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5 June World Environment Day 2020

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World Environment Day is observed on 5 June 2020 every year for analyzing what went wrong and adopting appropriate technologies for maintaining the environment. This year the theme is Biodiversity. We will know how biodiversity is an important aspect of maintaining the environment. Incidentally, 5 June 2020 is “Kabir Prakat Diwas” as well. Kabir, the Supreme Being has truly explained biodiversity.


  1. Biodiversity is an important cycle of coexistence of all species
  2. The natural system is dominated by a single species if any one type is removed from the cycle
  3. When the extinction of one species happens, there is a possibility of co-extinction
  4. Extinction is possible through the process of uncontrolled hybridization
  5. Biodiversity can be better understood by The Supreme Being Kabir
  6. The human body is the escape route from the vicious cycle of the Eighty-Four
  7. A seeker must take initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj for salvation

How Biodiversity is for coexistence?

Biodiversity and genetic diversity co-depend and means diversity among species requires diversity within a species and vice versa. Biodiversity is an important cycle of the coexistence of all species. The natural system breaks and is dominated by a single species if any one type is removed from the cycle.

When the extinction of one species happens and a similar process occurs in another, there is a possibility of co-extinction. Extinction is possible through the process of genetic pollution, which means uncontrolled hybridization and genetic swamping.

How Biodiversity fails with pollution?

In present times there is a big threat in freshwater ecosystems. Another example is, pollinating insects and bees have been wiped out due to excessive use of pesticide, increasing diseases, invasive species, increase in industrial farming, and climate change.

How can be Biodiversity protected?

5 June World Environment Day 2020: Recently the conscious nations are considering Biodiversity Strategy for the next decade as an essential part of the climate change mitigation strategy. They plan to restore biodiversity with nature-based solutions such as: –

  • Protect the sea territory and the land territory especially Old-growth forests.
  • Plant billions of trees
  • Restore rivers free-flowing
  • Reduce the use of Pesticides to minimum
  • Increase Organic farming
  • Increase Biodiversity in agriculture

Spiritual understanding of Biodiversity

Total species in the Nature

Biodiversity can be better understood by Kabir Saheb, The Supreme Being who told his disciple Dharmdas that there are four major divisions among a total of 8.4 million species such as Egg-born creation, Moisture-born creation, Seed-born creation, and Womb-born creation.

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How were all species created?

Dharamdas questions, how were the four kinds of created beings spread, and how were the souls thrown in the hands of Kaal?

Kabir Saheb replies, four kinds of created beings Setaj or Ushmaj, the “moisture-born” includes invertebrates; Uttbhuj or Asthavar, the seed-born includes plants; Andaj or egg-born includes most vertebrates; and, Jeraj or Pindaj, the womb-born includes the mammals.

The Eternal Being Kabir further says, Adhya, the creative power created the egg-born, Brahma created the womb-born, Vishnu created the moisture-born and Shiva developed the seed born and in such way, Eighty-four lakhs of species were created, and the earth was made half water, half land. Kabir Saheb further says, the seed-born is made of one element; the moisture-born are made of two elements; The egg-born are made of three elements and the womb-born are made from four elements but the human beings are developed from five elements, and the three differentiating attributes (Satogun, Rajogun, Tamogun).

Who brought souls from The Eternal Abode?

Adhya brought the souls from the Eternal Abode and embodied it as desired by Kaal Niranjan. Some of them are in the water, under the earth, on the earth, and in the air.

How to escape from the 84 cycle?

Kabir Saheb told its dear devotees the fact that Satguru can, not only stop one from going to lower species but also, he can make one escape from this vicious biodiversity cycle.

“Kabir, Sataguru ke upadesh ka suniya ek vichaar, jo Sataguru milata nahin jaata yam ke dvaar.
Kabir, yam ke dvaare mein doot sab karate khaincha taani, unate kabhoo na chhootata, phirata chaaron khaani. Kabir, chaar khaani mein bharamata kabahun na lagata paar, so phera sab miti gaya, Sataguru ke upakaar.”

Who is present Satguru?

Kabir Saheb advised the human being to take name initiation from the present Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj from the lineage of Satguru – Disciple Tradition. Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj warns a seeker must know that the human body gives the escape route from this vicious cycle of the Eighty-Four and it’s the best possible time to get rid of all forms of life. He further advises that a seeker must come to him and serve him and accept the rules of the devotion of Eternal Truth and take initiation from him.

He guarantees the True devotees will enjoy all worldly pleasures and will reach to Satlok, the Eternal Abode our real destination. If you wish to take Initiation from Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, kindly fill the Online Naam Diksha Form

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