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World Indigenous Day 2023: Which Culture We should follow?


Last Updated on 7 August 2023 IST: World Indigenous Day 2023: We celebrate days to be rooted to our traditional values and to get recognition. Today is the day when a particular community is getting its day celebrated.

What Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Indigenous people’s day is celebrated to honor the Indigenous communities. At present, this day has been recognized officially throughout the US. Particularly, it is celebrated in nine US states and in 121 cities.

  • The countries namely Wisconsin and Washington also join the movement to honor the holiday.
  • In 1994, it was declared as an International Day of the World’s Indigenous People by United Nations, establishing it on August 9.
  • This international holiday has been celebrated also in various nations.

What is the meaning of Indigenous?

The indigenous mean existing naturally in the local area or having always lived in a place. In other words, not in other countries but in one place or only. This means to pay tribute to the culture of the past, present, and future of Native people throughout the US.

World Indigenous Day Theme 2023

The Theme for International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is “theme ‘The Role of Indigenous Women in the Preservation and Transmission of Traditional Knowledge” 

Why World Indigenous Day is celebrated?

Initially, everywhere in the US, Columbus Day was celebrated on 2nd October. But it had been refused by several states as well as cities to recognize this day as a holiday and denied to celebrate it. The prominent reason was that the people with the passage of time understood and felt that such a person must not be honored who committed genocide. It is believed that the violence and colonization of Columbus should not be remembered.

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Also, he performed various atrocities against the Indigenous people who had been living there at that time. Hence, in spite of celebrating Columbus Day, people have started celebrating Indigenous people’s Day.

What are the activities done on Indigenous People day?

Multifarious activities are performed in order to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. People attend a Cultural Celebration organized to celebrate this day. Apart from this, various organizations are assisted which supports Indigenous People’s rights.

  • In schools also, students are taught about the significance of this day through various activities.
  • For example, they are taught focusing on the present culture of a particular Native American nation.
  • It is believed that kids need to be made aware of the fact that every nation has its own language, customs, and history.
  • Besides this, they are introduced about the culture of Indigenous communities through several literature books and pictures. Also, they are shown the movies based on the tradition, history of Indigenous Community which is included in their curriculum, and many more other activities.

Indigenous Rights

  • The main purpose is to support the provision of culturally responsive and effective services to indigenous communities throughout the world.
  • Its main objectives are to promote international cooperation in the fields of library, culture, knowledge and information services to indigenous communities that meet their intergenerational, community, cultural and language needs, and to encourage indigenous leadership within the sector, exchange of experience, education and training and research in all aspects of this subject.

World Indigenous Day Quotes

There are several quotes that are shared on social media showing the significance of this day. These are as follows: –

  • All states should respect and perceive Native Americans, the absolute first occupants of this land.
  • Solutions will not be found While Indigenous People are treated as victims for whom someone else must find solutions.
  • This isn’t just a triumph against colonization, yet, in addition, a stage forward to respect the intensity of indigenous networks in this nation.
  • It is the day to commend who has a place with this land, who have acquired the characteristics of this land.
  • We are seeing healing among the stolen generations, and initiatives that are enabling people to make their distinctive contribution to our national life.

Which culture one should follow?

When we are born we remain unaware of caste, different cultures, traditions, religions and are given names, culture, traditions, relations by our parents and society. And thus, we follow in the same way what we are given or taught.

We are the children of one Supreme God Kabir JI and we are born without any cultural and religious difference. There is only one God who has created the entire world.

Let’s break the traditional fencing and search for unity. This is the time to reunite with God. We actually belong to one place and that is Satlok, we are all nonindigenous on earth. We need to know about our native land which is eternal and imperishable. Satlok is the creation of the Supreme God who is our father. Our right is to know about our holy birthplace called Satlok. Break the old traditions and go back to your roots. Read a spiritual knowledge enhancement book named Gyan Ganga written by Saint Rampal Ji.

FAQ About World Indigenous Day

What is the meaning of World Indigenous day?

This day is meant to spread the message of conservation of the rights of the communities which are present on the earth from a long time also known as indegenous people.

What is the theme of the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples 2023?

International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples 2023 is going to be celebrated with the theme ‘The Role of Indigenous Women in the Preservation and Transmission of Traditional Knowledge’.

How do people celebrate the international day of world’s indigenous peoples?

People celebrate it by attending programmes arranged by Indigenous organization or social groups that spread awareness about the Indigenous people and their cultures. Some people take part in offline or online events also.

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