International Brother’s Day 2024: Let’s Spread Brotherhood by Gifting the ‘Right Way of Living’ to Brothers


Last Updated on 23 May 2024: Today we are going to share information about International Brother’s Day 2024, like what is its history, how International Brother’s Day is celebrated in India, and the origin of Brothers Day, etc. 

Key Points about World Brother’s Day 2024

  • Brothers Day is the day to express love for your brothers and spread brotherhood. 
  • Every year Brothers Day is celebrated on 24th May by default. 
  • This day evolved out of the United States of America since the year 2005.
  • People of all ages take out time on this day to give some time to their friends and family. 
  • This day is not an official holiday yet it is celebrated amongst the people with great joy and enthusiasm.
  • However, amidst all these developments in technology, a human still requires the appropriate Way of Living to keep the family intact. 
  • Let us take some time to give your brother the invaluable book WAY OF LIVING which has been written to revolutionize mankind. 

International Brother’s Day 2024 Date

The day was first observed by C Daniel Rhodes from Alabama in the United States who successfully arranged all the arrangements and performed all the proceedings. May 24 is observed as National Brother’s Day in the United States. Along with that other countries like Russia, Australia, Asian countries like India and France and Germany among European countries also observe the day. And therefore people pay tribute to their brothers and siblings. 

The day is decided to reflect the importance of the brothers in one’s life. It is a day to let your brother know how special he and his love is in your life. Because after Father, a brother is the only member of the family who can give guidance and support to the entire family. Hence understanding the importance of the day is very significant. 

International Brother’s Day 2024 Theme

There is no official theme assigned to International Brother’s Day (also informally referred to as National Brother’s Day in certain places). Nevertheless, the essence of the occasion revolves around honoring the special and lasting connection shared between brothers.

Unofficial National Holiday

National Brother Day is an unofficial national holiday that is annually celebrated on the 24th of May. Brother’s Day seems similar to National Siblings Day which falls on April 10th every year but in actuality both days are entirely different and hence shouldn’t be confused with each other. 

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However this day is not regarded as an official holiday, still people of the countries mentioned above celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. As observed to develop a natural bond amongst the childrens, parents should give them the appropriate way of living to grow. Because a way of living equipped with a simple life without having any bad habit and recognizing the prime motive of this human life is all a family needs to strengthen the bond. Because a satisfied family is always a happy family. Saint Garibdas ji from Haryana says in His sacred verses: 

Manush Janam Paye Kar Jo Nahi Rate Hari Naam |

Jaise Kuua Jal Bina Fir Banwaya Kya Kaam ||

Origin of word “Brother”

The word brother stems from the Latin root frater and the Proto-Germanic word brother, which itself comes from the Proto-Indo-European root charter.

History of International brother’s day

America was the first which started celebrating brothers’ day. In the Alabama city of America, Daniel Rhodes first celebrated this day in 2005. Since then, every year, on 24 May, Brother’s day is celebrated to make every brother feel special. And it spreads brotherhood amongst the citizens which can further help the society to grow. 

Important information on International Brother’s day 2024

  • Brother’s day is not recognized by Federal governments thus there is no national holiday.
  • Just like a normal day, people wake up and get to work.
  • America has been proactive in trying to get the day recognized as a national holiday by Federal governments.
  • 49 states in the United States have been at the forefront pushing for this day marked as a national holiday.
  • The siblings’ day organization has also made tremendous efforts to get this important holiday recognized.

However, people in foreign take time off from their busy schedules to spend quality time with their brothers. No matter if they have blood relations or have brothers from other mothers, they utilize their time with them. Not only biological brothers, but people also celebrate their bond with their brothers-in-law, cousin, or even a best friend.

International Brother’s Day Quotes

  • “The greatest bond, love of siblings”.
  • “Sibling relationships can be tough sometimes but there is always understanding that we love our brothers and sisters”.
  • “I don’t need any other best friend because my brother is my best friend”.
  • “My parents gave me a gift and that is my brother”.
  • “Our society needs brotherhood and can be achieved by appropriate Way of Living through True Spiritual Knowledge”. 
  • “Satlok is a place to build permanent relationships, this place is full of uncertainties, death can strike us anytime and we are finished in a flash”.

How Brother’s Day Celebrated in India

People in different countries have their own way to celebrate Brothers Day. However the most common activities in India are: 

  • Individuals in India do a great deal of shopping for the celebration.
  • These sorts of events are an opportunity for the people to grab discounts on commodities as markets are full of discounts on these days. 
  • People exchange gifts and sweets to express their love.
  • Siblings are observed to plan their evenings out for a dinner or get together so as to revive the old times and fun they had in the past.
  • Many people belonging to middle class or poor families like to celebrate this day at home with their families as they can’t afford an outing. 

The most appropriate and famous example that we have seen over the years was from Wright Brothers who launched the first flight in the sky. While without the blood relations there have been many people who have given brotherhood an altogether different meaning by setting great examples of brotherhood. Along with that various movies and acts have also been made so as to enhance brotherhood to its maximum levels to strengthen the society at maximum levels. All those efforts are still in vain without the proper WAY OF LIVING. Let us know about it further. 

Best and Special Gift for Brother’s Day

It is rightly said that relationships remain stronger if they are kept with care and they fall apart if they aren’t given a proper way to live. This redirects us to the need of having an appropriate Way of Living in everyone’s life. Let this brother’s day be the opportunity to transform lives. 

Show your love for your brother by gifting him the invaluable life-changing Book “WAY OF LIVING” written by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. The Book is one of the most-downloaded Books over the internet and has already reformed millions of lives around the planet. You may download the free eBookWay of Living PDF by Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji.

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