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Delhi Metro and Noida Metro: Know about the Real Journey


Delhi and Noida Metros News: The Delhi Metro resumed its operation after a gap of 169 days suspension due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Gradual expansion in phase manner will complete on September 13. The Covid-19 protocol is in full effect. Other destinations in Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, and Bahadurgarh are also following the speedy regular operation. Know how to resume a real journey.

Delhi Metro: 169 days later, the Metro resumed operation in a phased manner

Delhi Metro and Noida Metro Highlights

  • The DMRC, NMRC, and Rapid Metro resumed its operation after a gap of 169 days
  • The operation will expand between Sep 7-13 in a phased manner
  • Covid-19 protocol implemented strictly to prevent its spread
  • Metro authorities have made all preparations
  • Police entrusted to enforcement to follow all norms strictly
  • The Satguru gives the guarantee of everyday joy and Salvation.

Delhi Metro and Noida Metro: Metro Resumed Operation Partly After 169 Days

The Delhi Metro resumed its operation after a gap of 169 days suspension due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The first Metro from Yellow Line left for Samaypur Badli (Delhi) from Huda City Centre (Gurugram) at 7 am on Monday. The Delhi Police has also deployed for crowd management outside all stations. Metro arranged the passengers’ safe journey and appealed to them to avoid unnecessary interaction. The Delhi Metro will currently operate with 20 percent of passengers.

Delhi Metro & Noida Metro: Aqua Line and Rapid Metro also Resume

The Aqua line will have entry and exit from only one gate at 15 stations of Noida-Greater Noida Metro. In the first phase, the yellow line (from Samaypur Badli to Huda City Centre) and rapid Metro in Gurugram will be operated in two shifts. The stations connected to this line, which are within the ambit of the container zone, will remain closed.

Delhi Metro and Noida Metro: DMRC Ensure Expansion in Phased Manner

Two days later, DMRC will open other lines in phase-wise from 9th to 12th September. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has appealed to the passengers to travel in the Metro and not to talk unnecessarily to each other in the coach and had finalized the operational preparedness by Sunday evening to avoid the apprehension of corona spread. The Metro service will be available at present between 7-11 am and 4-8 pm. With all corona prevention measures, DMRC will currently operate Metro with 20% passenger capacity.

Strict Implementation of Corona Protocol and Smart Card Compulsory

DMRC has made use of a smart card necessary for travel. It will strictly adhere to the Covid-19 protocol. The Union Government had discontinued the Metro services on March 22 due to lockdown. DMRC and Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot have appealed to the passengers to adhere to the rules framed for social distancing strictly.

He said that 37 stations would remain open on the 49 km long yellow line. For the initial two days, 57 Metro trains would complete 462 rounds. Given the convenience of the passengers, DMRC has extended the time for the stoppage of Metro at stations. DMRC has appealed to passengers to keep dispersed at least during the journey to prevent aerosol transmission, as this may further increase the risk of corona infection.

Metro will not Stop at Stations Where Social Distancing is not Followed

DMRC says that if there is more congestion at a station, and the social distancing rule remains violated, the Metro may not stop at those stations. However, the Metro will stop at every station for 10-20 seconds more to ensure social distance. If required, time can increase. Metro has advised the passengers to reach the station 15-30 minutes ago so that they do not face difficulties in reaching the destination.

Noida: Every 15 Minutes Run on the Metro Aqua Line

Noida-Greater Noida Metro starts from Monday. The operation of the Metro begins at 7 am. Passengers will get Metro at intervals of every 15 minutes. The train at the station will stop for more than 30 seconds.

NMRC has Framed Stringent Rules to Prevent Corona Infection

The passenger will have to pay a fine of Rs 500 for holding a metro coach on the Noida Aqua-Line or without a mask on the premises. Not only that, a fine of 100 for the first time and then Rs. Five hundred will be charged every time for spitting. Given the operation of the Metro from September 7, Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRC) has framed stringent rules to prevent corona infection. A technical trial of the Metro route was also conducted on Saturday.

DMRC Operational Plan – Graded Resumption of Services

DMRC services will be resumed in stages. DMRC has issued following operational plan:


  • From September 7, 2020, onwards from Samaypur Badli to HUDA City Centre Line-2 (Yellow Line), including Rapid Metro, Gurugram will resume operation.
  • With effect from September 9, 2020, Line-3/4 (Blue Line) from Dwarka Sec-21 to Noida Electronic City/Vaishali and Line-7 (Pink Line) from Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar will operate.
  • Effective from September 10, 2020, onwards, Line-1 (Red Line) from Rithala to Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda, Line-5 (Green Line) from Kirti Nagar/Inderlok to Brigadier Hoshiar Singh (Bahadurgarh), and Line-6 (Violet Line) from Kashmere Gate to Raja Nahar Singh (Ballabhgarh).
  • Stage-1 timings are morning 4 Hours only from 7 am to 11 am and evening 4Hours only from 4 pm to 8 pm.


