagg mahi |

Param Purush koi janat nahi ||

What Do Holy Scriptures Say About the Worship of Tridev, Durga and Kaal?

It is very evident and clear from our Holy Scriptures that worship of anything except the Supreme God is useless. We will present you with some proofs from our Holy Scriptures which will help you in understanding the same.

  • In Holy Devi Puran (Geeta Press Gorakhpur), 3rd Skand, chapter 5, page number 123, lord Vishnu clearly states to his mother goddess Durga that we three Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are into the cycle of birth and death and perform our respective duties under her by every means. Along with this, in Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita verse 7:12-15, worshippers of these Three Gunas or Tridev are designated as demons in the form of Humans. Hence, worshiping these gods is not in accordance with Holy Scriptures.
  • Secondly, in Holy Devi Puran (Gita Press Gorakhpur), chapter 36, 7th skand page 562-563, goddess Durga is telling Himalaya king to reject her worship and go in the refuge of Brahm (who is also the narrator of Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita as per verse 11:32 and Holy Vedas) and chant mantra ‘Om’ (Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta chapter 8:13)
  • Thirdly, now this Brahm who is the narrator of Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita is saying that I am also in the cycle of birth and death. He also reveals that all the demigods and deities reside under me and are into the cycle of birth and death as per Holy Geeta ji verse 2:12, 4:5, 4:9, 10:2, and 8:16. This Brahm is also called Kaal or Jyoti Niranjan.

He also advises Arjun in verse 18:62 that you should go to the refuge of some other Supreme God (Imperishable God) by which you can attain salvation and the Eternal Place Satyalok where the Supreme God resides.

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Dhanteras Puja Vidhi 2023: Therefore, on matching above proofs one can easily come to the conclusion that our Holy Scriptures indicate that there is some other Supreme God who is different from those who are currently known. And, by whose worship we can clear all our mutual debts and our hassle of birth and death into 84 Lakh life forms of animals and birds. Kabir Saheb Ji also says:-

Brahma vishnu maheshwar maya, Aur dharamray kahiye |

In paancho mil parpanch banaya, Vaani Humari lahiye ||

In paancho mil jeev atkaye, Jugan jugan Hum aan chutaye |

Bandi Chhod Humara Naamam, Ajar amar hai asthir thaamam ||

Let This Dhanteras 2023 Puja Be the Change

As per Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita verse 16:23, any sort of worship done opposite to the Holy Scriptures is useless and won’t give us anything. And, there are rituals associated with Dhanteras which are completely opposite to our Holy Scriptures. These are mentioned below:-

  • Idol worship of Lord Vishnu, Kuber and goddess Lakshmi prohibited:- As per Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 17:23 OM-TAT-SAT is the mantra for salvation, nothing else. As we have learnt from above that these gods are not the Supreme one. Hence their worship must be rejected. 

Kabir Saheb Ji also says:-

Indra kuber issh ki padvi, Brahma varun dharamraya |

Vishnunath ke pur ku jakar, Bahur aputha aaya ||

  • Recitation of Dhanteras Katha Prohibited:- The benefits of narration and listening of a Katha can only be achieved when it is about the Supreme God and is done by the True Narrator sent by the Supreme God. Hence, doing Dhanteras Katha is useless.

Kabir Saheb Ji says:

Kabir, Katha karo Kartar ki, Suno katha Kartar |

Aan katha suniye nahi, Kahe Kabir Vichar ||

  • Excessive Wealth is Useless:- Accumulating wealth is not the prime goal of human life. And, excessive wealth always results in destruction. So one should not wish for excessive wealth.

Kabir Saheb Ji also says:

Kabir, Yeh maya atpati, Sab ghat aan adi |

Kis kis ku samjhau, Kuye bhaang padi ||

A person will be considered rich if he is enriched with true worship, otherwise having money is useless.

Kabir Saheb says:

Kabir, Sab jagg nirdhana, Dhanvanta nahi koye |

Dhanvanta soi janiye, Ram Naam dhan hoye ||

Who is the Supreme God?

