13 New Cases of Zika Virus Reported From Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala; Sat-Bhakti Is the Only Solution


On Thursday, 8th July 2021 new cases of Zika Virus were observed in the state of Kerala. Already tightly gripped by the crucial situation of Covid-19, the problem of Zika Virus adds to the problems for the people of Kerala and the Government. This is a very uncommon disease yet cannot be taken for granted. 

Zika Virus Key Points:

  • 13 new cases were observed in the state of Kerala on Thursday, 8th July 2021.
  • With a surge in the cases of Covid-19 and above 1 lakh active cases still in the state, it will be a threat to the people and Government of Kerala. 
  • Zika Virus is not dangerous and has only mild symptoms like Dengue, chikungunya, etc. But it is dangerous for a pregnant woman as it leads to complications in pregnancy. 
  • Zika virus was first discovered in humans in the year 1952.
  • If you develop symptoms, it is better to carry out required tests as per the prescription of the health care specialist. 
  • People are advised to stay home and take as much rest as they can so as to develop immunity to fight against the disease. 
  • As there is no vaccine for the disease, people are advised to take maximum precautions as prescribed by the doctors so as to combat the disease. 
  • Amongst this developing science and technology with no proper solution whatsoever, spiritual way(true method of worship) of neutralising any disease is the easiest way to take care of any such disease. 
  • Just by the recitation of mantras, presently given only by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, you can say bye to any of your problems. People are adopting this way of worship to live a simple and a satisfied life. 

What Is Zika Virus? 

Zika Virus is a mosquito borne disease mainly caused by a bite from a mosquito. A person infected through Zika has Zika Virus present inside the body. It spreads mainly by the bite of a mosquito (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) that bites in the day. This disease may or may not have symptoms. The illness caused by this disease may last upto a week or so. However, infection of this disease during pregnancy is dangerous. 

What Happened in Kerala? 

Fresh new 13 cases of Zika Virus were found in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala on Thursday. Samples were taken and sent to National Institute of Virology(NIV), Pune. However, this virus does not show any mild symptoms but amidst the rising cases of COVID-19 outbreak, Zika Virus, if transmitted, may act as a catalyst and will pose threats for the Kerala Government. Zika Virus is not new but its rising cases along with cases of covid-19 is a danger in itself. 

The virus was observed when a 24 year old woman from Parassala in Thiruvananthapuram who delivered her baby on June 7 was found positive for Zika virus. She started showing symptoms from June 28 like headache, fever and red eyes. She doesn’t have a travel history and has her house on the Tamilnadu border. She is believed to be stable now. Her mother was found to be showing the same symptoms a week ago. 

History of Zika Virus

Zika Virus was first discovered in animals in Uganda, Africa in 1947 and is named after the Zika forest. However, the first case in humans was found in the year 1952 and since then cases have been found in Tropical Africa, Southeast Asia and pacific islands. 

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In 2015, Brazil witnessed a huge outbreak of the disease throughout the country. Till date 86 countries and territories are believed to be infected with the virus. 

Zika Virus Symptoms

Symptoms of Zika Virus are mild and are not detected easily as it is similar to other diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya as well. However, the most common symptoms are 

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Headache
  • Joint Pain
  • Red Eyes 
  • Muscle Pain

These symptoms can be observed for a few days upto a week. Usually people don’t go to the hospital for this disease and get recovered at the home itself. 

How Is the Zika Virus Transmitted? 

Zika virus can be transmitted from person to person very easily. People suffering from Zika are advised to stay home and take rest as much as they can so that disease is not transmitted and they recover as well. However, Zika can also be transmitted via:

  • Mosquito bites, mosquitoes are the primary reason for the spread of this virus and can spread the virus to many individuals at a time. It is advisable to try and avoid contact with mosquitoes by either spraying some anti repellent on the clothes or wearing full sleeved clothes when outside. 
  • From a pregnant woman to her fetus. This is the means of transmission by which this virus harms the newly born baby and can cause permanent mental disorder to the child. Hence this is very dangerous. 
  • Through Blood Transfusion, this is very likely the way by which zika virus is transmitted but it is not confirmed. 

What Happens Because of Zika Virus? 