Effective from September 11, 2020, onwards in addition to stage-1 Lines, Line-8 (Magenta Line) from Janakpuri West to Botanical Garden & Line-9 (Grey Line) from Dwarka to Najafgarh will resume operation in the morning hours from 7 am to 01 pm and in evening hours from 4 pm to 10 pm. DMRC will apply the same timings for lines resumed at Stage-1 also.


With effect from September 12, 2020, onwards in addition to stage-1 & 2 Lines, Airport Express Line from New Delhi to Dwarka Sec-21 will be made operational. DMRC will operate all lines services throughout the day from 6 am to 11 pm in all Lines.

Delhi Metro and Noida Metro: DMRC Q & A

DMRC issues a Q & A’s list to satisfy most inquiries of travelers. These are useful for a traveler for the first time after the resumption of Metro services after lockdown.

Q 1. Will all gates be available for entry into the Metro stations?

Ans: No. DMRC will open a few identified gates initially. DMRC will review it from time to time. The passengers should please visit the website for a detailed list. www.delhimetrorail.com

Q 2. Will DMRC allow a passenger with mild fever to travel?

Ans: No. DMRC will check the temperature of all passengers at the entrance and will not allow any passenger with fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms.

Q 3. Will DMRC allow travelers who have forgotten to carry their mask from home?

Ans: No, DMRC has made masks mandatory for travel in the Metro; therefore, it will deny entry of any passenger without a mask.

Q 4. Will the smart card recharge facility be available at the stations?

Ans: Yes. Smart card recharge/ purchase facility will be available at the stations. However, only digital modes of payment will be accepted. The Metro has advised the passengers to recharge their smart cards online for convenient travel.

Q 5. If a traveler is carrying only cash for recharge of a smart card at the station, will he be allowed to recharge the smart card with money?

Ans: The authorities will not allow cash transactions at the Metro stations. Passengers must carry their credit/ debit cards for recharge of smart cards.

Q 6. A traveler is not a regular Metro commuter and to travel using a token. Will it be facilitated?

Ans: Metro will not issue tokens at the Metro stations until further orders. Travelers can move only through smart cards.

Q 7. What measures are taken to ensure that there is no spread of the disease through the air conditioning in the trains?

Ans: Concerned authorities have issued detailed guidelines regarding the use of air conditioning in various premises. They are stringently following in the Delhi Metro. Train temperature shall remain at about 24-28 degrees Celsius.

Q 8. The commuters in a coach are not following social distancing norms. Whom should the traveler complain?

Ans: DMRC request all commuters to follow social distancing norms. A traveler may also politely counsel fellow commuters in case of violation of the Covid-19 protocol. In case of any emergency, they may contact the DMRC helpline at 155370.

Q 9. In case a traveler has just landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, will he be allowed to travel by the Metro?

Ans: All guidelines prescribed by the government for air passengers shall have to be followed by the passenger. If, after all, mandatory checks, the passenger is allowed to move out of the airport and take a conveyance, he/she may board the Metro. However, while entering the Metro station, he/she would be thermally screened and mandatorily wear a mask.

Q 10. In the case of a Divyang passenger, will he be provided with assistance and a wheelchair?

Ans: Yes. Metro will assist to the Divyang passengers. However, adequate social distancing, as well as hygiene related precautions, shall be taken. The wheelchairs shall be adequately sanitized and kept at a secured location.

Q 11. Will it a lengthy process for the passengers to enter the stations?

Ans: The process of entry to Metro stations may take longer than usual. All passengers will undergo thermal screening and will have to sanitize their hands. It will follow the frisking process strictly while maintaining social distancing. Therefore, the whole process may take more time than usual.

Q 12. The Metro journey may more time than usual. What is the reason?

Ans: The dwell time at stations has been increased to ensure boarding/de-boarding while adhering to social distancing norms. Therefore, the overall traveling time has grown a little bit in all sections.

Q 13. Will the passengers must carry their sanitizers to the stations, or will the Delhi Metro have the provision?

Ans: There will be provision for sanitization of hands at all Metro stations. However, passengers may also carry their sanitizers with them.

Q 14. Will the Aarogya Setu app be mandatory for all passengers?

Ans: All passengers should use the Aarogya Setu App as per government guidelines.

Resumption of a Real Journey

Coronavirus has created a substantial adverse impact on the lives of people. The people are afraid of the uncertainty of the future and the risk of life and livelihood. The Supreme God Kabir Ji is always prepared to remove obstacles provided asked for help. The real problem is of recognition of the Supreme God. In the absence of the right knowledge, the people worship the wrong God and with the wrong methodology.

The seeker must come in the refuge of Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj to know Eternal Knowledge, Eternal Abode, and The Supreme. The Satguru gives the guarantee of everyday joy and Salvation. Watch Satlok Ashram YouTube Channel and read the Book Way of Living.

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