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Commonwealth Day 2022 India: How the Best Wealth can be Attained?


Last Updated on 24 May 2022, 2:56 PM IST | Commonwealth Day 2022: Many people are familiar that the 24th of May is commemorated as Commonwealth Day in India but they are unaware of the facts behind its celebration. This is why questions like ‘What is Commonwealth Day?’ keep surfacing every year. In India, Commonwealth Day is commemorated on the 24th of May every year. This day is observed by all the nations that were once under the reign of the British Empire. Commonwealth Day is observed on the birth date of Queen Victoria, who was born on 24th May 1819.

Commonwealth Day 2022: Highlights

  • In India, Commonwealth Day is observed on the birth date of Queen Victoria, May 24.
  • In countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia, the Commonwealth day is observed on the second Monday of March, each year. 
  • Commonwealth Day was formerly called Empire Day.
  • In 1958, it was renamed ‘Commonwealth Day’ globally. 
  • The theme for 2022 Commonwealth Day is ‘Delivering a Common Future’.
  • There are 54 Commonwealth Nations worldwide that commemorate this day.
  • Sat-Bhakti is the real Commonwealth for human society.

Commonwealth Day History & Background

Commonwealth Day was formerly called Empire Day, as a celebration of the birth of Queen Victoria after 1916. In 1916, Lord Meath expanded the celebration of Empire Day to all the nations of the Commonwealth. It hence became a primary occurrence in history. In 1958, the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Harold Macmillan, proclaimed in the Parliament that Empire Day would be renamed ‘Commonwealth Day’.

The Commonwealth shares history with Britain, along with some business processes, common legal systems, and cultural links. The Commonwealth Secretariat then appointed the second Monday of March to be observed as Commonwealth Day, throughout all countries of the Commonwealth. Though, some countries celebrate it on the 24th of May every year. 

Commonwealth Day Aim & Significance

Commonwealth Day’s significance is of ‘being an emblem of the unity of sentiments to those ideals of justice, freedom, and tolerance for which the British Empire stood throughout the planet’, as delivered in an article dated 1916. The aim of the day, when it was observed as Empire Day, also included prompting all the children that they constituted a part of the British Empire. The children must also think like others who live in other territories. They must also learn what it is like to be the daughters and sons of the Empire.

Commonwealth Day 2022 Celebration & Theme

Commonwealth Day is commemorated on different dates across the planet. The UK, Canada, and Australia observe the day on the second Monday of March. On the other hand, India, along with nations like Belize observe Commonwealth Day on May 24. Every year, there is a unique theme for Commonwealth Day. The theme is honoured and inculcated in the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth. 

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The theme of 2019 was ‘A Connected Commonwealth. However, Commonwealth Day 2022 theme is ‘Delivering a Common Future’, which is the same theme carried out in 2021 and 2022. Commonwealth Day is not a statutory holiday in India. It depends on a specific country to decide whether a holiday will be observed or not. There is a  public holiday on this day in countries like Gibraltar. This theme, however, aims to emphasize how the 54 Commonwealth nations are connecting, innovating, and transforming to help obtain vital goals like achieving gender equality, promoting good governance, and tackling climate change.

How Can a Common Future Be Delivered to All?

The world is observing various challenges in the efforts of maintaining a sustainable and happy life for everyone. Social, environmental, and economical issues can’t be resolved effectively by anyone. These issues have existed for centuries and are still a huge challenge for humans. A common safe, secure, equal, and happy future can be delivered by someone omnipotent. Almighty God Kabir is the only one who can deliver a common future to everyone

Spirituality Has a Sustainable Solution

Every human on the planet must watch the sermons of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel. He is the present incarnation of Almighty God Kabir Himself. He has the power to end the sorrows and sufferings of all the nations. He can reunite the entire world and can bring us back to our home, the supreme abode. 

What Is the Real Commonwealth for Human Society?

Sat-bhakti (True Worship) of Supreme God Kabir Saheb obtained from enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the real Commonwealth for humans. Sat-bhakti has the power to end all the sufferings of those who perform it after taking naam initiation (Naam Diksha) from Jagatguru Tatvdarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. One can also download Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj App from the play store to know about satbhakti. This app provides sacred spiritual books, audiobooks, Dowry-free marriages news, and a Blood donation column where one can register for donation of blood or can find a donor. 

Commonwealth Day 2022 Quotes

  • “Sat-Bhakti teaches us to work together against all odds for tolerance and understanding.”
  • “Let us work together to rise high and reach the peak.”
  • “Let us talk and discuss with one another the eternal reality which can help us overcome our problems.”
  • “Let us use Spirituality as a bridge to be one, as we all know Spirituality brings us together.”
  • “Let us share our eternal experiences with others in society on this day.” 
  • “Let us promote the Sat-Bhakti in the new generation to make them honest to develop a successful society.”
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