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CBSE Term 2 Examination Date Notification Released | Check details on Official Website cbseresults.nic.in


CBSE Term 2 Examination Date Notification Released: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the commencing date of term 2 examinations for class 10 and class 12 through an official notification. Read the entire story to know complete details. 

CBSE Term 2 Examination Date: Highlights

  • CBSE has declared April 26 to be the date for commencing term 2 examinations for class 10 and class 12. While the CBSE Term 1 results are still awaited. 
  • Taking in consideration the scenario of the pandemic, CBSE has decided to conduct the exams via offline mode.
  • Students will be alloted respected examination centres as per their roll number as earlier. 
  • The final results of the students will be prepared from the combined results of term 1 and term 2 examinations. 
  • The biggest result expected from this human life is salvation.

CBSE Term 2 Examinations Date Declared

On Wednesday, CBSE has declared via its circular with reference number CBSE/CE/PPS/2021 that the term 2 CBSE examinations for class 10 and class 12 would start from 26th April 2022. The results of the students for the entire year shall be declared after assessing the results of term 1 and term 2 examinations. On the basis of those results Pass/Fail results shall be declared from the Board. 

CBSE Term 2 Examinations Announcement: At A Glance

  • CBSE has decided to conduct the exams through offline mode. The decision came after discussions with stakeholders and taking in consideration the effect of the pandemic in the country. 
  • The pattern of the term 2 examinations will be different from term 1 examinations. However, the pattern shall be as per the sample papers uploaded on the board’s website.
  • The pattern of term 2 examinations for both class 10 and 12 will be subjective based.
  • Students will be allotted examination centres as earlier. And they are expected to report on examination centres on the day of examination. 
  • The final subject wise date sheet of the examination shall be released soon on the official website of CBSE.

■ यह भी पढ़ें: CBSE Class 10th, 12th Term 1 Exam Result 2021-2022: केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड की 10वीं व 12वीं के टर्म 1 के परीक्षा परिणाम होने वाले है घोषित

CBSE Term 2 Examinations: Other Details

  • CBSE Term 2 examinations shall be subjective based and term 1 was MCQ based. 
  • The examinations shall have short type and long type questions as per the sample paper released on the board’s website. 
  • The duration of the examination shall be for two hours and shall also include internal choices.
  • The maximum marks for any subject shall be inclusive of term examination and internal assessment. The weightage of which may vary from subject to subject. 
  • The practicals for term 2 examinations are likely to begin in March before commencing the term exams.

CBSE Term 1 Results Updates

With the announcement of CBSE Term 2 examinations, the results for term 1 are awaited and can be declared anyday. Except CBSE, other boards (ICSE, ISE, CISCE, HPBOSE) have declared their results for term 1 examinations. A quick announcement is expected. Students are advised to check the official website (cbseresults.nic.in) of CBSE for latest updates. 

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