Lord Kabir is that Supreme God worthy of being worshiped regardless of the occasion. He is the Invincible power that is fostering everything everywhere. The One who is the creator of this entire universe and comes in all the four ages so as to take us out from this Kaal lok and end our brutal cycle of birth and death. He does this by playing a divine play in the form of a Tatvdarshi Saint (Truly Enlightened Saint) in all the four ages to reveal His true Identity. Lord Kabir says:-

Satyug mein Sat Sukrit keh tera | Treta Naam Muninder Mera |

Dwapar mein Karunamay kahaya | Kalyug Naam Kabir dharaya ||

He reveals His True Spiritual Knowledge or TATVGYAN which is the creation of the universe, in front of us, so that we can give up the false religious practices and can attain salvation with ease. He makes us aware about the status of all the well-known gods. Saint Garib Das Ji from Haryana has described the Glory of Lord Kabir in His Verses:-

Avigat Ram Kabir hai, Chakwe Avinashi |

Brahma vishnu wajir hai, Shiv karat khawasi ||

It is by the Grace of that God that we came to know about what is the real aim of this human birth. A common person cannot have such an immense knowledge without His grace and after coming into His refuge one does not have to fear from anything in this Kaal lok.

Garib, Avigat ki Avigat Katha, Avigat hai sab khyal |

Avigat su Avigat mile, Kar jore tab kaal ||

Lord Kabir is the Imperishable God mentioned in all of the Holy Scriptures irrespective of any religion. Some of the proofs are mentioned below:-

  • He is mentioned in Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 2:17, 7:29, 8:1, 8:3, 8:8-10, 15:4, 15:17, 18:62,64,66 with the name as Param Akshar Purush and Kavir Dev.
  • Holy RigVeda, Mandal no 9: Sukt 20 Mantra 1, Sukt 82 Mantra 1-2, Sukt 86 Mantra 26-27, Sukt 94 Mantra 1, Sukt 96 Mantra 16-20 and in Holy YajurVeda in Chapter 29 Verse 25 and in various other verses, Lord Kabir is mentioned as Kavir Dev.

We can only attain the Supreme God in a human birth by doing Scripture based worship as per verse 17:23 of Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta which is OM-TAT-SAT in which Tat And Sat are indicative words which are to be revealed by a Tatvdarshi Sant (as per Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta verse 4:34).

Garib, Karta Aap Kabir hai, Avinashi Bad Allah |

Ram Rahim Karim Hai, Keejo Surti Nigah ||

Who Can Help Us Achieve God?

Currently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only one who stands tall on all the definitions of a Tatvdarshi Sant or Satguru and is also giving the recitation of mantras in accordance with Holy Scriptures. Along with this He has been successful in explaining the meaning of verses 15:1-4 and the gist of all the Holy books in relevance with creation of the universe (Holy Srimad Bhagavad Geeta verse 14:3-5). And with such an explanation it is very easy for a common man to differentiate between right and wrong now. Kabir Saheb says:-

Kabir, Nau Mann Sut Ulajhiya, Rishi Rahe Jhak Marr |

Satguru Aisa Suljhade, Uljhe na Duji Barr ||

He is proving day by day through His devotees that worshiping the Supreme God by taking Naam Initiation through His True Saint can be the remedy of all sorts of problems of a human life. Therefore on examining all of this one should not waste one’s time and take refuge under Him so as to make the future secure. To attain True Worship and know how to Attain True Almighty, kindly listen to the Spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal ji Maharaj. To Take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please fill the initiation form.

FAQs About Dhanteras Puja 2023

Question: When is Dhanteras celebrated every year?

Answer:  Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th Lunar Day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik Month every year.

Question: When is Dhanteras 2023?

Answer: This year Dhanteras 2023 will be celebrated on 10th of November 2023. 

Question: How do people celebrate Dhanteras?

Answer: A Large number of people celebrate Dhanteras by purchasing gold and silver items and deck up in new clothes. They also decorate their homes with lights and colors to welcome God Dhanvantri. 

Question: How should one celebrate Dhanteras?

Answer: One should righteously accumulate the wealth of the mantra given by the True Guru. Presently the only SatGuru in the universe is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on all days including Dhanteras. 

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