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Foster Your Spiritual Journey on World Tourism Day 2023


Last Updated on 27 September 2023 IST | World Tourism Day 2023: World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27 by the entire world. Since 1980, the UN WTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) has observed WTD to preserve and promote cultural and natural heritage within the international community. Read more to know the details and learn how to foster the spiritual culture.

World Tourism Day 2023 Highlights

  • The tourism sector is a lifeline offering jobs and opportunities, mainly for women and youth
  • It was initiated for creating an understanding among people, advancing prosperity, and laying the foundations of peace protecting our planet
  • Instead of a single Member State, a group of countries will host the UN WTO 2023 official celebration
  • The theme for the 2023 observance is “Tourism and green investment”
  • Take a Spiritual tour to promote Spiritual culture and know about the true Guru who can provide us the way to reach God Kabir Saheb

What Is the Significance of World Tourism Day?

Tourism provides access to the planet of work, especially for migrant workers, youth, women, and rural populations in the least developed and developing countries. 

Many more contributions of tourism are like recognition of the right to holidays in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the improved adoption of labor rights which have encouraged the UN World Tourism Organization in 1980 to celebrate World Tourism Day.

When Is World Tourism Day Observed?

World Tourism Day 2023: WTD is remembered annually on September 27 throughout the world. In September 1979, the UN WTO decided to introduce World Tourism Day and celebrated the very first Day on September 27, 1980. This date marks an important milestone in the tourism sector, i.e., the 10th anniversary of adopting the UNWTO Statutes on September 27, 1970.

What Is the Aim of World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day 2023: The main aim to have international observance is to raise awareness about the crucial role of tourism within the entire world and to showcase how it contributes to social, cultural, political, and economic value.

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According to the Agenda of Sustainable Development, Tourism is an essential pillar addressed in Goal 8, 12, and 14 on inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production (SCP), and the sustainable use of oceans marine resources, respectively.

What Is the Public Supposed to Do on World Tourism Day?

  • UN Celebrations in the year 2023 will be hosted by Indonesia, Which is primarily dependent on tourism for source of income.
  • Many tourism organizations and government agencies interested in tourism celebrate the event with various special events and festivities.
  • Other activities include special offers, discounts, or free entries for the public to some spot of tourism attraction.

What Is the WTD 2023 Theme?

The theme for the 2023 observance is “Tourism and green investment” The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has designated this year to promote the potential of Tourism to drive recovery. Tourism sector is one of the most affected sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of this theme will be on reviewing the growth in the tourism sector along with rethinking and redeveloping tourism. 

On its concept note UNWTO has highlighted concepts of the theme. The theme gives us an opportunity to rethink how we do tourism. This indicates about putting people and the planet first and making this sector more sustainable, inclusive and resilient sector.

Tourism is a recognized pillar of most – if not all – the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), particularly Goals 1 (no poverty), 5 (gender equality), 8 (decent work and economic growth) and 10 (reduce inequalities).

Effect of COVID-19 Outbreak on International Tourism

  • COVID-19 pandemic situation became a disaster for tourism.
  • There is a considerable risk of tourism jobs estimated to 100 to 120 million.
  • The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) estimated a massive loss of 1.5 to 2.8 percent of global GDP.
  • The tourism crisis is also a threat to wildlife conservation initiatives due to cut-off funding for biodiversity conservation.

How to Go on a Spiritual Journey in Human Life?

While taking a tour to any place, we hire a tour guide who plans the travel itineraries and makes the journey and stay comfortable during travel. Similarly, one should make a Guide in his/her life, who can explain about our existence on this planet and tell us whether we are living in the right place and if not, he can guide us to the real destination. Being in the refuge of a True Guru, one can make the spiritual journey successful during human life and even after death.

Truth Behind the Creation of the Universe

At present, Saint Rampal Ji is the true Guru who has explained very clearly about the existence of souls and revealed the story about the creation of the universe, summarized as below :

  • God Kabir Saheb is the Creator of the entire universe
  • All souls used to live in Satlok (Sachkhand). It is the eternal place, i.e., the real heaven of God Kabir Saheb.
  • Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal ) meditated, and many souls got attracted to him.
  • Souls expressed their desire to go with Jyoti Niranjan by raising hands in front of God, Kabir.
  • God Kabir created Prakriti Devi (Durga), later Jyoti Niranjan misbehaved with Prakriti Devi. Due to this misdeed, both were expelled from Satlok with their Twenty-one Brahmands.
  • Later, Kaal married Durga, and she gave birth to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv.
  • Kaal remotely controls his three children and has given them the duty to create, preserve, and destroy.

Above mentioned points clearly state that we came here on earth with Kaal and Durga. This world is not our real home. Our Real home is Satlok. The only way to reach the heavenly abode is by doing SatBhakti under the guidance of Saint Rampal Ji. Make yourself aware of Spiritual culture, take the spiritual tour to reach the Final destination Satlok, which is the real heaven by listening to Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj’s sermons on the Sadhna channel at 7:30 pm. To know more, read the Book Gyan Ganga.

World Tourism Day 2023 Quotes

  • Take refuge at The Supreme Kabir Saheb Lotus Feet; He will take you back to your forgotten home, the Eternal Abode Satlok – Saint Rampal Ji
  • O’ wandering traveler of 84 lakh species; it is time to travel back to your home by Sat-bhakti – Saint Rampal Ji
  • Traveling makes the relations better; On this world tourism day take yourself on a spiritual trip to explore the true God.
  • Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator – Robert Orben
  • To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries – Aldous Huxley
  • Rejuvenate yourself by traveling around the world
  • Travel regularly to new destinations to explore the world

FAQ about World Tourism Day 2023

On which day World Tourism Day is celebrated?

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September every year.

What is the significance of World Tourism Day?

Tourism provides access to the planet of work, especially for migrant workers, youth, women, and rural populations in the least developed and developing countries

What is the theme of World Tourism Day 2023?

The Theme of World Tourism Day 2023 is Rethinking Tourism.

Which country will host the UN celebrations World Tourism Day 2023?

UN Celebrations in the year 2023 will be hosted by Indonesia,

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