World No Tobacco Day 2021 Theme, History, Quotes, Origin

World No Tobacco Day 2021: Know the True Story About the Origin of Tobacco

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SA News Channel: Last Updated on 31-5-2021: 4:11 PM IST: Today we are going to share information about the world no tobacco day, like what is the history of the world no tobacco day? world no tobacco day 2021 theme, quotes for the world no tobacco day, etc. The main aim of this blog is to give you some incredible information about the origin of tobacco and how we can be free from its clutches.

The World No Tobacco Day- History & Introduction

WHO members started World No Tobacco Day to bring attention to the damage tobacco can do to individuals and society at large. In 1988 it declared 31st May as World No Tobacco Day. Since then we have been celebrating it and World No Tobacco Day 2020 will be observed on 31st May this year.

World No Tobacco Day 2021 Theme

World No Tobacco Day 2021 theme is “Commit to Quit”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Smokers are at more risk of getting infected with the coronavirus than non-smokers by 50%. So quitting is the next best thing one can do to minimise the risk of getting infected with coronavirus. It will also minimise the risk of heart diseases, cancers, and respiratory illnesses.

Origin of Tobacco: What Is Tobacco Made of?

Has tobacco started growing all of a sudden? The answer is NO.

  • There is a story behind the origin of tobacco!

According to the scriptures, a sage and a king were brothers-in-law. One day the king’s queen invited her sister, the sage’s wife, to her palace for a meal. When the sage’s wife asked her husband to accompany her, he refused saying that one should not be in friendship with Saadhu (husband of wife’s sister) as their main motive is to insult us. But the sage’s wife did not agree. The sage, his wife, and their family went as the king’s guests. After having food, the sage’s wife also invited the king and the queen to their home.

On the scheduled day, the king along with his family and thousands of soldiers arrived at his brother-in-law sage’s hut. The sage requested heaven’s King, Indra for Kamdhenu cow (a cow that fulfills all desires; in her presence, one gets any kind of food by just wishing for it) in return for his virtuous deeds. The sage family sang the praise of the cow mother and expressed their wish.

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Immediately different types of food in large silver dishes, baskets, and wokes came from heaven and started being placed inside the tent. The sage family served the king, his family, and his whole army with the best of the foods.

The king was astonished to see that and felt extremely embarrassed as the food he served to the sage family was nothing in front of this feast.

He considered it his insult and started burning in the fire of jealousy. He went into his tent, called the sage, and asked him the secret of such a huge feast without any preparation in sight.

The sage told him, “In return of my virtuous deeds and bhakti, I have borrowed a cow from heaven. It is a specialty of that cow that it instantly provides as much food as we want.” 

“Sage! Give this cow to me.” The sage said, “King! I have borrowed this cow mother from heaven. I am not her master. I cannot give her to you.” The king ordered his soldiers to snatch the cow and return to the palace. Seeing the bad intention of his brother-in-law the sage said to the Kamdhenu, “Cow Mother! You may please quickly return to your master, King of heaven Indra.” Immediately, Kamdhenu, tearing through the tent, flew straight up.

The king said

The king shot an arrow at the cow’s feet to make her fall down. The cow’s foot started bleeding, and the blood started dropping on earth. The cow went to heaven in an injured state. Wherever cow’s blood dropped, tobacco grew there. Then from its seeds, numerous plants grew up.

World No Tobacco day 2021 Quotes

Sant Garibdas ji has stated in his sacred speech: –

To save life say no to tobacco

World no tobacco day Quotes

Bhang tamakhu peevte, chismyon naali tamaam

| Sahib teri Sahibi, jaane kahan gulaam ||

Khoo naam khoon ka Tamaa naam gay|

Sau baar saugandh isko na peeye-khaay||

Sant Garibdas ji

One can buy tobacco in any form but not life again

Don’t let tobacco destroy you, Start from destroying tobacco

World no tobacco day Quotes

Meaning:– In the Persian language, a cow is called “Tamaa”. Blood is called “Khoo”. Saint Gareeb das ji had said that Tobacco has originated from the blood of a cow. I am telling you a hundredth time not to consume it.

  • The sin of consumption of tobacco is equivalent to drinking the blood of a cow.
  • Tobacco/intoxication blocks our way to attain God.
  • Intoxication is not for human beings. It turns a human being into a devil.

Everyone knows that tobacco is injurious to health and every year millions of people lose their lives due to its consumption. But few people know that tobacco and other intoxicants are also injurious to our spiritual health. Governments of all countries have started various drug-free centers to eradicate all types of addictions and almost every individual tries to be free from addiction but doesn’t get success. Then what is the way to be free from addictions?

Drug-free World by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

As we studied all aspects and ways of quitting addictions, we have witnessed an altogether different society originating in India which not only quit tobacco but all sorts of drugs and intoxication. This pure society is being formed by the famous Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

It’s only through the spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj that one gets to know how precious human life is and how intoxication blocks our way to attain God in this only lifetime.

Those who listen to the spiritual knowledge given by Saint Rampal Ji and get initiation from him never ever touch any intoxicant again. His followers are not only free from all addictions but also from all diseases and lead very simple and spiritual lives. That is possible with the power of true worship which is revealed to us by true spiritual leader Saint Rampal Ji. Kindly download PDF of the sacred book “Gyan Ganga.

That’s why we urge you to listen to the Satsang of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sadhna Tv at 7:30 pm daily. You can also be free from addictions and find true peace through spirituality. If you wish to take initiation from Jagatguru Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, kindly fill the Online Naam Diksha Form.”

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