World Heart Day 2021: Know How to Keep Heart Healthy


Last Updated on 29 September 2021, 2:37 PM IST: World Heart Day 2021: World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year to make people aware of heart health. This year, the theme is “Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of CVD globally”. The permanent remedy of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is none other than the SatBhakti given by a Complete Saint.

World Heart Day 2021 Highlights  

  • On September 29, World Heart Day is celebrated every year
  • The purpose is to make people aware of Cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • World Heart Day 2021’s theme is “Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of CVD globally”.
  • 17.9 million patients die of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide
  • People with CVD are more at risk of severe coronavirus forms.
  • COVID-19 pandemic has alerted the healthcare professions, systems, and individuals
  • Improving lifestyle changes is worthy of a healthy heart
  • The permanent remedy of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is SatBhakti given by a Complete Saint.

When Is World Heart Day Celebrated? 

World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 every year to make people aware of heart health. The first year to commemorate this special day was 2000. At the same time it was decided to celebrate World Heart Day every year on the last Sunday of September. The year 2014 witnessed a fixed date of September 29 to commemorate this special day. 

What Is the Significance of World Heart Day? 

The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of heart-related diseases. Today, people from all age groups from young to adults and to old age people, all face heart disease. All over the world, heart disease is becoming a severe illness nowadays. 

What Is the Theme of World Heart Day in the Year 2021? 

World Heart Day 2021’s theme is “Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of CVD globally”.  

What Is the Aim of World Heart Day?  

In May 2012, global leaders pledged to lessen worldwide death from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 25% by 2025. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is liable for nearly 50 percent of all NCD deaths. This way, CVD has become the world’s number one killer of humans. World Heart Day is a platform for the CVD community to fight against CVD to reduce the disease internationally.

Established by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day enlightens people worldwide about the CVD. It aims to push action to alert people to reduce at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke by controlling risk factors such as unhealthy diet, tobacco use, and physical inactivity. Because use of tobacco (directly or indirectly) results in various sorts of diseases  that include heart related diseases too and eventually an early death, also poses a great barrier onto the path of attaining God.

Who Contributes to World Heart Day?

World Heart Day is a worldwide movement by the communities, families, individuals, and governments to participate in heart health-related programs. Through this movement, the World Heart Federation brings together people from all nations and environments to struggle against the CVD obligation. It encourages and pushes international action to promote heart-healthy living across the planet. The World Heart Federation takes good heart health as a fundamental human right. WHF considers Heart health as a critical component of worldwide health justice. 

Global Partners of the World Heart Federation (WHF) 

WHF works tirelessly in the movement to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) around the globe. With the global partners’ support, the World Heart Federation is boosting consciousness and inspiring governments, families, communities, and individuals to drive the CVD agenda and help people live longer, better, more heart-healthy lives. Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly alliance, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer are collaborating officially with the World Heart Federation for World Heart Day.

What Is the Present-Day Scenario of Heart Disease?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a grouping of illnesses of the heart and blood vessels and includes cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, and other conditions.

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About 20 percent of the population in India is heart patient. According to the World Heart Federation, approximately 17.9 million patients die of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) worldwide. About 80 percent of CVD deaths are due to heart attacks, and strokes, 30 percent of deaths happen in people under 70.

What Are the Leading Causes of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one reason for death on earth. It develops in the human body for various reasons like from glucose and lipid disorders, high blood pressure, smoking, and obesity, rare and neglected conditions such as cardiac amyloidosis and due to air pollution. The timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent premature deaths in primary health care facilities.

What Is Essential During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

It is the unprecedented time of coronavirus outbreaks. The COVID-19 pandemic has alerted the healthcare professionals, the country’s healthcare systems, and the individual obligations to maintain the health of the at-risk population. 

People with CVD and its threat-issues like hypertension, and diabetes, are more susceptible to severe coronavirus forms. COVID-19 has created a double-edged threat to Cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients. They face not only the risk of developing harsh conditions of the virus but also the challenge of seeking ongoing heart care. No one knows how long the pandemic will go in the future, but definitely, everyone now knows that taking care of our hearts right now is more important than ever. 

World Heart Day 2021: How to Keep the Heart Healthy?

People must improve their lifestyles to maintain their heart health.  

  • Exercise or yoga for at least 30 minutes daily until sweating. Regular exercise keeps the person’s immunity good and protects the person from any infection.  
  • Include a healthy diet, including the fruits and salads in the food.
  • Reduce the intake of salt and sugar in your diet to maintain heart health. High sugar consumption makes the person diabetic, and high salt consumption leads to iron deficiency in the body. Both excess sugar and salt consumption affect heart patients.
  • Keep weight controlled. It is essential to maintain the health of the Heart. For this, control oily and fast foods diets and try to refrain from eating.
  • No stress is ideal. The more stress a person takes, the more stress hormones his body has to fight. Because of this reason, the Heart becomes weak and leads the person to become a heart patient.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco. If one wishes to keep the Heart healthy, one must make a distance from alcohol and tobacco consumption. It is awful for health and increases the risk of a heart attack.
  • Regularly keep your heart checkups like ECG-ECO-TMT-CAT.

What Is the Permanent Remedy of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)?

With such a large number of people suffering from heart related diseases it has become the need of the hour for mankind to find a solution for the problem. But unfortunately we are not able to achieve success in doing so. It is rightly said― where man loses hope, God generates scope. Supreme God Kabir has initiated His True worship (Sat Bhakti) through His Truly Enlightened Saint in this period of Kaliyug when every home is encircled with medicines and diseases. 

And Satbhakti is the only solution to every problem whether physical, mental or financial. Amidst these falling circumstances where heart related problems are encircling humanity and decreasing life expectancy to an unexpected level one should not be late in taking Naam Diksha(Initiation) from God Kabir through His Complete Saint and should abide by the rules given by Him for the rest of their lives.

Abiding by the rules makes the devotee automatically reduce its expenses to a very low level as they prohibit use of tobacco, alcohol and other intoxicants completely. Moreover it makes sure that devotees’ expenditure on things like marriage are reduced to a considerable amount as useless exchange of money as dowry is a strain for a financially weaker father in marriage. Therefore He gives a physical, mental and financial stable life to His devotees. Hence vital for a pious soul.

Take Naam Diksha (Initiation) From Enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the Truly Enlightened Saint present for the welfare of the entire mankind through the method of worship given by Him. A devotee should take Naam Diksha (initiation) from Him to attain every sort of comfort here and by His method of worship a devotee also paves his/her way to the everlasting abode Satlok (The first place ever created). At Satlok everything is immortal including us and we attain ultimate peace. There are no diseases there and we become immortal forever. For thorough understanding, listen to His Sermons at Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel and read His Book Gyan Ganga.

World Heart Day 2021 QUOTES 

  • A good heart is better than other comforts on this entire globe.
  • Get ready for #WorldHeartDay by finding out about the many causes and conditions of #CVD
  • Make #WorldHeartDay such an incredible force for positive change
  • A healthy life can be attained through a healthy heart.
  • The global pandemic has had catastrophic consequences for heart health.

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  1. 0ur heart become strong only when there is a peace in our mind and in our society also Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is giving real spiritual knowledge to establish peace on this earth. By the real spiritual knowledge Our heart can become strong .


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