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Age of Hindu gods (Deities) by Saint Rampal Ji: Who is the Immortal God?


Age of Hindu gods (Deities): The human life is like a speck of dust in this vast playground of Param Akshar Bhram KABIR (Supreme GOD, ALLAH Akhbar) vs Brahm (Satan, Kaàl). But it is a mighty important one. The human birth is so important that even the Angels, gods (Devtas) crave for it. It is because only as a human being can we reach for Supreme GOD.

Age of Hindu gods: Deities also die in these 21 universes

The human body is a portal to reach other dimensions. Dimensions are ruled by these gods (angelic beings, Gods) and these gods too want to reach to Supreme GOD (Param Akshar Brahm) cause only by reaching HIM can we truly be free of this curse of birth & death. We think Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji & Shiv Ji to be immortal but do you know they too have a certain age.

They too die after a certain age & get replaced by a new Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva. Let us see what age do they have. Like humans & animals take birth & die so do these angels, & gods. There is no stability in these 21 universes of Brahm (Satan, Kaal) because over a period of time Brahm dies too.

Age of Hindu gods (Deities): The Tenure of one INDRA

Age of Hindu gods (Deities)-Jagatguru Rampal Ji: Indra stays on the post of the king of heaven for 72 Chaukadi, I.e., 72 Chaturyug. One Chaturyug consists of Satyayug + Tretayug + Dwaparyug + Kalyug, which is 1728000 + 1296000 + 864000 + 432000 respectively. The combined period of Satyayug + Tretayug + Dwaparyug + Kalyug, that is a period of 43 lakh 20 thousand years makes one Chaturyug. That worshipper enjoys the luxuries of the king of heaven on the post of Indra for 72 such Chaturyugs.

Age of Hindu gods (Deities): The Age of Brahma

In one KALP, that is in one day (which is of one thousand eight [1008] Chaturyugs) of Brahma Ji, 2 KALP’s make 24 hours of Brahma Ji. In this way 14 KALP make 7 days of Brahma. Like this in 60 KALP a month is made, then 730 KALP make 12 months which is one year. Like this 73,000 KALP makes 100 years of Brahma & when one Brahma dies a new young Brahma is placed on that throne.

The age of Vishnu, Shiv and Brahm (Kaal, Satan)

Like this when 7 Brahma’s die in 511,000 KALP then One Vishnu dies & when seven Vishnu dies in 3,577,000 KALP One Shiv dies & when 70,000 Shiv dies in 250,390,000,000 KALP one Brahm (Kaal) dies then Pralay-Judgement day (destruction of the 21 universes of Brahm, Satan) happens.

The age of Akshar Brahm (Akshar Purush)

When one Braham dies this time frame is one yuga. Par Brahm’s one day consists of such 1000 yugas and night is also of the same duration. In this manner, a month comprises 30 such days and a year comprises 12 such months. Par Brahm (akshar brahm) lives for 100 years and when such 100 years gets passed away the Par Brahm too dies. And when Par Brahm dies all his 700 quadrillion (7 sankh) universes & Brahm’s 21 universes get destroyed that is known as Mahapralay (the complete destruction of everything it is also known as the Biblical end of the day’s).

Who is indestructible and immortal?

But in all this mayhem one place never ever gets destroyed that is SATLOK (Sachkhand, true heaven) the Abode of Supreme GOD LORD KABIR. All those spirits who are living in Satlok never have to die. Their bodies are not made of 5 elements like ours on planet earth. Their bodies are made of only one element & that element is of light. Souls in Satlok never need to procreate they create any number of babies by merely using their word power. It’s a world where souls live in peace harmony & brotherhood, its place where there is no work, only pleasure

According to the rules of Satpurush KABIR sahib, his Son Achint destroys all the 700 quadrillions (7 Sankh) universes of Par Brahm & 21 universes of Brahm in biggest total destruction (Mahapralay) & then again nature is created. This is how KABIR sahib (Puran Brahm) says many crores of Brahm have died but not a single moment of my life has passed. This shows Satpurush Puran Brahm KABIR sahib doesn’t age that HE is, in fact, the immortal being.

Brahm says find that Enlightened (Tatvdarshi) Saint.

Brahm (Kaal), the narrator of Holy Gita, is himself saying in Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok 18 that all these knowledgeable souls are noble as such, but, because of not finding an enlightened (Tatvdarshi) Saint who gives the real way of worship they end up praying to my (anuttamam) inferior worship in the hope of attaining salvation.

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For the worship of Supreme GOD (PuranBrahm), in Holy Gita Adhyay 4 shlok 34, Brahm (Kaal), the narrator of Holy Gita, is himself stating that for attaining salvation one must find that enlightened Sant.

Who is providing True knowledge of Supreme GOD?

Today, on this earth there are many who are trying to give knowledge of Supreme GOD. But only an enlightened saint can provide true spiritual knowledge and that enlightened saint will also be the true Satguru. And there is only one such saint on this earth who is providing that true spiritual knowledge in accordance to all the Holy books such as Vedas, Puran, Quran, Bible, Guru Granth sahib that is Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Official Youtube

By taking initiation from the true teacher i.e. Satguru one person must follow his given rules for his whole life then only will that soul will get complete comfort, & happiness, & complete salvation. Finding & doing true worship is very important in life as without it a soul is always in suffering & the suffering will grow further if he after death ends up in the cycle of birth and death in 84 lakh species which is equal to suffering in hell but at a much slower pace. That is the reason it becomes very important to attain complete salvation & one can only do that by taking initiation from a Satguru.

How to acquire Initiation?

For more information on how Supreme GOD Puran Brahm created this world one can always see Satsangs of Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj on TV channel:-

Auspicious Sermons of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

  • Sadhna channel 7:30 to 8:30 pm
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After taking initiation from complete Saint Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj & follow his rules properly GOD KABIR always stays with that soul even his age is increased to undertake true worship.
The initiation is given completely free & all the items necessary for the same are provided free of cost to the devout person. For more information, One Can download the book Gyan Ganga PDF.

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