One should know the health effects and risk involved with the Zika Virus. They are mentioned below:

  • Zika infection involves very common symptoms and is mild in nature. Hospitalization and deaths are very rare in this disease. 
  • Zika Infection during pregnancy is dangerous and can cause permanent birth defects and can create problems in pregnancy as well. Infants are seen to be born with microcephaly and other congenital malformations, known as congenital Zika syndrome. 
  • There are very rare chances that Zika virus may cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare sickness of the nervous system where our own immune system starts damaging the nerve cell thus decreasing the overall immunity of the body which may sometimes cause paralysis. 
  • It is very rare to observe that Zika virus may cause swelling of the brain or spinal cord or any such blood disorder that may result in unnecessary bleeding, blood clotting or bruising. 

How Can the Zika Virus Be Prevented? 

There is no vaccine for Zika Virus available. So the only option we have is to prevent its transmission and protect ourselves. The primary reason for its spread is the spread through mosquito bites. Try following methods to keep yourself protected from Zika Virus:

  • Use full sleeves Shirts and Pants so as to avoid mosquito bites. And if possible use pre treated clothes or use permethrin on your clothes. 
  • We can use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellents so as to stay away from insects and mosquitoes. 
  • These insect repellents are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding womens. However, this insect repellent should not be given to children younger than three years as it contains para-menthane-diol. 
  • Stay at home at air conditioned places or rooms to avoid contact with mosquitoes. At places where the AC is not available, you can use mosquito netting while sleeping. 
  • Mosquito netting can be the method to protect young children or newly born babies from mosquitoes. 
  • Take necessary actions so as to avoid mosquitoes inside and outside your home. 

How Is the Zika Virus Diagnosed? 

Zika Virus once transmitted remains in the body for at least a week and can be diagnosed by the following wayouts:

  • It can be possible by studying the travel history to a Zika virus prone area, observing the symptoms and studying the test results of the patient involved. 
  • Zika Virus may look similar to Dengue or Chikungunya as per the symptoms observed. 
  • Zika Infection can be confirmed by carrying out blood tests or urine tests. 
  • It is necessary to carry out tests as prescribed by the doctor to diagnose the disease. 

What to Do if You Have Zika? 

There is no vaccine or medication available for Zika infection. If you are diagnosed with Zika infection, you should follow the below mentioned instructions so as to minimize the symptoms and eventually wipe out the disease: 

  • Take rest as much as you can so as to heal your body. 
  • Don’t take medications as per your choice. Always consult a healthcare specialist before taking medicines. 
  • Drink water as much as you can so as to avoid dehydration. 
  • Patients suffering from other diseases as well like abnormal blood pressure or sugar, or other diseases should
  • consult a doctor for prescription accordingly. 

Sat-Bhakti Is the Permanent Solution

With such drastic changes around and currently entrapped in the web of Covid-19 disease, Zika virus is yet another disease with no vaccine available to us. In this era of time, many problems in the form of diseases are surrounding us but by the grace of the Almighty God Kabir, solutions are not far behind and are available to us. 

Solution for Zika Virus | Credit: Satlok Ashram

Spiritual way of finding solutions has always had an upper hand when it is compared with Science and technology. Science is just a by-product of the creations of God Kabir. And, it is itself dependent on God Kabir. Sat Bhakti or True Devotion in the form of Mantras given by Lord Kabir Himself guarantees to safeguard us from any life threatening disease. 

Can Recitation of Mantras Really Cure Diseases? 

With such advancement in technology and modern scientific equipment being seen around, it is very hard for anyone to believe that just by recitation of mantras any of the deadliest diseases can be healed. But it is completely true and live examples are presented in front of us by Spiritual Leader Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj who is giving us the method of worship to cure all our diseases and, thus, develops the trust in the capabilities of God Kabir Himself. And, thus, He inspires everyone to believe and worship a single God Kabir so as to end all our problems. 
Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has assured us with examples from His devotees that even the deadliest of the diseases can be cured by His power of word and the method of True devotion given by Him. Upon witnessing such help for us, we should grab this opportunity to make the most out of it and take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Him. Because everyone here has some problems in their lives and Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is guaranteeing to end that by His method of worship.

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